I.Identify the class and function of non-finite clauses
1. One of them even reported his having been seen off the coast of the British Zone on the red yacht.(
2. We were pleased to be seeing our old friends.( adv- adjunt)
3. He moved his chair to be closer to her (adv-adjunct)
4. He found it interesting to read this book. (adv-adjunct)
5. He noticed the child entering the court .(adj- post mod)
6.He urged his friend to give up the drug.(N-object)
7 . It was necessary to allow the cow freedom to move during the operation. (adv- adjunct) (N-object)
8. What a way to end the game! (adv- adjunct)
9. Helen tells joke to make people smile. (adv-adjunct)
10.Don’t forget to put out fresh food and water for the dog. (N- O)
11.It disturb me to see so many people wasting their time. (
12. She answer it keeping silent.(N-CO)
13. The runner drank a bottle of water to cool his parched throat. (adv-adjunct)
14. His father forced him to tell the truth.(N-Co)
15. He is an excellent student to speak E well.(Adv- disjunct)
16. The extra money helped John to be independent.(adv-adjunct)
17. There are only two people to answer the phone today.(adv-adjunct)
18. Her hair blowing in the wind, she drove the convertible around the block.
19.It hard to know where to turn for a drive.( N- O)
20. Whose idea was it to give a party? (adv-adjunct)
21. We considered this matter to have been settled years ago.(N-Co)
22. the treasure remained buried in the secret vault. (N-O)
23. He is afraid to strike out on his own.(N-O)
24.The heirs didn’t know about the money hidden in the Swiss bank account.(adj- post mod)
25. They arrive home finding that the house had been burgled.( adv- adjunct)
26.It is impossible to reach the top of the mountain in the several weather. (adv-adjunct)
27. Eartha knew her mother to be an altruistic role model.(N-Co)
28. Do we have the money to buy this car?( adv- adjunct)
29.Any one not registered in this course must leave. (adj- post mod)
30. It is very tedious writing paper. (N-App)
31. yet he remained commited to Irish republicism.( N-O)
32. Half the money spent on a political campaign is wasted. (N-S)
33. our parents helped us pay for school. (N-O)
34, Her stead gaze almost compelled him to apologize. (adv-adjunct)
36 . they have made plans to send their friends birthday cards this years (adv- adjunct)
37.He was found working in the garden. (V-O)
38.We were pleased to be seeing our friends . (Adv – adjunct)
39. I wondered when to call them. (N-O)
40.putting it briefly, your car cann’t be repair.(Adv- disjunct)
41.He was close to finding the answer. (adv-Adjunct)
42. He found it annoying to see many people wasting their time. (adv- adjunct) (N-O)
43. The girl sitting in the corner was reading an interesting book. (adj- post mod)
He didn’t envisage there being any danger.( adj- post mod)
To be eligible for a scholarship, you have to be permanent sts. (adv- conjunct)