Nhờ các bạn xem và chỉ ra những chỗ sai trong đoạn văn ḿnh viết giúp ḿnh ah:
"Victims included women, men, children, and infants. They were gang-raped, tortured, offended religious beliefs and interrogated before being beheaded, throat cut or shot in the head by ISIS. Survivors now forced to live among tons of rubble, unexploded ordnance, and decayed body. More than that, they do not know when they will be able to return to life as before. They live in fear, despair and losing their hope for the government solutions.
and Dear Sroor al-Hosayni!
You and your team definitely have my highest and deepest respect for what all of you've done so far and I believe that ISIS will pay for the crimes they have done for the residents"