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Đề ti: Topic 1: Tell me about your family

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    Avatar của wellfrog
    wellfrog vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Tổng phụ trch chuyn mục "Thảo luận chung" v "TA khối THPT "
    Tham gia ngy
    Aug 2007
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định Topic 1: Tell me about your family

    Topic 1: Tell me about your family

    Cho cc bạn !
    Cc bạn cng viết chủ đề "Tell me about your family" ny nh.

    Trong chủ đề ny cc bạn hy kể về gia đnh mnh: gồm mấy người ,tuổi tc ,nghề nghiệp ,tnh tnh …của từng người ,cc bi viết cũng c độ di như lần trứoc .Ch trnh những lỗi từ vựng v ngữ php m mnh đ nhắc nhở

    C thể bắt đầu l :There are (four) people in my family…..

    Một số từ vựng để cc bạn tham khảo :
    Grand mother : B nội ,ngoại
    Grand father : ng nội, ngoại
    Grand parents : ng b
    Parents : cha mẹ
    Grand son : chu nội ,ngoại trai
    Grand daughter : chu nội ,ngoại gi
    father in- law : cha chồng ,vợ
    mother in- law : mẹ chồng ,vợ
    Daughter : con gi
    Son : con trai
    Daughter in-law : con du
    Son in - law : con rể
    Mother in- law : mẹ chồng , vợ
    Younger sister : em gi
    Younger brother : em trai
    Elder sister : chị
    Elder brother : anh trai
    Brother in-law : anh ,em rể
    Sister in - law : chị ,em du
    cousin : anh em họ ( con của c, d ,mợ ,thm ..)
    Nephew :chu trai ( con của anh,chị, em )
    Niece :chu gi ( con của anh ,chị ,em )
    aunt : c ,d ,mợ, thm
    uncle : ch ,bc ,cậu
    step mother : mẹ kế
    step son : con ring (trai)
    step daughter : con ring (gi)
    Half brother : anh em cng cha khc mẹ ,cng mẹ khc cha
    Half sister :chị em cng cha khc mẹ ,cng mẹ khc cha
    Engineer : kỹ sư
    Architect : kiến trc sư
    nurse : y t
    pilot : phi cng
    plumber : thợ sửa ống nước
    carpenter : thợ mộc
    Electrician : thợ điện
    Director : gim đốc
    Vice director : ph gim đốc
    barber : thợ hớt tc
    Hair dresser : thợ uốn tc
    Manicurist : thợ lm mng
    policeman : cng an (nam)
    butcher : người bn thịt
    house wife : nội trợ
    house maid : người gip việc nh
    Journalist : nh bo
    singer : ca sĩ
    Farmer : nng dn
    Tailor : thợ may
    Goldsmith : thợ bạc
    Draper : người bn quần o
    Musician : nhạc sĩ
    Watchman : bảo vệ
    Sale man (woman) : người bun bn (nữ)
    He works as a doctor in Cho ray hospital : ng ta lm bc sĩ ở BV Chợ Rẩy
    At the age of seventy ,my grand father still looks hale : ở tuổi 70 ng ti trng vẫn cn trng kiện

    Thời gian nộp bi từ 24/10 -> 31/10
    Cc bi sửa sẽ được sửa TẠI ĐY
    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi tuanlong : 22-01-2013 lúc 12:42 PM L do: bổ sung

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    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    My family have four persons, my mother, my father, my brother and me. Both my mother and my father are a teacher. She is teaching in high school. She teaches chemistry. She is a gentle and righteous mother. She is interested in her children's studying.She always gives me some useful advice in my life. My father isn't teach, he work as an officer in the primary school. He is very strict. He always complains when my brother and me make a mistake.My parents are both the same age, 49 years ọld My brother is a student.He is 22 years old.He has just left school. Now, he is finding his job. His speciality is enviroment science.He is very friendly and kind .Finally , i am a student. I am 19 years old. I am outgoing and have my ambition.This is some information about my family.

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    Tham gia ngy
    Sep 2007
    Nơi cư ngụ
    Long Xuyen city- An Giang province
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    Mặc định

    My family have five members. That are my father, my morther, my younger sister , my younger brother and me. My familly lives at Phu Hoa town(Long Xuyên city) I am Phuong, I am 14 years old and I am a pupil. . First, My father is a teacher. Character's him is very happy. However I am very fear father, but I love father. Next, My mother is noise , she has long hair and black. Before I go to bed, she usually said :"Sleep well". I love my mother very much. Next, my youger sister , she is 10 years old and she is excellent pupil of my primary school. From 7- 8 p.m, I usually teach her about exercise. Finally, My younger brother is 4 years old. He is very much alive. I am very love my familly. With me ,family always is the assured support. If I have one wish . I will wish " My familly aways is happy."
    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi Mr ZigZag : 25-10-2007 lúc 06:36 PM

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    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Nơi cư ngụ
    HCM city
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    Mặc định

    nộp bi hết rồi sửa sau hả mấy u?
    mnh thấy 2 bi viết trn c nhu lỗi ngữ php cơ bản lắm nhưng thi để coi luật lệ thế no ri mới ln tiếng. Mnh post bi dc chứ? chắc đươc!!!!
    "There are 7 people in my familỵ My father is a good photoghrapher. He is very gentle and boon. My mother is a home-maker.She cooks very well and she is always caring to everybody in my family.I have an elder sister ,an elder brother and a younger sister. My younger sister is a pupil in class 9A1.My brother is a student ,he is studying in HB university.My sister graduated a pedagogic college last year and now she is applying for a post.Another people is my grandmother,she is very old but she is still strong-minded. The last one is me. I am in the eleventh grade and i am not good at English. I feel happy because i have a good home. I love my family so much".
    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi tuanlong : 22-01-2013 lúc 12:26 PM

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    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
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    Mặc định

    There are four people in my family:my father,my mother,my younger brother and me.My family lives in Nhatrang city.My family has a establishment which makes dry squid and beef.Both my father and my mother work there.My father is very strict.He likes to talk with his friends in his free time.My mother is gentle and kind.She cooks very well.She likes listen to classcial musis.She usually gives us some useful advices when we have problems.My father and my mother always help the poor people and the oldster.My younger brother is studying at high school.He is a smart pupil in class.At home,he is a taciturnity people.He likes listen to rock music and plays games on computer.And the last one is me.I have just graduated from university for 5 months.I am finding the job now.I feel very happy when I lives in my family.I loves my family so much.

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    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    there are six persons in my family,those are parents,three old brothers and me.although they live in a house but everybody have a different personalitỵ
    both father and mother are quiet,the oldest bother is very hot tempered,i always fear him when he is angry,the orther and me are joillỵ,i love my family,they are friendly with people,we live in a poor village but we always love together,now i live sofar my family but i have never fogotten day which i lived beside familỵ

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    Tham gia ngy
    Jun 2007
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    My family is a normal one with four members: my parents, my younger brother and me. We live in a small house in Hanoi. My father is a mechanical engineer. He's tough, but he loves us. Some times he was unfair and made my mother angry. Honestly, I don't like my father very much. I love my mother. She's gentle and kind. She always solves every trouble in my family without argueing. Particularly, she's so well at cooking that I wonder how I can learn that from her. The third member is my little brother. He's twelve years old. He likes only Pokemon games. And the last one is me. I'm an undergraduate in NEU. My dream is getting a good job and earn a lot of money. My family is my life, although sometimes I disagree with my father and argue him. And I know we love each others.

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    Tham gia ngy
    Sep 2007
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    I have a small family with three members, my husband, my son and I. The first one, my husband is thirty-one years old, and he is one year older than I am. He is a construction engineer. He likes his job and tries my best to work. Besides, he also loves our family, so he often helps me do housework. He is a bright example for my son to follow.
    The second one, my son is four years old, and he is learning at a kingdergarten. He is really stubborn, but he is so lovely, too. He can do some things to take care himself and help us. He draws quite well, and he likes reading picture books.
    Finally, I want to say that I love our family so much. I'm really happy to live with my husband and my son.
    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi ourfamily : 27-10-2007 lúc 11:36 AM

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    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định My family

    My family is very happy, glad and have much smile.My family have five people.:my parents, my oldest sister and my younger brothẹr .My father is sixty-five years old and my mother is fty- fỉve years old this years. My father was a doctor.He was good doctor . He worked at 103 hospital.Beside, he is a wonderful father. He is working at home now. And my mother was a teacher. She's at home now. Every day, she cooks, read a newspaper about the health. And they retired five years ago. I fell proud of them .On free time, they always visit their friends.They have a lot of the same like.For example, they like poem, to go to the cinema.very a lot of . About my oldest sister, she is working ThanhSen's chemist. She is a chemist.She is twenty three years old. She is a beautyful girl,she is a single. we have a lot of the same like. we like to go shoping, to listen to music, and to sleep.
    My younger sister is eighteen years old. He is a pupil at Phan Đinh Phung school. although we grew but we still occasionally hit

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    Tham gia ngy
    Aug 2007
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định My family

    In my family,there are six people:my father,my mother,old sister and two young sisters.Myfather is very fun and good.He sometimes makes many funnies for us and give us advices.He is a fisher.My father has two ships.How about my mother?She is very strick and parental but she loves us very much.She often cooks meals very well and I admire parents.My old sister is twenty-six year old.She is very fun,good and gentle.She often gives me money when I go away.My young sister is a student.One is six year old,she begins to go to school and she is very intelligent,the other is studying at the high school.Whenever my family gathers,we are very happy.It is also the place when I am sad,tired and disappointed and return home.

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