Having taught English in Vietnam for a long time and shared many useful video clips to help Vietnamese students improve their English, Dan Hauer has a good reputation for being a venerable teacher admired by most of his learners, especially his loyal Youtube subscribers who hardly missed any online lessons he published. Not long ago he released a clip in which he aimed to show the English pronunciation mistakes of some Vietnamese teachers working at a few English centers in Hanoi. In this video, Dan asked his parents to listen carefully to those teachers to check whether they understood or not. Thinking that it was absolutely normal to help Vietnamese realize their common mistakes, Dan would not imagine a massive influence his video exerted on those who viewed it. What he shared was highly supported but also raised a storm of protest among groups of people who thought he should have been accused of deliberately exposing the names of the centers as well as the faces of the teachers that appeared in the clip. They said that he tried to compete against those schools in a negative way. While in the middle of receiving comments that spread like wildfire, Dan soon made another video to explain his primary purpose and stated that he bore nobody ill will. In fact, having more crazy fans than anti ones helped him put an end to the arguments caused by so many people.
Things returned to normal, people stopped gossiping and Dan’s life went smoothly again until just a few days later when he reappeared in his new video sharing his opinions about Vietnamese people. Unlike the previous clips, this time he talked about those who Vietnamese consider important faces that represent the pride and patriotism of the nation. I do not want to mention about the names specifically but I am sure that you have already known. Dan insulted them by using totally unacceptable words. Since being American, he thought he could freely express his opinions and claimed that those should be welcomed hospitably. However, he forgot that he was living in a foreign country where he must strictly stick to “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” While in Vietnam he can make lots of money from teaching English at centers and online, he is just one of the unemployed in his home country. What he foolishly did put him between the devil and the deep blue sea. Either defending or apologizing was not likely to help him receive sympathy from people. But he chose to say sorry, which according to him seemed the most properly courteous behavior of all. Dan’s apologies sounded partly sincere until they turned out to be a whole bunch of lies taken from a rigorously prepared script. Yes! For a foreigner who understands Vietnamese cultures and traditions even more than any of our indigenous people like him, it will be too unreasonable to accept lack of culture awareness as a reason to explain for what he said. Dan’s previous clips prove that not only does he know a lot about Vietnam but he is also able to distinguish Vietnam’s signature things from America. Right after having negative opinions about famous Vietnamese people, Dan was immediately forced to expel. All of the video clips he had shared, from being very useful and educative, suddenly became images symbolizing an ignorant foreign teacher. This time his students and online crazy subscribers could not do anything to protect him. Every step he made drove him closer to underestimation and hatred. It was right for those who did not believe in his apologies because right after making a clip to say sorry, he secretly joined in a group of foreign people to keep creating much more filthy backbiting. The man expressed no regret at all!
If you are one of his students or have been watching his channel, you will know that he is married to a Vietnamese woman. Yes! This news may double your anger. Why did a foreigner living in Vietnam and whose wife is Vietnamese say such dirty words and look down on our heroes? Are you his wife reading this? You had better educate him to live like one of us.
To recapitulate, I am totally for the idea of forcing Dan Hauer to leave Vietnam permanently. We should help him realize that he is just a pathetic worthless unemployed man in his own country. Dan, we do not deny what you have done to help our students improve their English, but now you should live and work elsewhere. In Vietnam, you are nothing but a speck of dust.