Câu 1. Read the situations and make sentences from the words in brackets
VD:1. I was very tired when I arrived home. (I/work/hard all day) I’d been working hard all day.
2. The two boys came into the house. They had a football and they were both very tired. (they/play/football) ………………. 3 I was disappointed when I had to cancel my holiday. (I/look/forward to it) ……………….

4 Ann woke up in the middle of the night. She was frightened and didn’t know where she was. (she/dream) ……………….
5 When I got home, Tom was sitting in front of the TC. He had just turned it off. (he/watch/a film) ……………….
Bài 2: Read the situations and complete the sentences

VD:1. We played tennis yesterday. Half an hour after we began playing, it started to rain. We had been playing for half an hour when it started to rain.
2 I had arranged to meet Tom in a restaurant. I arrived and waited for him. After 20 minutes I suddenly realized that I was in the wrong restaurant. I …. for 20 minutes when I … the wrong restaurant.
3 Sarah got a job in a factory. Five years later the factory closed down. At the time the factory … , Sarah … there for five years.
4 I went to a concert last week. The orchestra began playing. After about ten minutes a man in the audience suddenly started shouting. The orchestra … when …… This time make your own sentence:
5 I began walking along the road. I ….. when …..
Bài 3: Put the verb into the most suitable form, past continuous (I was doing) past perfect (I had done) or past perfect continuous (I had been doing)
1 It was very noisy next door. Our neighbours were having (have) a party.
2 John and I went for a walk. I had difficulty keeping up with him because he … (walk) so fast
3 Sue was sitting on the ground.She was out of breath. She … (run)
4 When I arrived, everybody was sitting round the table with their mouths full. They … (eat)
5 When I arrived, everybody was sitting round the table and talking. Their mouths were empty, but their stomachs were full. They … (eat)
6 Jim was on his hands and knees on the floor. He … (look) for his contach lens.
7 When I arrived, Kate … (wait) for me. She was annoyed with me because I was late and she … (wait) for a long time.
Đáp án
Câu 1:
2 They’d been playing football
3 I’d been looking forward to it
4 She’d been dreaming
5 He’d been watching a film
Câu 2:
2 I’d been waiting for 20 minutes when I relised that I was in the wrong restaurant
3 At the same time the factory closed down, Sarad had been working there for five years
4 The orchestra had been playing for about ten minutes when a man in the audience started shouting
5 I’d been walking along the road for about ten minutes when a car suddenly stopped just behind me
Câu 3:
2 was walking
3 had been running
4 were eating
5 had been eating
6 was looking
7 was waiting … had been waiting

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