I- Choose the most suitable tense

1- I cant understand what he sees in her! If anyone treats / will treat / treated me like that, I am / will be / would be extremely angry.
2- If you help / helped me with this exercise, I will do / would do the same for you one day.
3- According to the timetable, if the train leaves / left on time, we will / would arrive at 5.30.
4- If it is / will be fine tomorrow, we go / will go to the coast.
5- If we find / found a taxi, we will get / would get there before the play starts.
6- Its quite simple really. If you take / will take / took these tablets every day, then you lose / will lose / lost / would lose weight.
7- I dont like this flat. I think I will be / I am / Id be happier if I lived / live / will live /would live in a house in the country.
8- I cant play football, but Im sure that if I will do / do / did, I play / will play / would play a lot better than anyone in this awful team.
9- I phone / will phone / phone you tonight, are you / will you be / would you be in?
10- Why didnt you tell me? If you told / had told me, I had / would have helped you.
11- If Bill didnt stea l/ hadnt stolen the car, he werent / wouldnt be / hadnt been in prison now.
12- If Ann werent driving / didnt drive / hadnt driven so fast, her car didnt crash /wouldnt crash / wouldnt have crashed into a tree.
13- Let me give some advice. If you smoked / would smoke / had smoked less, you didnt feel / wouldnt feel / wouldnt have felt tired.
14- What bad luck! If Alan didnt fall / hadnt fallen / wouldnt fall over, he won / would win / would have won the race.
15- If you invited/had invited me last week, I was able/had been able/would have been able to come.
16- Im sure your letter hasnt arrived yet. If it came/had come, Im sure I noticed/hadnoticed/would have noticed it.
17- We have a suggestion to make. How do you feel/would you feel if we offered/would offer/had offered you the job of assistant manager.
18- If you lent/had lent us the money, we paid/would pay/had paid you back next week.
19- I wish Peter doesnt live/didnt live/wouldnt live so far away from the town center. Well have to take a taxi.
20- I feel rather cold. I wish I brought/had brought my pullover with me.
21- I wish you tell/had told/told me about the test. I havent done my revision.
22- Im sorry I missed your birthday party. I really wish I come/came/had come/wouldcome.
23- I like my new boss but I wish she gave/would give/could give me some more responsibility.
24- Having a lovely time in Brighton, I wish you are/were/had been here. Love, Mary.
25- A cheque is all right, but Id rather you pay/paid me cash.
26- If only I have/had/would have a screwdriver with me.
27- If you want to catch the last train, its time you leave/left
28- Id rather you dont tell/didnt tell anyone about our conversation.
29- Its high time you learn/learned to look after yourself.
30- Jean thinks that everyone likes her. If only she knows/knew what people say behind her back.

II- Put each verb in bracket into a suitable tense
1- Its a pity you missed the party. If you (come).you (meet).. my friend from Hungary.
2- If we (have)..some tools, we (be).able to repair the car, but we havent had any with us.
3- Thank you for your help. If you (not help)me, I (not pass).the examination.
4- Its a beautiful house, and I (buy).it if I (have)the money, but I cant afford it.
5- I cant imagine what I (do)..with the money if I (win) .the football pools or a lottery.
6- Mark isnt a serious athlete. If he (train)harder, he (be).quite a good runner.
7- If Claire (listen)to her mother, she (not marry).David in the first place.
8- It rained every day in our holiday. If we (not take)..the TV with us, we (not have) anything to do.
9- Jim is so untidy! If he (buy)some new clothes, he (not look) so bad.
10- I wish I(have).. the money to buy some new clothes, but I cant afford it at the moment.
11- I wish the government (do)something about the air pollution in this city.
12- Im getting really soaked! I wish I (not forget) umbrella.
13- That was a lovely meal, but I wish I (not eat) .so much.
14- Come on children! Its time you (be) bed.
15- Actually, Id rather you (not smoke) here.
16- Suppose you (see)..a ghost, what would you do?
17- Im so annoyed about my car accident. If only I (be) more careful!
18- Id rather you (not put)your coffee on the top of the book.
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