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Đề tài: Nhờ dịch hộ đoạn Kinh

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    Sep 2015
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    Mặc định Nhờ dịch hộ đoạn Kinh

    Cám ơn tất cả mọi người nhiều. Nguyên văn như bên dưới ạ.

    O Almighty, Immortal, Immense, Incomprehensible, & most high God, the only Creator of Heaven & Earth, who by thy word Alone, hast in thine omniscience among the rest of thy Marvellous & wonderful works placed and appointed many Hierarchies of Sacred Celestial Angels, from thy mighty & unspeakable throne, unto the fiery region, as ministering spirits, of several names, natures, degrees , orders, & offices, residing in those Eleven Orbs, or spheres, placed one above the Other, as the proper Mansions of those Blessed Angels or Mediums or superior Messengers, both mediate & immediate, of Divine Grace Light & mercy, & amongst the Sons of men; from the beginning of time, Called Sacred Celestial Intelligences, from the Orb Region, or Element of fire, from the Superior to the Inferior, in their several & Respective orbicular Mansions, orders & offices, to serve before thee & obey thy Commandments and Most High Commands , as in thy Divine will & pleasure, in the unity of the blessed trinity is Decreed & appointed, & also by thy most Gracious & Merciful permission to Minister unto & Illuminate the Understanding of thy servants the sons of men, by their frequent Appearance Verbal Converse, friendly Community, Angelical Archidoctions & other spiritual Instincts, Continually from time to time, & at all times Directing , instructing, & inspiring them, in all true Science & Sapience, & also to fulfll thy Divine will & Good pleasure therein, to all such of thy humble & true servants, whom thou art graciously pleased to show forth thy bountiful & paternal Mercies.

    Sửa lần cuối bởi lamdathoa : 04-02-2017 lúc 11:10 AM

    Lich khai giang TOEIC Academy

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    Sep 2015
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    Mặc định

    Em dịch đc 1 đoạn như sau:

    O Almighty, Immortal, Immense, Incomprehensible, & most high God, the only Creator of Heaven & Earth

    >> Nguyện Đấng Tạo Dựng nên Trời và Đất, tối cao tối thượng, bất khả tư ngh́, vô lượng vô biên, vô thủy vô chùng, Đấng Thượng Đế Toàn Năng.

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