Hanoi - the capital of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the Political - Economic - Cultural - Scientific and Technological center of the whole country. Hanoi is always one of the most attractive tourists' destinations in Vietnam. With a special and clear four-season climate, a seasonal Hanoi travel becomes a pleasure, taste of both local and foreign visitors, simply because Hanoi seems (to be) uncannily beautiful ưhen(when) it wears the new cloak.
Hanoi also characteristically contains 18 beautiful lakes such as Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, and Truc Bach Lake..., which are the lungs of the city, with their surrounding gardens and trees providing a vital source of energy.
Hanoi has an old quarter of 36 streets, each being closely attached to a traditional trade that is clearly shown by its name, such as Hang Muoi (salt) Street selling salt, Hang Manh (curtain) Street selling bamboo curtains, Hang Bac (silver) Street selling silver jewellery, etc.
Many traditional handicrafts are also practiced in Hanoi including bronze molding, silver carving, lacquer, and embroidery. Hanoi has many famous traditional professional handicraft villages such as Bat Trang pottery village, Ngu Xa bronze casting village, Yen Thai glossy silk...
On the other hand, Hanoi has been selected as three of the most attractive (of) ten cities for eating and dringking in the world by MSN communications network.
Hanoi has a lot of delicious traditional food such as: noodle soup with chicken or beef, noodles with pork barbecue, steamed rice cake, pillow shaped cakes, shrimp pancake. Hanoi food is original because of its taste, name and cook’s heart. Knowing when to be here, they want to eat to know and when to return, they want to eat because they known (know) it. Moreover, Hanoi people are very friendly and kind, humane, good-natured.
With all above respects, Hanoi is always one of the most attractive tourists' destinations of foreign visitors. If you've never been here before, it’s time for you to do that.