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Đề ti: ai c đp n đề ny cho e xin với....6h em cần -mong mọi người gip

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    Mặc định ai c đp n đề ny cho e xin với....6h em cần -mong mọi người gip

    PrepositionsExercise 3: Chon phng an tot nhat e hoanthanh cac cau sau
    :1. When studying abroad, Mary was very happy to get a phone call _____ her parents
    .A. to B. for C. of D. from
    2. Why dont we stay ______ home _______ a change?
    A. from/ as B. at / with C. at / for D. at/ on
    3. A horse is always mounted ______ the left side
    .A. on B. to C. from D. at4. What would you like to have _____ lunch
    /A. at B. in C. for D. of
    5. Surgeons use lasers _______ miraculously accurate scalpels
    .A. for B. as C. of D. with
    6. The Medical Center is close______ the school.
    A. to B. at C. next D. from
    7. Once scientists fully understand the cause ______ a disease, it becomes easier for them to find a cure _______ it.
    A. of / of B. of / from C. from / in D. of / for
    8. There is a shop _____ front _____ my house.
    A. at / in B. out / next C. in / of D. of / in
    9. He stamped ______ until the stinging return to his feet
    .A. on and off B. out and in C. down and up D. up and down
    10. The only way ______ cross the river is ______ swim
    .A. to / to B. of / by C. on / to D. in / by
    :bối rối::bối rối::bối rối::bối rối::bối rối::bối rối::bối rối::bối rối:11. The summer is over. Pupils and students have to go ______ to school on Monday.A. back B. on C. through D. into12. He threw stones _____ his attackers, tryi
    ng to drive them _____.A. to / out B. for / up C. at / away D. at / up13. The medical center is closed ______ campus.A. to B. up C. for D. with14. I havent gone there _____ ages.A. with B. in C. for D. of15. Most college football games are played ______ Saturdays.A. at B. in C. with D. on16. Leaves turn color _______ the autumn.A. for B. on C. at D. in17. _____ the whole, I enjoy the movie.A. On B. In C. At D. Up18. Shell come home ______ April.A. on B. in C. at D. for19. The art museum is located next _____ the museum of natural history on State Street. A. to B. for C. on D. with20. Minh was born_____ Ho Chi Minh city.A. on B.at C.in D. up21. Mai graduated _______ the University of Education.A. from B. at C. in D. for22. English is spoken in many countries all _____ the world.A. in B. over C. at D. from23. _______ many areas of the world, wars have made livesmore miserable.A. on B. from C. in D. at24. When we arrived _______ the station, the last train had just gone. A. in B. at C. for D. from25. Approaching ______ the village, we saw the village common in the distance.A. at B. in C. to D. x26. Fortunately, the company offered _____ me the job I had applied.A. to B. for C. with D. x27. The pop singer has always received a large number of letter _____ her fans.A. of B. from C. to D. on28. She was very surprise _____ the grade she received.A. on B. of C. at D. about29. I was disappointed ____the grade I received on my last essay. A. for B. about C. to D. A and B30. Blue grass music is somewhat different ____ other types of country musicA.to B. from C. with D. upon31. Im not familiar _____that song.A. to B. with C. of D. on32. We are here to provide you _____ the best service possible.A. of B. with C. to D. for 33. Lan doesnt spend much money ____ clothes.A. over B. at C. on D. with34. His computer is not capable _____ running this software.A. to B.on C. of D. about35. The property was divided equally _____ his son and daughter.A. from B. between C. in D. over36. They are talking ______ one another ______ their last trip.A. with/ about B. with/ on C. to/ about D. Aand B37. Peter, together _______ his wife, paid us a visit last week.A. of B. with C. along D. in38. Nowadays, most of young people are involved ______ learnirng English.A. of B. with C. along D. in39. Are you interested _____ learning English?A. of B. with C. along D. in40. Im so happy to hear from Mary because I havent seen her ______ last year.A. for B. on C. since D. A and B41. He is very sucesssful _____ his job.A. for B. with C. in D. of 42. You are old enough to live _____ yourself, you should not depend _____ parents so much.A. in/ in B. on / on C. by / with D. of/ to43. When mr. Pike was young, he was keen ______ playingfootball.A. of B. on C. at D. in 44. Mary is the most beautiful girl _______ the three sisters. A. in B. of C. with D. on45. I have no interest ______ playing chess.A. at B. from C. of D. in46. When he was young, he was very keen _____ playing sport to keep himself fit.A. at B. on C. in D. of47. If you earn a good salary, you can be independent _____ your parents. A. of B. for C. from D. away48. We are sure that they are all in favour ______ the plan.A. to B. for C. of D. at49. I will be responsible ______ what I do. A. with B. for C. from D. on50. You cannot do well two jobs _____ same time.A. in B. at C. on D. for51. Before you decide to choose a job, you ought to take allthe factor ______.A. into B. at C. of D. among52. I have ever dreamt of becoming a teacher. The thought was first put ______ my head when I started school atthe age ______ six.A. in / at B. into/ of C. on/ at D. on / of53. Those students major _____ English.A. at B. in C. up D. for54. If you dont want to get ______ trouble again, please get _____ early and go to work _____ time.A. into/ up/ in B. in/ up / on C. on/ away/ by D. on/ up/ with55. The assignment must be submitted ______ the end ______ the week.A. from / of B. at/ of C. from/ to D. in/ of56. The city authority bans cars to wipe _____ smoke.A. in B. out C. with D. at57. Dont concern yourself ______ other peoples affairs.A. at B. on C. about D. within58. Many people believe that natural resources will never be used ______A. out B. up C. of D. away59. Pupils and students enrich the mind______ knowledge they get from class.A. without B. for C. with D. from60. Farmers get rid ______ weeds by spraying.A. off B. of C. out D. away61. The government invested a great deal of money in irrigation to protect fields ______ drought.A. out B. about C. from D. off62. Drivers should slow _______ on this road because it is slippery after rains. A. on B. down C. up D. to63. pollution has bad effect ______ our life.A. of B. to C. with D. on64. Before you light ______ a cigarette, remember to ask for permission.A. up B. down C. on D. off65. Its very kind ______ you to offer us a lovely dinner.A. of B. from C. for D. to66. The woman was pale and weak because ________ the lack ______ fresh air.A. for / on B. on / for C. of / of D. of / for67. Im not good _______ English. I think I should spend more time _______ it.A. in / at B. at / on C. at / in D. on / at68. How is thing getting ______ ?A. up B. on C. in D. over69. An umbrella I what I need now, its raining . Ill give it _____ tomorrow.A. up B. away C. back D. over70. Ive gone ______ all my pockets but I cant find the keys.A. on B. off C. through D. of71. I couldnt find any place to go ______ holiday.A. at B. for C. up D. on72. Im fed ______ doing the same work everyday.A. out of B. forward to C. on to D. up with73. Have you ever thought ______ giving up smoking?A. over B. of C. on D. at74. If you dont know the meaning of the word, you should look it ______ in the dictionary.A. out B. in C. up D. on75. She has tried ______ several shoes but she cant find suitable ones.A. at B. in C. out D. on76. Most countries have brought malaria _____ control with the help of the World Health Organization.A. under B. out of C. below D. in77. The party begin at 7 oclock and Ill pick you _____ at 6: 30.A. on B. up C. away D. of78. I come _____ an ancient city, sometimes referred ______ as the Athens of the North.A. on / as B. up / to C. over / to D. from / to79. The house is ______ fire. Please call ______ for help!A. at / to B. for / at C. on / for D. up / for80. An apple stand _____ the New York State. A. for B. on C. up D. at81. She keeps ______ complaining ______ the weather.A. in / of B. on / about C. out / about D. on / in82. Some pessimistic persons think that the worlds resources will run ____ in some day.A. off B. of C. out D. on83. Lets get acquainted _____ the newcomer.A. to B. of C. with D. about84. We dont have time to think it ______ .A. on B. up C. out D. over85. I object ______ being kept waiting. Why cant you be _____ time?A. at / in B. for / in C. to / on D. at / on 86. You arent aware _____ the time, are you ? You are always late ______ work.A. of / for B. for / of C. on / at D. on / for87. We were confused ______ the cross word puzzles.A. on B. with C. of D. for88. If someone knocks _____ the door ______ night, dont open it.A. on / at B. at / at C. up / in D. at / on89. Everything is available _______ the operation. A. of B. on C. from D. for90. He is very keen _____ English, but he is not good ______ listening.A. at / on B. on / at C. at / at D. to / of91. Your hairstyle is quite similar _____ me.A. from B. with C. of D. to92. Nguyen Du devoted all his lifetime ______ writing.A. for B. to C. in D. from93. I bought a coat ______ my mother _______ the supermarket.A. from / for B. for / at C. for / from D. for / in94. She was very surprised ______ the grade she received.A. at B. on C. of D. about95. We might need more food, depending ______ how many people turn up.A. for B. on C. at D. with96. Jane doesnt spend much money ______ clothes.A. over B. about C. at D. on97. A sign warned motorists ______ dangers.A. of B. for C. about D. A and C98. They translated the letter ______ French. A. for B. with C. into D. about99. I was disappointed ______ the grade I received on my last essay. A. for B. about C. to D. A and B100. Since she graduated, Anne has no longer been dependent _____ her parents for financial support.A. to B. on C. upon D. B and C101. Catherine became accustomed _____ spicy foods when she was traveling. A. to B. on C. for D. about102. Table salt is composed _____ two elements, sodium and chlorine.A. to B. around C. of D. for103. Is there enough ______ that salad _____ everyone.A. of/ for B. with / forC. to / to D. on / with104. His computer is not capable _____ running this software.A. to B. on C. for D. about105. Washington state is famous ______ its apples.A. in B. for C. of D. with106. Was your choice of research topic acceptable ______your instructor?A. for B. to C. on D. upon107. People who are afraid ______ heights are called acrophobias.A. of B. on C. in D. to108. Water is essential ______ all life.A. on B. for C. in D. with109. Were you aware ______ the regulations against smoking in this area?A. in B. with C. of D. about110. Tepees are characteristic _____ the Indian tribes of the Great Plants.A. of B. upon C. from D. about111. Will this office be adequate _____ your companys need?A. on B. for C. to D. with112. Im not familiar ______ that song.A. to B. of C. with D. about113. This movie is based ______ a true story.A. about B. on C. to D. with114. This summer he will be eligible ______ a three week vacation.A. on B. about C. to D. for115. What he said is contrary ______ common sense.A. for B. about C. of D. to116. Many vegetables, including tomatoes, and corn, are native ______ the New World.A. for B. to C. about D.upon117. This style of architecture is typical _______ the Colonial period.A. of B. to C. about D. with118. Oxygen, fuel, and heat are all necessary ______ combustion.A. with B. for C. about D. in119. This variety of seed inferior _____ the type I planted last year.A. with B. upon C. up D. to120. Thank you very much ______ what you have done for me.A. of B. up C. for D. about121. The opposite ______ old fashion is modern.A. at B. of C. to D. in122. House cats are distantly related ________ lions and tigers.A. in B. to C. of D. about123. Is this type of soil suitable ______ growing tomatoes?A. for B. about C. in D. at124. The point that Murphy brought up was not relevant _____ the discussion.A. on B. of C. up D. to125. Organically raised crops are free ______ chemical pesticides and herbicides.A. in B. of C. with D. up126. This book is preferable ______ that one.A. on B. to C. up D. of127. If you are not satisfied ______your essay, then I suggest that you rewrite it.A. to B. on C. with D. about128. Do you belong ______ any clubs or organisations?A. on B. to C. for D. up129. Cytology is one branch of biology that deal ______ the structure, form, and life of cells.A. on B. with C. about D. at 130. We should concentrate ______ solving this problem before we discuss the other ones.A. on B. in C. to D. at131. Most essays consist ______ an introduction, a body and a conclusion.A. in B. of C. about D. with132. People want friends they can rely _____ .A. up B. of C. in D. on133. We did not plan _______ such a long delay.A. on B. in C. of D. to134. If you have engaged ______ any extracurricular activity, you should mention the fact on your resume.A. in B. of C. up D. with135. Iron combines ______oxygen to form rust.A. about B. with C. upon D. up136. Did you agree ______ any of Minhs ideas?A. about B. on C. in D. for137. The accident resulted ______ several minor injuries.A. on B. in C. of D. at138. Congratulations ______ your success!A. to B. on C. in D. up139. Is it possible ______ me to get the appointment sometime next week?A. to B. up C. for D. with140. My brother was married _______ one of the most famous actresses.A. to B. up C. with D. about141. The police said that the lawyer had interfered _______ their investigation.A. for B. on C. to D. with142. By the late 1940s, television had begun to seriously compete _____ radio for audience and advertisers.A. with B. to C. for D. on143. Jame didnt have any trouble adjusting ______ the climate here.A. about B. to C. on D. up144. William insists ______ getting up early,even on weekens.A. on B. to C. toward D. for145. What does this symbol refer _____?A. on B. to C. for D. forward146. Many companies participated ______ the trade fair.A. for B. in C. to D. up147. Did you hear the news ______ TV or read it ______ the newspaper?A. at / on B. on / in C. in / in D. for / on148. The members of a jury are chosen _____random, from a list of voters. A. at B. on C. in D. with149. Videophones are not practical ______ present, but they may be in the near future.A. in B. up C. on D. at150. Ms. Loan is ______ charge of the marketing department.A. on B. at C. in D. up151. Please come here _____ once.A. on B. in C. at D. for152. I am sure he didnt break the plate _____ purpose.A. in B. at C. for D. on153. We cant access _______ the Internet where we live.A. to B. on C. at D. with154. There must be ______ at least on vowel in every English word.A. at B. up C. in D. upon155. This book is based _____ part on fact.A. in B. upon C. at D. on156. _____ general, I found zoology to be the easier subject than botany.A. On B. In C. At D. With157. We are all fascinated ______ the things we saw.A. on B. in C. by D. for158. The government is trying to make the country safe ______ terrorist attacks.A. from B. of C. at D. for159. The police blamed the mother ______ neglecting her child.A. to B. for C. with D. of160. She returned ______ China after spending much timeabroad.A. in B. from C. to D. at161. I always take careful notes ______ what my professor say during lectures.A. in B. for C. of D. with162. Tom has tried hard hard to keep pace _____ his classmates.A. to B. with C. at D. for163. Dont make fun _____ that disabled boy.A. upon B. in C. to D. of164. The rule hadnt been put _______ force until the King died.A. in B. at C. for D. towards165. She stood there, saying nothing until she lost sight ______ plane.A. to B. of C. inside D. about166. This custom dated back _____ the period when manyLondoners traveled to and fro on horseback.A. about B. over C. with D. to 167. Be calm and dont make a fuss ____such trifles.A. for B. over C. about D. A and B168. I have lost touch ______ Huong for 2 years.A. with B. of C. from D. to169. Pay attention ______ all the traffic sign when you aretravelling in the street.A. of B. to C. for D. with170. Have you taken notice ______ the Stop sign?A. at B. to C. from D. of171. Teacher, are we expected to learn all the new words ______ heart?A. in B. at C. by D. to172. She always takes good care _____ her children.A. for B. in C. of D. with

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