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Đề tài: UNit4-- Volunteer Work

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    *o.Gemy.o* vẫn chÆ°a cĂ³ mặt trong diá»…n Ä‘Ă n Phụ trách chuyên mục Kỳ thi SAT
    Từng Phụ trách chuyên mục "Tiếng Anh lớp 11"
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    Jan 2007
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    Thumbs down UNit4-- Volunteer Work

    He he , lại bắt đầu 1 Unit mới , hi vọng Unit nè mọi người học hành chăm chỉ , gắng đọc hết những j` tớ viết và chăm làm bài tập trong box
    1 chủ đề rất hay tuần này :

    Gem đã từng rất thik đj làm tình nguyện , đấy cũng là 1 phần lí do Gem nhận làm Mod của box 11. CUộc sống luôn cần sự chia sẻ từ mọi người

    E hèm , Vậy thì tình nguyện là j` , ích lợi của việc làm tình nguyện?? , Let's begin !!!

    1. WHo is a volunteer?

    A volunteer is someone who serves in a community or for the benefit of natural environment primarily because they choose to do so. Many serve through a non-profit organization – sometimes referred to as formal volunteering, but a significant number also serve less formally, either individually or as part of a group. Because these informal volunteers are much harder to identify, they may not be included in research and statistics on volunteering.

    By definition, a volunteer worker does not get paid or receive compensation for services rendered.

    2. Motivations and rewards

    Each person's motivations will be unique — but will often be a combination of the following:

    Altruism( Lòng vị tha )

    volunteering for the benefit of others. Most people argue that there are no purely altruistic volunteers – altruism is a common motivation but never the only motivation for sustained commitment to serve – there is always some aspect of personal gain or satisfaction

    Quality of life

    "serving community because doing service makes ones own life better — is perhaps the most significant motivation for volunteering. It is often mixed with a good dose of altruism. Included here would be the benefits people get from being with other people, staying active, and above all having a sense of the value of ourselves in society that may not be as clear in other areas of life."

    Giving back

    many people have in some way benefited from the work of an organization, or more generally, and volunteer to give back.

    Sense of duty

    some see participation in community as a responsibility that comes with citizenship – in this case they may not describe themselves as volunteers

    Religious conviction

    Many faiths hold that service to others or the community is a spiritual duty or a means of reaching higher spiritual states. [citation needed]


    Being motivated by finances is not generally included within the definition of volunteering. Some organizations are able to pay the expenses of a volunteer, others provide what is essentially a stipend or honorarium. Generally speaking, the higher the stipend, the more difficult it is to claim that a service is volunteering. Experiences can add to career prospects and many employers value volunteering experience.


    Volunteering is a good way to meet a lot of different people from other walks of life and it is often easy to make new friends.

    3. Recognition

    2001 was the International Year of the Volunteer,as designated by the United Nations. Every 5 December is International Volunteer Day( nhớ nha ) , also designated by the United Nations. 2005 was the United Kingdom Year of the Volunteer., National Volunteer week in Australia is the week after the second Sunday in May.

    4. Common terms

    a) International volunteer

    a person who volunteers outside of his or her own country, usually related in some way to a development program.

    b) Online volunteer ( chúng ta đó )

    (virtual volunteer, cyber service, telementor, e-volunteer, cyber volunteer)

    — a person who contributes time and effort with an organization through an online connection, rather than or in addition to an onsite service.
    Online volunteers do a variety of tasks, such as translating documents, proofreading books, editing or preparing proposals, designing logos, researching information, developing strategic plans, reviewing budgets, creating web pages, designing flash presentations, moderating online discussion groups and managing other online volunteers. Online volunteers may support organizations in their own community, or entirely remotely (such as dethi ).


    CÂu hỏi nè ( trả lời bằng cả tiếng ANh lẫn tiếng Việt nha mà phải base on bài khóa đấy )

    1. WHo is a volunteer ???
    2. Which motivates volunteers ??
    3. When is the International Volunteer Day ??
    4. How many types of volunteer work ??
    5. What do you think about benefits of volunteering???

    ( câu này mọi người chỉ cần trả lời bằng ENg , với cả viết dc thành đoạn hay essay thfi tốt , ko thì gách đầu dòng cũng dc )

    SOurce :Wiki !!
    Sửa lần cuối bởi *o.Gemy.o* : 30-09-2007 lúc 10:38 PM

    Facebook Group Học tiếng Anh MIỄN PHÍ

  2. 5 thành viên cám ơn *o.Gemy.o* v́ bài viết hữu ích

    maithanhthuy (04-10-2007),milky_way197 (01-10-2007),mit2710 (30-09-2007),nhócngốc (10-10-2007),rembrant (01-10-2007)

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    Jan 2007
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    Mặc định

    em gạch đầu dòng trả lời nhé^^
    1.A volunteer is someone who serves in a community or for the benefit of natural environment primarily because they choose to do so.
    =>một người tình nguyện là người phục vụ cho cộng đồng hoặc là cho lợi ích của môi trường tự nhiên chủ yếu là vì chính họ chọn như vậy.
    2.Altruism motivates volunteers.
    => lòng vị tha đã thúc đẩy những người tình nguyện.
    3. A International Volunteer Day is on 5 December(every year).
    => ngày tình nguyện quốc tế là ngày mùng 5 tháng 12 hàng năm.
    4. there are two types of volunteer work.
    => có hai loại công việc tình nguyện.
    5. có chỗ nào sai thì chị sửa cho em với nhé^^
    I think that volunteering bring us a lot of benefits .Firstly, volunteer work give the poor more oppotunities to deverlop. Thanks to our help , they can work more effectively. Secondly, maybe, our environment will not polluted(^^). Doing volunteer work such as : plant tree, clean the street wil reduce pollution. Finally, volunteering give us so much experience. As you know, experience is so important for us to work more effectively. So I think that , doing volunteer work is so useful.
    That's all ^^

    Lich khai giang TOEIC Academy

  4. Thành viên sau cám ơn le_linhchi v́ bài viết hữu ích

    rembrant (16-11-2007)

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