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Đề tài: Prefixes

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    Tham gia ngày
    May 2012
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    Được cám ơn 495 lần

    Mặc định Prefixes

    Prefix Meaning Ex
    Ante- before Anteroom, antenatal,antedate, antediluvian..
    Anti- Against Antidote, antibody, antisocial..
    Auto- Self Automobile, automation, automatic....
    Bene- Good Benefit, beneficiary,benefactor...
    Bi- Two, twice Bicycle,biology,....
    Bio- Life Biosphere, biography, biotechnology..
    De- Away, down Depress, decrease, demerit..
    Dis- Not, no longer, away Disappear, disapprove,disavow..
    Ex- Out, no longer Exclude, expel.ex-wife...
    Im- In, not Immense, immodest, improper...
    In- In, not Inflow, incorrect, incompetent..
    Inter- Between, among Interact, interstate,interrelated...
    Intra- Within, between members of the same group Intramural, intranet, intravenous
    Mis- Wrong, bad Misspell, misinterpret, misadventure...
    Per- Entirely, through Perfect, pertain..
    Post- After Post-mortem, postdate, postpone..
    Pre- Before Premarital, prefix..
    Pro- For, take place for Prohibit, proclaim
    Re- Again Retell, redo, rethink..
    Retro- Back Retrospect, retrograde..
    Semi- Half, partially Semicircle, semiautomatic
    Un- Not, contrary to Unhappy, unable...

    Source : Study English Ielts Preparation (book)
    Sửa lần cuối bởi nobita8xqah : 30-09-2013 lúc 05:36 PM

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    Cỏ bé bỏng (04-01-2014),indreain (14-10-2013),Infinityptit (06-10-2013)

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    Oct 2010
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    Mặc định

    To add to what Nobita8xqah has posted, here is a comprehensive list of prefixes compiled by Mr. Robert Harris:

    Root or Prefix Meaning Examples
    a, an not, without atheist, anarchy, anonymous apathy, aphasia, anemia, atypical, anesthesia
    ab away, down, from, off absent, abduction, aberrant, abstemious, abnormal, abstract, absorb
    acro high, tip, top acrobat, acrophobia, acronym, acromegaly, acropolis
    act do, move action, react, transaction, proactive, activity, activation, deactivate
    ad to, toward admit, addition, advertisement, adherent, admonish, address, adhesive, adept, adjust
    alt high altitude, altimeter, alto, contralto, altocumulus, exalt
    ambul to walk ambulatory, amble, ambulance, somnambulist, perambulate, preamble
    anima soul, life animation, inanimate, animal, anime, equanimity, animism, animus
    ante before anteroom, antebellum, antedate antecedent, antediluvian
    anti, ant against, opposite antisocial, antiseptic, antithesis, antibody, antichrist, antinomies, antifreeze, antipathy, antigen, antibiotic, antidote, antifungal, antidepressant
    arm weapon army, armament, disarm, rearm, armistice, armor, armory, arms
    audi to hear audience, auditory, audible, auditorium, audiovisual, audition, audiobook
    auto self automobile, automatic, autograph, autonomous, autoimmune, autopilot, autobiography
    be thoroughly bedecked, besmirch, besprinkled, begrudge, begrime, belie, bemoan
    bell war belligerent, antebellum, bellicose, rebel
    bene good, well benefactor, beneficial, benevolent, benediction, beneficiary, benefit
    bi two bicycle, bifocals, biceps, billion, binary, bivalve, bimonthly, bigamy, bimetal, biathlete, bicarbonate
    bio life, living biology, biography, biodiversity, bioavailability, bioflavonoid, biofuel, biohazard, biomass, biorhythm
    cede, ceed, cess to go, to yield succeed, proceed, precede, recede, secession, exceed, succession, excess
    chron time chronology, chronic, chronicle, chronometer, anachronism
    cide, cis to kill, to cut fratricide, suicide, incision, excision, circumcision, precise, concise, precision, homicide, genocide, regicide
    circum around circumnavigate, circumflex, circumstance, circumcision, circumference, circumorbital, circumlocution, circumvent, circumscribe, circulatory
    clud, clus claus to close include, exclude, clause, claustrophobia, enclose, exclusive, reclusive, conclude, preclude
    con, com with, together convene, compress, contemporary, converge, compact, confluence, concatenate, conjoin, combine, convert, compatible, consequence, contract
    contra, counter against, opposite contradict, counteract, contravene, contrary, counterspy, contrapuntal, contraband, contraception, contrast, controversy, counterfeit, counterclaim, counterargument, counterclaim, counterpoint, counterrevolution
    cred to believe credo, credible, credence, credit, credential, credulity, incredulous, creed, incredible
    commun to share commune, community, communism, communicable, communication, commonality, incommunicado
    cycl circle, wheel bicycle, cyclical, cycle, encliclical, motorcycle, tricycle, cyclone
    de from, down, away detach, deploy, derange, deodorize, devoid, deflate, degenerate, deice, descend, derail, depress, depart, decompose, destruction
    dei, div God, god divinity, divine, deity, divination, deify, deism
    demo people democracy, demagogue, epidemic, demographic, endemic
    dia through, across, between diameter, diagonal, dialogue, dialect, dialectic, diagnosis, diachronic, diagram, diaphragm, dialysis, diarrhea
    dict speak predict, verdict, malediction, dictionary, dictate, dictum, diction, indict, contradict
    dis, dys, dif away, not, negative dismiss, differ, disallow, disperse, dissuade, disconnect, dysfunction, disproportion, disrespect, distemper, distaste, disarray, dyslexia
    duc, duct to lead, pull produce, abduct, product, transducer, viaduct, aqueduct, induct, deduct, reduce, induce
    dyn, dyna power dynamic, dynamometer, heterodyne, dynamite, dynamo, dynasty
    ecto outside, external ectomorph, ectoderm, ectoplasm, ectopic, ectothermal
    endo inside, within endotoxin, endoscope, endogenous
    equi equal equidistant, equilateral, equilibrium, equinox, equitable, equation, equator
    e, ex out, away, from emit, expulsion, exhale, exit, express, exclusive, enervate, exceed, explosion, eject, exude
    eu good, pleasant euphoria, euphemism, eustress, euphonic, eukaryote
    exter, extra outside of external, extrinsic, exterior, extraordinary, extrabiblical, extracurricular, extrapolate, extraneous, exterminator, extract, extradite, extraterrestrial, extrasensory, extravagant, extreme
    flu, flux flow effluence, influence, effluvium, fluctuate, confluence, reflux, influx
    flect, flex to bend flexible, reflection, deflect, circumflex, inflection, reflex
    graph, gram to write polygraph, grammar, biography, graphite, telegram, autograph, lithograph, historiography, graphic, electrocardiogram, monogram
    hetero other heterodox, heterogeneous, heterosexual, heterodyne
    homo same homogenized, homosexual, homonym, homophone
    hyper over, above hyperactive, hypertensive, hyperbolic, hypersensitive, hyperventilate, hyperkinetic, hyperlink, hypertext, hypersonic, hypertrophy
    hypo below, less than hypotension, hypodermic, hypoglycemia, hypoallergenic, hypothermia, hypothesis
    in, im not inviolate, innocuous, intractable, innocent, impregnable, impossible, incapable, incoherent, impassible, impotent
    infra beneath infrared, infrastructure, infrasonic
    inter, intro between international, intercept, intermission, interoffice, internal, intermittent, introvert, introduce
    intra within, into intranet, intracranial, intravenous, intramural, intramuscular, intraocular
    jac, ject to throw reject, eject, project, trajectory, interject, dejected, inject, ejaculate
    log, logo, loc, loq word, speech, speak monologue, dialogue, locution, colloquial, elocution, soliloquy, ventriloquist, apology, doxology, epilogue, logic, eulogy, loquacious
    mal bad, badly malformation, maladjusted, dismal, malady, malcontent, malfeasance, maleficent, malevolent, malice, malaria, malfunction, malignant
    mega great, million megaphone, megalomaniac, megabyte, megalopolis, acromegaly
    meso middle mesomorph, mesoamerica, mesosphere
    meta beyond, change metaphor, metamorphosis, metabolism, metahistorical, metainformation, metacognitive, metaphysics
    meter measure perimeter, micrometer, ammeter, multimeter, altimeter, geometry, kilometer
    micro small microscope, microprocessor, microfiche, micrometer, micrograph
    mis bad, badly misinform, misinterpret, mispronounce, misnomer, mistake, misogynist, mistrial, misadventure, misanthrope, misread
    mit, miss to send transmit, permit, missile, missionary, remit, admit, missive, mission
    morph shape polymorphic, morpheme, amorphous, metamorphosis, morphology, morphing
    multi many multitude, multipartite, multiply, multipurpose, multicolored, multimedia, multinational
    neo new neologism, neonate, neoclassic, neophyte
    non not nonferrous, nonabrasive, nondescript, nonfat, nonfiction, nonprofit, nonsense, nonentity
    omni all omnipotent, omnivorous, omniscient, omnibus, omnirange, omnipresent
    pan all, whole, general, completely pantheism, pandemic, panacea, panoply, pan-American, panchromatic, pandemonium, panorama
    para beside paraprofessional, paramedic, paraphrase, parachute, paralegal, parallel, comparison
    per through, intensive permit, perspire, perforate, persuade, perceive, perfect, permit, perform, pervasive
    peri around periscope, perimeter, perigee, periodontal, pericope
    phon sound telephone, phonics, phonograph, phonetic, homophone, microphone
    phot light photograph, photosynthesis, photon
    poly many polytheist, polygon, polygamy, polymorphous
    port to carry porter, portable, report, transportation, deport, import, export
    re back, again report, realign, retract, revise, regain, reflect, rename, restate, recombine, recalculate, redo
    retro backwards retrorocket, retrospect, retrogression, retroactive
    sanct holy sanctify, sanctuary, sanction, sanctimonious, sacrosanct
    scrib, script to write inscription, prescribe, proscribe, manuscript, conscript, scribble, scribe, postscript, transcript
    sect, sec cut intersect, transect, dissect, secant, section
    semi half semifinal, semiconscious, semiannual, semimonthly, semicircle
    spect to look inspect, spectator, circumspect, retrospect, prospect, spectacle
    sub under, below submerge, submarine, substandard, subnormal, subvert, subdivision, submersible, submit
    super, supra above superior, suprarenal, superscript, supernatural, supercede, superficial, superhero, superimpose
    syn together synthesis, synchronous, syndicate, synergy, snyopsis, syncretism
    tele distance, from afar television, telephone, telegraph, telemetry, telepathy, teleconference
    theo, the God theology, theist, polytheist, pantheism, atheist, monotheist, theophany
    therm, thermo heat thermal, thermometer, thermocouple, thermodynamic, thermoelectric
    tract to drag, draw attract, tractor, traction, extract, retract, protract, detract, subtract, contract, intractable
    trans across transoceanic, transmit, transport, transducer, transit, intransitive
    un not uncooked, unharmed, unintended, unhappy, unenlightened, unremarkable
    veh, vect, vey to carry vector, vehicle, convection, vehement, convey, conveyance, conveyor
    vert, vers to turn convert, revert, advertise, versatile, vertigo, invert, reversion, extravert, introvert
    ven, vent to come convention, prevent, intervention, convent, Advent, invent, inventory
    verm worm vermin, vermicelli, vermiculite, vermicide, vermiform, vermilion
    vita life vital, vitality, vitamins, revitalize
    vol to will benevolent, volition, voluntary, malevolent

    Sửa lần cuối bởi LHX : 01-10-2013 lúc 12:34 PM

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    Oct 2010
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    Mặc định

    Here is a list of number prefixes compiled by the same author:

    Number Prefixes

    mono, uni
    monopoly, monotype, monologue, mononucleosis, monorail, monotheist, unilateral, universal, unity, unanimous, uniform
    bi, di
    divide, diverge, diglycerides, bifurcate, biweekly, bivalve, biannual, billion
    triangle, trinity, trilateral, triumvirate, tribune, trilogy, tricycle, trillion
    quat, quad
    quadrangle, quadruplets, quaternary, quarter, quadrillion
    quint, penta
    quintet, quintuplets, pentagon, pentane, pentameter, quintillion
    hex, ses, sex
    hexagon, hexameter, sestet, sextuplets, sextillion
    septet, septennial, septillion, September
    octopus, octagon, octogenarian, octave, octillion, October
    nonagon, nonagenarian, nonillion
    decimal, decade, decalogue, decimate, decillion, December
    centennial, century, centipede, centillion
    mill, kilo
    thousand (10^3)
    millennium, kilobyte, kiloton
    million (10^6)
    megabyte, megaton, megaflop, megawatt
    billion (10^9)
    gigabyte, gigaflop, gigahertz, gigawatt
    trillion (10^12)
    terabyte, teraflop, terawatt
    quadrillion (10^15)
    quintillion (10^18)
    sextillion (10^21)
    septilion (10^24)
    thousandth (10^-3)
    millisecond, milligram, millivolt, milliwatt, millimeter, millipede
    millionth (10^-6)
    microgram, microvolt, microwave, microsecond
    billionth (10^-9)
    nanosecond, nanobucks, nanofarad, nanometer, nanomachine, nanotube, nanotechnology, nanogram, nanoscale
    trillionth (10^-12)
    picofarad, picocurie, picogram, picomole, picosecond
    quadrillionth (10^-15)
    quintillionth (10^-18)
    attosecond, attometer
    sextillionth (10^-21)
    septillionth (10^-24)

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