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    Mặc định Video học giao tiếp tiếng ANh - 1


    Hi everybody this is Misterduncan in England.
    How are you today?
    Are you okay?...I hope so.
    Are you happy?...I hope so.

    Welcome to the very first episode of my series of English teaching videos Before I begin we will take a look at some of the common questions that often arise when talking about learning the English language. and more importantly, learning it as a second language.
    So, the first question must be... "Why do we need to learn English?"

    Of course one of the reasons why we need to be able to speak English nowadays
    is because the world is becoming smaller. Thanks to the internet and our developing global economy,more and more people are using English as a common way to communicate with each other. So now it has become unavoidable that companies and large businesses will need to employ people.who can speak more than their own native language, that is where English comes in.

    It is now officially considered as an international language.

    Of course learning anything is difficult and English is no exception. However, there are ways to make the situation easier. I have come up with my own list of general rules
    for learning English Do you want to hear them?
    Do you want to know what they are?
    Ok...let's go!

    Learning English takes time and patience.
    It cannot be rushed
    Try to relax and take it easy
    The most important thing you need at the beginning
    is a good vocabulary
    Without words, you have nothing to work with
    You must start with a strong foundation or base.
    and slowly build on it, day by day!
    You must view English as a part of your body...
    just as you would an arm or leg
    It must become a part of your everyday life.
    Daily practise is very important.
    Do not worry about making mistakes...
    in fact the more mistakes you make...
    The more you will learn from them
    just like learning to ride a bike
    sometimes you fall off.
    So what do you do?
    You get back on and try again.
    Do not look at English as just another subject

    Your attitude to English and the way you view it will decide how well you progress.
    just as we say in English "No pain...no gain" The two most important words to remember
    when learning English are...practise and confidence. Practise English everyday and be confident. You will find that the more you use English...the better your English will become.
    and the more confident you become...then the more you will want to use it.
    Make it a rule to tell yourself...I can do it...I can do it...I can do it !

    Please remember, my lessons are aimed at everyone, so hopefully you will find something useful in each one. Maybe you will find some of the words I use very easy. But you will also see some words that may be new to you. Remember...my lessons are aimed at everyone.
    Even teachers are very welcome to join in.

    Learning English should be a fun experience and I hope with the help of my videos lessons
    you will discover just how much fun it can be. I hope you've enjoyed my first lesson.
    This is Misterduncan in England saying Thanks for watching and bye-bye for now.

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