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Đề tài: Bài tập ngữ pháp Unit 11

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    Mặc định Bài tập ngữ pháp Unit 11

    1) Non-renewable energy sources are running ____.
    A. up B. on C. to D. out
    2) In some countries people use wind or sea ____ as the environment friendly energy sources.
    A. waves B. water C. products D. weeds
    3) People have used coal and oil to ____ electricity for along time.
    A. generation B. generated C. generate D. generates
    4) Coal and oil are non-renewable ____ sources.
    A. engineer B. energy C. engineering D. energetic
    5) People on earth are ____ need of more nuclear energy.
    A. on B. at C. in D. for
    6) ____ energy uses natural sources of energy such as the sun, wind, or water for power and fuel, rather than oil, coal, or nuclear power.
    A. Alternative B. Solar C. Hydropower D. Electricity
    7) Oil, coal and natural gas are ____ fuels made from decayed material.
    A. unleaded B. smokeless C. solid D. fossil
    8) All fossil fuels are ____ resources that cannot be replaced after use.
    A. unlimited B. renewable C. avaible D. non-renewable
    9) We should develop such ____ sources of energy as solar energy and nuclear energy.
    A. tradition B. alternative C. revolutionary D. surprising
    10) Increased consumption will lead to faster ____ of our natural resources.
    A. exhaust B. exhausting C. exhaustion D. exhaustive
    11) ____ heat comes from deep inside the earth.
    A. Geothermal B. Solar C. Nuclear D. Hydro
    12) “Have you ever met the man ____ over there?” “No. Who is he?”
    A. stands B. is standing C. standing D. who he is standing
    13) The boy ____ the piano is my son.
    A. who is playing B. that is playing C. playing D. All are correct
    14) ____ by his parent, this boy was very sad.
    A. Punished B. Punishing C. To be punished D. Be punished
    15) We have apartment ____ the park.
    A. overlooking B. overlooks C. to overlook D. overlooked
    16) He was the last person ____ in this way.
    A. to kill B. who killed C. being killed D. to be killed
    17) Nellie Ross of Wyoming was the first woman _____ governor in the United State.
    A. who elected B. to be elected C. was elected D. her election as
    18) ____ in large quantities in the Middle East, oil became known as black gold because of the large profit it brought.
    A. Discovering B. Discovered C. Which was discovered D. That when discovered
    19) She is the only in the discussion ____ to using nuclear power.
    A. objects B. objected C. to object D. whom objects
    20) Johnny was the last applicant ____ for a position in that energy station.
    A. to interview B. interviewing C. to be interviewed D. which is interviewed
    21) The instructions ____ by Professor Johnson helped us know more about the danger of energy pollution.
    A. that explained B. explained C. explaining D. which explained

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