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Đề tài: Lesson 14: Presetting a new product - Giới thiệu sản phẩm mới

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    Mặc định Lesson 14: Presetting a new product - Giới thiệu sản phẩm mới

    Lesson 14: Presetting a new product - Giới thiệu sản phẩm mới

    Kate: Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very much for coming in the afternoon. In the next hour or so. I’m going to introduce you to a completely new concept in toy manufacture. I should begin by talking about the market research which led to development of this product. Then I should explain the technical developments, the production and our marketing strategy. Finally I should outline our recommendations and how you can make this product a success in your territory.

    By the end of the hour you will be able to see why Bibery Systems are so committed in this new venture and why we are so confident that we can capture the American market. So. Let's begin with the background.

    : Can I speak to Phil Watson, please? This is Jenny from Bibery Systems.

    Phil: Hello. Phil Watson.
    Jenny: Phil, this is Jenny from marketing department of Bibery Systems.
    Phil: Hi Jenny, how is life?

    : Complicated. I’ve been leaving some urgent messenges for you for the last few days. But you haven’t seen them. I’m afraid it looks our competitor, JK Toys, has got something very similar to “big boss”

    Phil: Oh no. How similar?
    Jenny: It’s bad news. JK Toys are launching their products in six weeks time. So we have decided to bring forward our launch date again. Can you bring over your design so Don can see them?
    Phil: That has not finished yet but I’ll bring everything I have.

    : So to sum up, everything indicated that the market was ready for high-tech product.

    A product that will appear to both parents and children. A product that lets the user decide the character of the toy. Ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce a breakthrough in toy technology. Ladies and gentlemen. I’ll give you “big boss”.
    Toy: My name is Big Boss. In six months time, everyone here in the United States and America will be talking about Big Boss and you, my friends, can take a share in my incredible success.

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    ngocchung89 (10-08-2014)

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