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Đề tài: Bài tập câu bị động nè các bạn. Ai có thời gian th́ làm và thử sức nhé.

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    May 2012
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    Mặc định Bài tập câu bị động nè các bạn. Ai có thời gian th́ làm và thử sức nhé.

    Ex 5.
    1. Nobody told me that they had discharged John from the hospital.
    2. I want you to leave me alone.
    3. I remember that my father took me to town to see that film.
    4. Someone told him he could not take the examination.
    5. He objects to people laughing at his mistakes.
    6. The hosts gave us a very warm welcome.
    7. Has anyone ever taught you how to behave?
    8. Someone will tell her which bus to catch.
    9. Thieves broke into the house.
    10. Some adults say a lot of nonsense.

    Ex 6.
    1. According to our history teacher, the Normans invaded England in 1066.
    2. They saw him walking with his friend before he got lost.
    3. They have chosen me to play for the schoool football team.
    4. Bad weather has delayed the plane for one hour.
    5. Someone saw him pick up a stone and throw it at the riot police.
    6. People often take him for his brother.
    7. They didn't take proper care of the children.
    8. They have never satisfactorily explained the mysterious disappearance of the document.
    9. In the physics lesson, we placed the test-tube in a centrifuge.
    10. They have awarded the best pupil a scholarship.

    Ex 7.
    1. They gave him a last chance before expelling him from the school.
    2. The school is admitting a large number of new pupils this year.
    3. We should see children and not hear them.
    4. They have told us that Galileo invented the telescope.
    5. I don't enjoy people beating me at sport in school.
    6. They made him stay behind after class.
    7. They will inform you of the resulf of your exam by letter.
    8. The Chinese invented gunpowder several centuries ago.
    9. They have never elected any woman President of the United States.
    10. Ruth is disappointed; they have given the job she applied for to someone with more experience.

    Ex 8.
    1. Before the Princess arrived at the shipyard, they had used police dogs to make sure no one had hidden any bomb there.
    2. When will they open the shop - this year or next?
    3. Local people own most of the business in our town now.
    4. Aren't you afraid they will sack you if you don't start coming to work on time?

    5. She felt that they were concealing something from her.

    Mọi người cùng nhau làm bài bị động này nhé. Ḿnh tin chắc rằng mọi người sẽ cùng với ḿnh kiên nhẫn và làm những câu bị động này trong thời gian được nghỉ hè.
    Chúc các bạn của tôi may mắn, vui vẻ và thành công ^^

    Lich khai giang TOEIC Academy

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    Jul 2012
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    Đà Nẵng city
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    Mặc định

    haha, Tks a lot! :x

    Học từ vựng

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    Jul 2012
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    Mặc định

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    Dec 2010
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