I.Choose the best answer.
1. As Bob was driving to work, he ________a wonderful idea.
A. has B. has had C. had D. was having
2. The tour________a visit to the Science Museum.
A. had B. included C. enclosed D. included of
3. The statue________out of stone.
A. carves B. was carved C. paints D. was painted
4. I would love________them again.
A. see B. to see C. seeing D. to seeing
5. ________is a mountain with a hole in the top where fire, gas and lava sometimes come out.
A. Volcano B. Valley C. Hill D. Mount
6. Ann ________television when the phone rang.
A. watches B. watched C. has watched D. was watching
7. I’ll call you________soon as I get home from work.
A. so B. as C. like D. too
8. “I think I’ll stay here after all.” -“You ________your mind.”
A. always changed B. has always changed C. are always changing D. always change
9. Oil poured________of the damaged ship.
A. out B. off C. over D. upon
10. The Statue of ________, which has become a symbol of freedom, is situated in New York harbor.
A. four American presidents B. Liberty
C. Alcatraz D. Empire State
11. Jack ________his homework between 8 pm and 9 pm.
A. did B. was doing C. made D. was making
12. I was ________holiday with my parents ________the island of Capri.
A. on/on B. on/in C. in/on D. on at
13. ________is an area of land between hills or mountains.
A. Valley B. Beach C. Bay D. Island
14. Tom burnt his hand when he ________the dinner.
A. cooked B. was cooking C. has cooked D. cooks
15. They have put a horrible statue right in the middle________their front yard.
A. on B. in C. of D. to
16. “I can’t read this.” You ________about my handwriting.”
A. always complain B. has always complained
C. always complained D. are always complaining
17. A cup of tea sounds________.
A. perfect B. perfectly C. perfection D. perfectionist
18. It’s a picture ________a country village.
A. on B. of C. about D. for
19. It was a hot and ________Sunday afternoon.
A. wet B. humid C. rainy D. snowy
20. “Do sit down.”“That’s very kind ________you.”
A. from B. of C. with D. to
II. I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
1. a. carve b. warm c. farm d. depart
2. a. Empire b. while c. liberty d. sightseeing
3. a. busy b. Humid c. museum d. music
4. a. pour b. Sound c. mount d. cloudy
5. a. pick b. ticket c. rock d. vacation
1.a. wharf b. place c. volcano d. plane
2.a. fisherman b. ticket c. prisoner d. over
3.a. hotel b. postcard c. shore d. cold
4.a. included b. called c. carved d. arrived
5.a. brochure b. teacher c. beach d. much
III.Supply a suitable preposition to each blank.
1. We went swimming as soon as we arrived_______ the Hawaiian Island.
2. We went _______ an eight tour to the Napa Valley.
3. The heads of four American presidents are carved_______ the rock.
4. Rushmore can be since from more than 100 kms_______.
5. We are having a wonderful time_______ the USA.
6. I bought lots of souvenirs _______ the children.
7. When Lan arrived_______ school, the school drum was sounding.
8. Would you like to come _______ for dinner?
9. I’ll pick you _______ your hotel.
10.Mrs. Quyen didn’t take many warm clothes_______ her
IV.Read the following passagc and choose the best answers each of the questions.
Last December our Geography teacher, Mrs. Taylor, took us to Yorkshire on a school trip. We left Liverpool at 8. 00 a. m. on Saturday morning and finally arrived in York at 11. 00 p. m. Then it started to rain. We woke up early on Sunday morning and looked outside. There was water everywhere. We went downstairs for breakfast, but the kitchen in the hostel was flooded.
Sunday afternoon was terrible too. Two girls hired bikes and rode into the center of the city. But what did they do? They stole some sweets from a shop. So then the police came! Mrs. Taylor was furious! We returned to Liverpool on Sunday evening. We were cold, wet and tired. Never again!
hostel (n) : khách sạn nhỏ furious (adj) : giận dữ?
1. How long did the journey take?
A. 3 hours B. 4 hours C. 15 hours D. 2 days
2. What was the weather like?
A. It was hot & humid B. It was sunny C. Itwas rainy D. It was snowy
3. Who is the author?
A. a teacher B. a student C. a tourist D. a police officer
4. They stayed in Yorkshire for ________________.
A. two days B. three days C. one week D. two weeks
5. Their school trip was ________________.
A. great B. terrible C. wonderful D. exciting
V.Put the verbs into the correct form, past continuous or past simple.
1. Jack (wait) ________________for me when I (arrive) ________.
2. “What (you/do) ________________this time yesterday?” –“I was asleep.”
3. “(you/go) ________________out last night?” –“No, I was too tired.”
4. “Was Linda at the party last night?” –“Yes, she (wear) ________________a really nice dress.”
5. How fast (you/drive) ________________when the accident (happen) ________?
6. Kahn (take) ________________a photograph of me while I (not/look) ________________.
7. We were in a difficult position. We (not/know) ________what to do.
8. I haven’t seen David for ages. When I last (see) ________ him, he (try) ________________to find a job in Paris.
9. I (walk) ________________along the street when suddenly I (hear) ________footsteps behind me. Somebody (follow) ________________me. I was frightened and I (start) ________to run.
10. When I was young, I (want) ________to be a bus driver.
11. I (wake) ________________up at 6 o’clok this morning.
12. While her boyfriend was in the army, Rose (write) ________________to him once a week.
13. Phong (study) ________________ computer for two years, but he doesn’t study it now.
14. “What were you doing at 9 o’clock last night?’
-“I (prepare) ________________my math lessons.”
15. It still (rain) ________________when you came in?
16. While I (stay) ________________ in this town, they (repair) ________________the bridge.
17. We looked out of the window. Some children (play) ________________ in the yard.
18. You (not know) ________________much about the regulation at that time, (do) _______you?
19. When Huy was a boy, he often (go) ________________fishing with his father.
20. Daisy (look) ________________ at the flowers when the thief (come) ________________up behind her and (snatch) ________________her handbag.
VI.Rewrite the following sentences in such a way that they have the same meaning as the root ones.
1. To do morning exercises every day is good for our health.
@ It’s good __________________________________________________ ___________ . .
2. To get a poor mark at any subject makes us unhappy.
@ It __________________________________________________ ___________________
3. We have to keep our schoolyard green, clean and attractive.
@ It’s our duty __________________________________________________ ___________
4. I could not go to work yesterday. I was ill.
@ Because I __________________________________________________ _____________
5. We don’t want to go out at night and she doesn’t want to go out at night.
@ We don’t __________________________________________________ _____________
6. Loan likes to eat bananas and Thanh likes to eat bananas.
@ Loan likes __________________________________________________ ____________
7. The soup is very sour.
@ It’s __________________________________________________ _________________
8. How much do the jeans cost?
@ How much __________________________________________________ ____________
9. They are marking plans about their vacation.
@ Plans __________________________________________________ ________________
10. Because I am tired I can’t finish the work in time.
@ Because of __________________________________________________ ____________
VII.Read the following passagc and choose the best answers each of the questions.
Our trip to New Zealand was wonderful!
First, we flew to Wellington, the capital. We stayed at the Sheraton there for two nights. We went sightseeing and just relaxed at the pool. From Wellington, we flew to Roturua, and rented a car. We went sailing on Lake Tarawera and we climbed a volcano, Mount Tarawera. One night, we took a bus tour to a traditional Maori village and stayed for dinner and a concert. It was a special evening.
We plan to come back to New Zealand soon, but for now, we’re on our way to Australia!
1. What was the letter written about?
A. A vacation abroad B. A business trip C. A bus tour D. A school trip
2. What is the capital of New Zealand?
A. Wellington B. Sheraton C. Roturua D. Tarawera
3. What was the weather like?
A. It’s sunny. B. It’s windy. C. It’s hot and humid. D. no information
4. The authors________________.
A. went sightseeing B. went sailing C. climbed a volcano D. all are correct
5. Where were they going?
A. They were going to New Zealand. B. They were going to Australia.
C. They were going to America. D. no information
VIII.Give the correct forms of the verbs.
1. It (not rain)……………………… here since March.
2. She (go)……………………… to school everyday.
3. They (come)……………………… here a month ago.
4. The gray and blue blanket (wash)……………………….. yesterday.
5. Sometimes I get up before the sun (rise)………………………….
6. Look! It (rain)…………………………..
7. He (stop)…………………. smoking two months ago.
8. I (teach)……………………… hundreds of students but I never (meet)………………. such a hopeless class as this.
9. A lot of new houses (build)……………………. in Hanoi suburbs at present.
10. Last week a new table (make)………………………. for me by my father.
11. Three letters (write)……………………… to his friends abroad tomorrow.
12. Ten lessons (learn)……………………… so far by us.
13. We (sit) ………………..in the car outside the house when the inspector called