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Đề tài: topic tieng anh

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    Dec 2011
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    Mặc định topic tieng anh

    các anh chị giúp em với, bọn em được cho 6 chủ đề:
    1. working in the sales
    2. your idea of an interesting business
    3. your idea of an interesting vacation
    4. part time jobs of students
    5. advantages and difficulties in english speaking country
    6. your favourite entertainment in your free time

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    Aug 2010
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    Mặc định

    Arguments in Favor:
    1. It is good for students to have part-time jobs because this helps cultivate independence among young people.
    2. Part-time jobs in business can foster a sense of competition, which is important for students in the future.
    3. After-school work enhances a young person's social development.
    4. Being able to earn their own money gives students a feeling that they've become adults and, therefore, makes them feel more mature.
    5. Part-time jobs make students more confident in themselves.
      Through the work they can realize their own value and prove that they are capable people.
    6. Part-time jobs experience gives students an insight into what work is about and prepares them psychologically for their future jobs.
    7. After-school work teaches students how hard it is to earn money and helps develop thriftiness in our younger generation.
    8. Part-time jobs can help students apply their knowledge in practice.
      And, in return, their experience will make them know better what they have learned in classes and books.
    9. Part-time jobs give students a feeling of achievement through contributing to the national construction and economy.
    10. Part-time jobs can make the students' lives more colorful and is good for their personal development.
    11. Students who have part-time jobs can relieve, to some extent, the economic burdens of their parents.
    12. With the money earned, students can buy many books they like.
    13. Because they earn money, students can pay for their education and thus will value their education even more.
    14. Part time work helps the economy by providing additional inexpensive labor.
    15. Part time labor helps the employer by providing labor at peak workloads without the costs of the labor when the workload goes down.
    16. Students, part-time jobs contribute a lot, in one way or another, to our socialist construction.

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