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Đề tài: unit 23 (Answers p5)

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    i'm faith lapidus with VOA speacial agriculture report
    A listener in Burkina Faso named Irisso wants to know the plays---> place that agriculture occupies in the United states economy. The answer might be surprising. The United States has the largest economy in the world. The size of economy is usually described in terms of Gross Domestic Product. The Gross Domestic Product .or GDP is valued of all goods and services produced in a country in a year, In 2004 , the United States had a GDP estimated at close to 12 million million dollars.What percent ...of.that was agriculture the goverment says just nine tenths of one percent, Farm worker make up an even smaller percentage of American labor seven tenths of one percent.So What is the Gross Domestic Product mainly .a product.... on these days. In 2004 , almost 20 percents came from industry and almost 80 percents came from services. The number of farms continues to decrease in American. The ...Census Bureau counted a little more than 2 million farms in 2004. About half of those farms had less than 40 .hectares. ...Still farm earnings have risen to record levels in recently. Agriculture productivity continues to increase because of new technologies and methods. But the agriculture department estimated the nine percent of farm income last year came from goverment payments .That number is expected to decrease in the future. Exports have provided American farmers with an average about 25 percent of their money for the last 50 years. What is the top export buy and use :Soybean. Canadia and mexico are two of three biggest markets for American farmers. In fact, in 2002, Canadia replaced Japan for the first time as the top buyer of American agriculture exports . The department of agriculture said exports to ..European.union are slowing but exports to other countries.with ...america. and to asia are growing. The United States has traditionally enjoyed an agriculture trade surplus but that surplus has been ignored away at the united states import more and more food. This is VOA special english agriculture report written by Mario Ritter. if u have a question , send it to special at voanews.com. We can't answer mail personally but we might be able to answer the question at the program, i'm Faith lapidus
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Trang 8 / 8 Đầu tiênĐầu tiên ... 5678

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