I'm Steve Ember with the VOA Special English Education Report.

Last week, we told you about a big honor...(1) for a California .teenager.(2) who is home-schooled. Sixteen-year-old Michael Viscardi of San Diego won...(3) first prize in the Siemens Westinghouse .competition..(4) in Math, Science and Technology. He showed .solution..(5) to a nineteenth-century ..maths.(6) problem.

Michael has been ..schooled.(7) by his mother, who has a ..doctor.(8) in neuroscience. He also .worked..(9) his project with a professor at a university.
Home-schoolers have won other honors...(10) including national competitions in .geography..(11) and..spelling.(12).

The National Center for Education statistic...(13) did its .latest..(14) research on home-schooling in two thousand three. Researchers ..found more than one million of.(15) American students learned at home. That was more than two percent of the school .late..(16) population.

The report said the number of home-schooled students..had increased.(17). In nineteen ninety-nine, about .850000..(18) were considered home-schooled. This ..meant.(19) they were .taught..(20) at home instead of a school for at least part of their..education.(21). The students’ time .spent..(22) public or private schools could not be more than twenty-five hours a week.

Michael Viscardi, for example, has been taught mostly at home, but with ...advanced maths(23) classes at a local university.

The researchers ..asked.(24) why they home-schooled their children. Thirty-one percent said the most important reason was ..concerned. about(25) the environment of the local schools. Thirty percent said it was to provide.religious instruction..(26). Sixteen percent said they were not .satisfied with..(27) the quality of the instruction in the local schools.

The Associated .press..(28) recently ...reported about(29) an increase in the number of black Americans home-schooling their children. An education expert said ..much of this.(30) was in increase ...(31) with histories of .racial..(32) tension. Also, some families ...were concerned(33) that local schools were not teaching about African-American history and culture.

...(34) of home-schooling say children need to .attend..(35) school to help them learn..social skills.(36). They also say that some...home- schooled children do not get a very good education(37). Still, all fifty states and the District of Columbia ...permit(38) home-schooling. But some require more .parent.preparation.(39) or student .testing..(40) than other states do.

This VOA Special English Education Report was written by Nancy Steinbach. Internet users...(41) can read and listen to our reports at voaspecialenglish.com. I’m Steve Ember.