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Đề ti: test 45m

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    Thumbs up test 45m

    Choose the best answer:
    1.Peter: How do you do? Mary: ___________
    A.Yeah,OK B. Not too bad. C. How do you do? D. Im well.Thank you
    2.Lam: Bye!- Lan _________.
    A.See you lately B. See you later C.Thank you D. Meet you again
    3.John: Ive passed my final exam.- Tom: ____________
    A.Good luck. B. Its nice of you to say so. C.Thats a good idea. D.Congratulations!
    4. How often do you go to school ?
    A. I go there early B. Every day except Sunday C. I do not think so D. I go there by bus
    5.Peter: I enjoy listening to pop music.- Maria: _________.
    A. Im, too B. I dont C. Neither do I D. So am I
    6.Ann: Are you going to visit Britain next month? Kim: Yes,_______.
    A. I am B. I do C. I like D. I going
    7.Bod: James is a very brave man.- David: Yes,I wish I _________ his courage.
    A. had B. will have C. have had D. have
    8. Tom : How did you get here ? John: ..
    A. Is it far from here ? B. I came here last night. C. The train is so crowded D. I came here by train.
    9.Sue: I love pop music. Alice: ____________.
    A. I do, too B.No, I wont C.Yes, I like it D. Neither do I
    10.Ann: What do you usually do on Sundays? Mary: __________.A. I used to drive to work
    B. Id be sleeping all day C. Im not doing anything D. I usually sleep until noon
    11. I don/t like tests Neither .. A. do I B. I do C. I don/t D. I like them
    12.Mary: Thats a very nice skirt youre wearing.- Julia: _________.
    A.Thats nice B. I like it C. Thats all right D. Im glad you like it
    13.David: Happy Christmas!- Jason: ____________
    A.You are the same! B. Same for you! C. The same to you! D. Happy Christmas with you!
    14.A: ________?- B: Once a week. A. How often do you go shopping B. How much do you want
    C. Are you sure D. When will you get there
    15. A: Sorry Im late. B: ____________.
    A. OK B. Dont worry C. Hold the line, please D. Go ahead
    16. Mary: Ive got an interview for a job tomorrow. Peter: ____________.
    A. Thank you B. Same to me C. Good luck D. See you
    17. A: Thank you for the lovely present. B: ____________.
    A. Go ahead B. Not at all C. Come on D. Im pleased you like it.
    18. A: Are you coming on Saturday? B: ____________.
    A. Im afraid not B. Im afraid not to C. Im afraid to D. Im afraid I dont
    19. A: ____________ do they travel abroad? B: Once a year.
    A. When B. How C. What time D. How often
    20. Ann: Do you think youll get the job? Mary: ____________.
    A. I know so B. Well, I hope so C. I think not D. Yes, thats right
    21. Mary : Whose bicycle is that ? Tom: ..
    A. No, it is over there B. It/s Jane/s C.It/s just outside D. It/s Jane
    22. A: Hows life? B: ____________.
    A. Sure B. Not too bad, but very busy C. Very well, thank you D. Pleased to meet you
    23. A: Excuse me, whats the time? B: Sorry. I ____________.
    A. dont see B. do not have a watch C. wont know D. know
    24. A: Are you free this coming Sunday? B: ____________
    A. Yes, I will B. No, thank you C. Yes, I can D. I think so. Why?
    25. A: ____________ B: Certainly
    A. Welcome back! B. What are you doing there? C. Im sorry I am late D. May I borrow a pencil , please?
    26. A: Are you hungry? B: ____________A. Yes, I do B. Soon C. Right now D. Yes, a little
    27. A: Would you like some more tea? B: ____________
    A. Yes, please B. Here you are C. It doesnt matter D. Im OK
    28. Hello, my names John. ____________ to meet you
    A. Please B. I am very well C. Pleased D. Thank you
    29. _______? Hes OK now. A. What is he B. How is he C. How tall is he D. Whats he like
    30. Peter: Thanks a lot for your wonderful gift. Mary: ____________
    A. You are welcome B. Thank you C. Cheers D. Have a good day
    31. Dona: Whats your name? Helen: ______ A. Really? B. Pardon? C. OK D. Forgive me
    32. A: Thank you for a lovely evening. B: ____________
    A. Dont mention it B. Im glad you enjoy it C. Yes, Id like that D. Yes, that would be very nice
    33. A: I hope to see you again. B: ____________
    A. I hope so, too B. Good enough C. Thank you D. I realy enjoy meeting you, too.
    34. Would you like a cup of coffee? ____________
    A. Yes, thanks a lot B. No, thanks you C. Yes, please D. No, you are welcome
    35. Charles: Excuse me .Mr. Ward? Mr. Ward: ____________?
    A. Eh! What B. Yes C. No D. Thank you
    36. A: Lets meet for a coffee tonight. B: ____________
    A. I hope not B. Im afraid I can C. Yes, lets D. Yes, thank you
    37. A: ____________? B: Yes. I want to send some flowers to my wife in Italy
    A. Do you like flowers B. What do you like C. Can you help me D. Can I help you.
    38. A: Whats ____________ , Peter? You dont look very happy.
    A. matter B. problem C. the matter D. that
    39. Is she coming to the party tonight ? ___________ . I cant stand seeing her behaviour.
    A. I dont think so B. I hope so C. I dont hope so D. I hope not
    40. Are you going to be in town next Saturday? ___ . I am in the countryside visiting my grandparents.
    A. No B.Yes C.Surely D. Certainly
    41. Let/s go to the movie now. Oh! . .
    A. Good idea ! B. I dont C. Why/s that ? D. I need it
    42. Im afraid I cant come to your birthday party this weekend!
    A. What a shame ! B. What a pity ! C. Me too. D. Whats happened?
    43. Alice: What shall we do this evening? Carol:
    A. Lets go out for dinner. B. Oh, thats good! C. No problem D. I went out for dinner
    44. Maria: Im taking my driving test tomorrow. Sarah: !
    A. Good chance B. Good time C.Good day D. Good luck
    45. Helen: Where do you come from? - Ann:
    A. In London B. Yes, I have just come here C. Im living in London D. I come from London
    46. do you go to the dentists? - Twice a year.
    A. When B.Why C.How D. How often
    47. A:- B: By bus.A.What do you go to school? B. Do you go to school by bus ?
    C. Who are you taken to school by ? D. How do you come to school?
    48. Im Charles, from Continental Computers. How do you do?- ?
    A. How are you ? B. How do you do ? C. Pleased to meet you D. B and C are correct

    49. Thank you for coming to meet us
    A. You are welcomed B. Same to you C. Thank you too D. Not at all
    50. Shop assistant: Customer: Im trying to find a Christmas present for my girl friend.
    A. What do you want? B. Pleased to meet you. C. How are you? D. Good morning, can I help you ?
    51. A: ? B: Yes, Id like some information about trains, please.
    A: Can I help you? B. May I help you ? C. What can I do for you? D. All are correct
    52. Thanks for your help.
    A. You are welcomed B. Thats all right C. Thank you, too D. The same to you
    53. A: Does Maria speak English well? B: .
    A. Yes. I do B. I think not C. I dont think so D. She thinks so
    54. Helen: May I introduce you to Mary, Peter ? Peter: ?
    A. How are you, Mary? B. How do you do, Mary? C. Pleased to meet you, Mary D. B and C are correct
    55. A: How about a biscuit? B: . Im on a diet.
    A. Yes, please B. Yes, thank you C. No, thanks D. Its OK
    56. A: When do you want them? B:
    A. Last week B. Yes, of course C. Good afternoon D. As soon as possible
    57. I need some ice. Can you get some from the fridge for me?
    A. No, thanks B. Yes, please C. Certainly D. Yes, thank you
    58. Thank you very much for the wonderful present.
    A. Good luck B. Dont mention it C. Congratulations D. You are welcome
    59. Lets eat out tonight!
    A. Ok. Why not? B. Congratulations C. Good luck ! D. Yes, I will
    60. Congratulation on your success!
    A. Not at all B. Thank you C. All right D. The same to you
    61. is Mr.Brown going to retire?
    Soon, I think. He has been working for this company for nearly 30 years.
    A. When B. How long C. Why D. Who is she
    62. Have you ever met the girl over there? No. ?
    A. I dont B. I have C Why not D. Who is she
    63. The room is too hot. if I turn the fan on? No
    A. Do you mind B. Would you like C. Do you like D. Could you please
    64. Howwas your holiday? One week.
    A. long B. big C. soon D. well
    65. A: Is Monday possible for you? B: .
    A. I hope so,too B. Yes, thats fine C. Thank you D. I really enjoy meeting you

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    tengoi (06-06-2011)

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