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Đề ti: nhung cau truc chuyen doi cau

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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2010
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    Mặc định nhung cau truc chuyen doi cau

    ai muốn đậu đại học th học thuộc lu lu liền đi
    -there is no point in +ving
    it is no good/use+ving
    it is no pointless+to_inf
    it is not worth+ving

    :thật l v ch khi lm g

    -there is no posibility of doing sthing :ko c khả năng xảy ra việc g

    -it is impossible for sb to do sth:ai đ ko thể lm g

    it is impossible that clause:lm g l ko thể

    -<although+S+try/tried+adv,main clause> c thể chuyển thanh<try (bare _inf)+(as+adv)+as+S+(would/might/may)+main clause:d cố gắng đến đu<vẫn ko thể lm g>
    -with a view to doing sth
    in an (attempt/effort)+to do sth
    with the(intention/purpose)+of doing sth: để
    lm g

    only+by+n/ving+v(can)+S+bare-inf = only+in this way+v(can)+S+bare-inf: chỉ = cch g th ai đ moi c thể lm g
    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi lat ku : 24-12-2010 lúc 07:47 PM

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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2010
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    Mặc định

    day cung la mot phan nhuc oc . co ai biet them post len cung thao luan hen.bai tap day
    1.The hill was so steep that they had to rest several times.
    A.It was such a steep hill that they had to rest several times
    B.It was so steep the hill that they had to rest several times
    C So steep a hill was that they had to rest several times
    D Such a steep hill it was that they had to rest several times
    2. it wasn`t easy to persuade her to come
    A. Is was difficult in persuading her to come
    B. There was some difficulty in persuading her to come
    C. To persuade her to come it wasn`t easy
    D. Persuading her to come was impossible
    3. the only reason for the success of the party was that a famous film star attended
    A.The party wouldn`t have successed had it not been for a famous film star`s attendance
    B.If a famous film star had shown up at the party, it would have been successful
    C.But for the presence of a famous film star ,the party would have been a success
    D.A famous film star came to the party ,that made it a success
    4.he tried hard so that he could win the prize
    A.With a view to winning the first prize , he tried hard.
    B.In an attempt to win the first prize , he tried hard.
    C.he tried hard with the intention to win the first prize.
    D.he tried hard so as to winning the first prize
    5.Alice becomes more beutiful as she grows up
    A. the older Alice grows up , the more beautiful she becomes
    B. the older does Alice get , the more beautiful does she becomes
    C. the older Alice gets,the more beautiful she becomes
    D.the older Alice grow , the more beautiful she becomes

    thu suc di cac ban se con nua

    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi lat ku : 25-12-2010 lúc 10:01 AM

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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2010
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    Mặc định

    sb never thought of doing sth
    sb never thougnt that.clause
    the thought of doing sthing never occurred to sb
    the thought that _clause never crossed sb`s mind
    it never occurred to sb to do sth
    it never crossed one`s mind that clause
    ai đ chưa bao giờ nghĩ đến việc lm g

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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2010
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    Mặc định

    poke/stick one`s nose into sth :can thiệp vo ci g
    sthing is too much for sb :ci g vượt w sức chu đựng của ai
    sth is well/poorly attended :ci g c nhu hay t người tham dự.
    be in straitened circumstances/ financial difficulty :lm vo tnh cảnh tng thiếueg:he is alway in straitened cicumstances
    give sb notice of sth :bo trước cho ai ci g eg: i am sorry i gave you notice of my visit
    obtain a loan from the bank
    a bank loan
    :vay tiền ngn hng
    sthing didn`t come up to sb`s expectation = sthing fell short of sb`s expectation :ci g ko tốt đẹp như ai mong đợi
    sth went beyond sb`s expectation:ci g vượt w mong đợi của ai
    take advantage of sth ( to do sth):lợi dụng hoặc tranh thủ ci g
    catch sb alive:bắt sống aj
    try(unsuccessfully/in vain/vainly) to do sthing :cố gắng lm g nhưng ko thnh
    do anything but +bare_inf:lm bất cứ ci g ngoại trừ
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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2010
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    sb is capable of doing sthing:ai c khả năng lm g
    sb is eligible to do sth : ai đ c đủ đkiện để lm g
    put/ impose/exert a strain on sb :gy p lực ln aj
    put / impose / exert pressure on sb :gy p lực ln ai
    despise sb of doing sthing
    =look down on sb for doing sthing
    =look down one`s nose at sb for doing sthing
    khinh thường ai v đ lm g
    sth is on offer / on sale :ci g đang bn hạ gi
    hold sb / sth off :ngăn chặn ai lm g
    inform / notify sb of sth: thng bo cho ai ci g
    sb/sth is missing : ai mất tch/ ci g thất lạc
    be immune to / against sth : miễn dịch với ci g
    ahead of schedule/ time:trước thời hạn
    in front of + N : một vị tr
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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2010
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    I. Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest:
    Cu 1: A. change B. chemical C. which D. each
    Cu 2: A. climate B. commercial C. construction D. protect
    Cu 3: A. animal B. primary C. extinction D. classify
    Cu 4: A. medicine B. crisis C. primary D. priority
    Cu 5: A. endangered B. damaged C. destroyed D. provided

    II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the rest:
    Cu 6: A. disappearance B. conservation C. vulnerable D. generation
    Cu 7: A. awareness B. temperature C. chemical D. serious
    Cu 8: A. development B. contaminate C. ability D. agriculture
    Cu 9: A. agency B. benefit C. government D. diversity
    Cu 10: A. primary B. extinction C. animal D. classify

    III. Choose the best word to complete the sentences:
    Cu 16: We have plenty of time for doing the work. We _______ be hurried.
    A. mustn't B. shouldn't C. needn't D. mayn't
    Cu 17: Toxic chemicals from factories are one of the serious factors that leads wildlife to the _______ of extinction.
    A. wall B. habitat C. verge D. bridge
    Cu 18: A / An _______ species is a population of an organism which is at risk of becoming extinct.
    A. dangerous B. endanger C. endangered D. endangerment
    Cu 19: The concert was cancelled, ________ we went to a nightclub instead.
    A. however B. so C. but D. although
    Cu 20: I am not deaf. You _______ shout.
    A. need B. neednt C. must D. mustn't
    Cu 21: It is a top secret. You _______ tell anyone about it.
    A. mightn't B. won't C. needn't D. mustn't
    Cu 22: _______ I borrow your lighter for a minute?
    A. May B. Will C. Must D. Should
    Cu 23: The Bali Tiger was declared extinct in 1937 due to hunting and habitat loss.
    A. generation B. diversity C. reserve D. natural environment
    Cu 24: Peter has been working for 10 hours. He _______ be very tired now.
    A. has to B. needn't C. must D. should
    Cu 25: Keep quiet. You _______ talk so loudly in here. Everybody is working.
    A. may B. must C. might D. mustn't
    Cu 26: John is not at home. He _____ go somewhere with Daisy. I am not sure.
    A. might B. will C. must D. should
    Cu 27: Julie has a guitar ________ she plays it really well.
    A. so B. and C. therefore D. but
    Cu 28: Jane often wears beautiful new clothes. She _______ be very rich.
    A. must B. could C. might D. neednt
    Cu 29: Dont be afraid ________ the dog. Hes quite harmless.
    A. for B. at C. in D. of
    Cu 30: This is an expensive ________ very useful book.
    A. therefore B. however C. so D. but
    Cu 31: We have not won yet; ________, we will keep trying.
    A. therefore B. so C. however D. but
    Cu 32: I am going shopping for food this evening ________ I do not have to go at the weekend.
    A. so B. but C. however D. moreover
    Cu 33: Almost half of turtles and tortoises are known to be threatened with ____.
    A. extinction B. extinctly C. extinctive D. extinct
    Cu 34: We live in the same building ________ we have hardly seen each other
    A. and B. therefore C. but D. so
    Cu 35: You _______ take your umbrella along with you today. It _______ rain later on this afternoon.
    A. should / might B. needn't / will C. will / must D. ought to / mustn't

    V.Read the following passage and choose correct answers below :
    Visitors to London are often surprised at the amount of green, open space in it. It would be an exaggeration to suggest taking a country walk in London but it is easy to get away from the streets and to find open parkland in Inner London. Much of the parkland was originally preserved by the kings of England for their sport of hunting. These parks are still called Royal Parks but they are now open to the public. People walk and go horse-riding in Hyde Park. There is boating and swimming in the lake called the serpentine. And everywhere there are seats and deckchairs to sit on.
    St James Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are linked together. They form 313 hectares of open parkland in the heart of London.
    Entrance to the parks is free and you may walk on the grass and lie down to rest on it weather permitting.
    Cu 36: Some parks are still called Royal Parks because __________
    A. the members of the Royal Family take care of them.
    B. they used to be preserved for the kings hunting.
    C. people often see the members of the Royal Family there
    D. they still belong to the Royal Family.
    Cu 37: Which of the following is NOT true ?
    A. The parks in London are open to everyone.
    B. You dont have to pay for entrance to the parks.
    C. People cannot sit or lie on the grass in the parks.
    D. People can ride horses in Hyde Park.
    Cu 38: Which of these parks is not connected to the others ?
    A. Hyde Park B. Kensington Gardens C. Green Park D. Regents Park
    Cu 39: Which of the following is NOT allowed at the Serpentine ?
    A. dumping of waste B. sightseeing C. rowing D. swimming
    Cu 40: Most of the important parks are situated__________
    A. on the outskirts of London B. in the centre of London
    C. far from London D. outside London

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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2010
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the others.
    1. a. incredible b. biologist c. vulnerable d. eliminate
    2. a. sociable b. spinifex c. reunite d. habitat
    3. a. epidemic b. Initiate c. hesitation d. integration
    Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
    4. a. bathe b. bath c. cloth d. both
    5. a. problem b. popular c. convenient d. Rod
    Choose the most suitable option to complete the sentence.
    6. “Thank you very much for your lift” – “ ____________!”
    a. That was all I could do b. I see
    c. Delighted I was able to help d. Thank you
    7. “What would you do in my situation?” – “___________!”
    a. I think you should ask for a loan from the bank
    b. I thought you would ask for a loan from the bank
    c. I believe I will ask for a loan from the bank
    d. I am going to ask for a loan from the bank
    8. Was the man accused _________ stealing three million dollars _________ the bank?
    a. to / at b. in / in c. off / into d. of / from
    9. Do not blame me _____ the failure of the whole team. We are all responsible _____ it.
    a. on / with b. for / for c. with / to d. to / for
    10. “How fast was the car traveling?” “About 50 _________”
    a. kilometers per hour b. kilometers per hours
    c. kilometer per hour d. kilometers per hours
    11. “Do you mind if we schedule the meeting for 11 o’clock?” “Well, actually, I _______ earlier”
    a. should prefer it will be b. am preferring it to be
    c. will prefer it d. would prefer it to be
    12. “I saw you studying at the library last night.” “You __________; I wasn’t there.”
    a. wouldn’t have b. couldn’t have c. might have d. have
    13. “What’s that thing?” “A fax. It’s a machine by which ________ over the telephone line.”
    a. written messages can be sent b. written messages can send them
    c. can send written messages d. can be sent written messages
    14. I _________ with my aunt when I go to Mexico next summer.
    a. stay b. staying c. will be staying d. will have been staying
    15. ________ Albert is late, let’s begin without him.
    a. Since b. Nevertheless c. However d. Consequently
    16. The area is famous for its __________ gardens, where all kinds of different vegetables are grown.
    a. market b. hothouse c. trade d. greenhouse
    17. Each mediocre book we read means one less great book that we would otherwise have a chance _____________.
    a. to read them b. read c. reading d. to read
    18. Using a globe can be ___________ it is educational.
    a. enjoyable b. to enjoy as c. as enjoyable d. as enjoyable as
    19. The growth of two-income families in the United States ___________ of people moving to a new social class.
    a. has resulted in million b. results of millions
    c. millions of results d. resulting in millions
    20. It started to rain hard, ___________ we decided to stay at home to watch TV.
    a. but b. therefore c. so d. however
    21. Australia is ___________ in the southern hemisphere. It is the driest country on earth and is the only country which ____________ an entire continent.
    a. covered / locating b. covering / located
    c. located / covers d. locating / covered
    22. I should be most grateful if you would give me a ____________ of this new typewriter.
    a. demonstration b. display c. showing d. manifestation
    23. Captain Scott found that Amundsen ___________ the South pole before him.
    a. reached b. had reached c. was reaching d. has reached
    24. It is _________ to write by hand instead of using a computer.
    a. efficient b. efficiently c. inefficiently d. inefficient
    25. Clean air provides us __________ of oxygen.
    a. of a wealthy supply b. with a healthy supply
    c. at a healthy provision d. on a healthful stock
    Identify the words / phrases that need correcting to make perfect sentences.
    26. The sculptor (A) John Rogers produced many replicas (B) of his (C) bronze statues (D).

    27. An extended family consists not only (A) of parents and children (B) but also ofothers bỏ s (C) relatives, such as grandparents and unmarried (D).

    28. The case with which (A) houseplants can grow (B) causes them to be (C) popular between (D) amateur horticulturists.

    29. Paintings of a religious, ceremonial, or history (A) character tend (B) to elevate their (C) subjects above the level of ordinary (D) existence.

    30. For at least (A) 4,000 years, Native American artists adorned rocks, cliff walls, and caves (B) in the American Southwest with an amazing various (C) of symbolic figures (D).

    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi lat ku : 26-02-2011 lúc 10:36 AM L do: 58rty

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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2010
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    31. My mother suggests ______________.
    a. go to the countryside this weekend
    b. going to the countryside this weekend
    c. to go to the countryside this weekend
    d. being gone to the countryside this weekend
    32. “Most members showed no determination of doing the plan well” means ____________.
    a. Most members are not determined to do the plan well
    b. Most members are not determined of doing the plan well
    c. Most members were not determined to do the plan well
    d. Most members were not determined of doing the plan well
    33. Excuse me, there is something about ____________ immediately.
    a. that I must speak to you b. that I must speak to you about
    c. which I must speak to you d. which I must speak to you a bout it
    34. Where’s Polly? – She ______________.
    a. is in her room studying b. in her room is studying
    c. studies in her room d. has in her room studied
    35. It is Helen _____________ by Harvard.
    a. who offered the scholarship b. that has been offered the scholarship
    c. whose offer is a scholarship d. who has offered the scholarship
    Choose the sentence that has the same meaning as the given one.
    36. “A baby has no knowledge of the difference between good and evil” means ____________.
    a. No knowledge of the difference between god and evil has in a baby.
    b. A baby doesn’t know the difference between good and evil.
    c. A baby know no difference between good and evil.
    d. Good and evil are different from a baby.
    37. The south of England is drier than the north.
    a. There is not as much rain in the south of England as there is in the north.
    b. There’s not much rain in the south of England but there’s much rain in the north.
    c. There is more rain in the south of England than in the north.
    d. There is not enough rain in the south of England as there is in the north.
    38. It has been a long time since they met.
    a. They didn’t meet for a long time. b. They haven’t met for a long time.
    c. They haven’t met since a long time d. They didn’t meet a long time ago.
    39. We didn’t expect you, but we’re glad you’ve come.
    a. Although we didn’t expect you, we’re glad you’ve come.
    b. Although you’ve come, we’re glad we didn’t expect you.
    c. Although we’re glad, we didn’t expect you to come.
    d. Although we’re glad we didn’t expect you, you have come.
    40. It’s such a long letter that I won’t read it to you.
    a. The letter is so long that I won’t read it to you.
    b. The letter is too long for you to read.
    c. This is a long letter so that I won’t read it to you.
    d. The letter is a long one that I won’t read it to you.
    Choose the most suitable option to complete the passage.
    Getting friends and family to pose for photos is hard enough, but how would you cope with a rabbit, an owl or a butterfly that simply (41) _________ to keep still? Simon King, wildlife film-maker and photographer, says you don’t need any formal (42) _________ to get started. “The whole idea is that photographing wildlife should be fun”. Simon offers the following (43)_____________.
    Specialize from the start. You’re more likely to get good result sooner if you (44) ___________ on the type of wildlife – insects for instance – (45) __________ than just going off to the woods or park with your camera and snapping whatever you see. Pick something that isn’t hard to photograph. Choosing an animal that’s hard to (46) __________ or will run away if it sees you (47) __________ unnecessary problems. How about flowers or a group of birds?
    Search second-hand camera shops and local papers for quality (48 ) __________. You don’t need to (49) ____________ a fortune – Simon started with just a second-hand camera that cost around $30. But you will need a single lens reflex camera. Remember it’s the whole photograph that counts, nor just the subject. (50) _________ you’re composing a picture and try to be as artistic as possible.
    41. a. disobeys b. dislikes c. refuses d. avoids
    42. a. training b. education c. exercise d. lecture
    43. a. lessons b. facts c. warnings d. tips
    44. a. think b. concentrate c. limit d. depend
    45. a. more b. other c. better d. rather
    46. a. spot b. notice c. meet d. glance
    47. a. creates b. starts c. puts d. leads
    48. a. instruments b. equipment c. material d. tools
    49. a. cost b. make c. spend d. lose
    50. a. think b. guess c. invent d. imagine

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