Now, the VOA Special English program, words and the stories...(1).

Many professions...(2) have their own words and expressions...(3). This is true for the medical profession...(4). Doctors use many .technique terms..(5) that most people do not understand. But there are also expressions we use every day to tell about a...person's health(6). Let me explain.

..last month.(7), I was not feeling well. I was.under the weather..(8). I thought I had.caught a cold.(9). I had a.running nose..(10), itchy...(11) eyes, a .soar throat..(12) and a.cough..(13). I felt tired down..(14). I was in poor condition because I had not been..getting enough dress.(15).

My body hurt...(16) all over. I also had .severe..(17) head pains -- a real..headache.(18). And I was..running a fever.(19). My body..temperature.(20) was higher than normal.

At one point, I.blacked out..(21). That’s right, I was.out cold..(22). I lost consciousness...(23) and my friend had to bring me around. He used cold water on my face to ..restore.(24) my consciousness.

I .concern..(25) that I might take.a turn for the worst..(26). I did not want to become .a sicker..(27) because then surely...(28) I would death door..(29).

My friend took me to the doctor. I told the doctor I thought I had.come down with the cold..(30). When the doctor saw...(31) me, she immediately wanted some tests..(32). She said that medical tests would help her .recover..(33) why I was sick. The doctor also asked when I had my.last physical..(34). I do not get yearly.check-ups..(35). But I probably should get a medical exam by a doctor every year.

Then the blood.(36). She used a ...needle(37) to take a small amount of blood arm..(38). She sent it to a laboratory for tests. The nurse also.took my temperature..(39). She used a .metormeter..(40) to measure my body temperature.

The doctor told me I had...(41), or.the flu..(42). But she told me I would recover.soon..(43). She said I was .over the roots ..(44) of the disease. She told me to .rest at home..(45) and to ..stay away from.(46) other people because the flu can spread. It is...contengous(47).

Thankfully, I did not have to.go under the knife..(48). I did not need an operation. Instead, I did..just like doctor's order.(49). I went home and did exactly what was needed to become healthy..(50) again. Soon, I was...(51). I was pulling.through..(52) and ..recovering.(53) from my sickness.

Now, I am..back on my feet.(54). I am .physically..(55) healthy again. Even better, the doctor has given me a clean bill of health...(56). She says that I am one-hundred percent cure..(57). I am back to normal and I ..feel great(58). In fact, I..feel.on top of the world.(59). My friends say I now look like the ..picture of.(60) health.