Ngày mai là ḿnh thi môn Viết 3 nhưng kỹ năng Viết của ḿnh rất tê.Có một số câu mong các bạn giúp ḿnh với.

1/ This will be my student's first performance in Canada.
This will be the first time ____________
2/ This course will take us six months to complete.
In six months time ____________
3/ There will be someone to meet you on arrival.
When ____________
4/ The number of people who understand his ideas exceed his expectations.
More people ____________
5/ The money didn't arrive for a month.
It was ____________
6/ The last time I saw him was in 2001.
I haven't ____________
7/ She'll have to make her presentation at the end of his speech.
The moment he ____________
8/ Sharon will finish her exams. Then she will have more free time.
Once ____________
9/ Quite a few DVDs are missing from the shelves.
Several people ____________
10/Peter wasn't always so moody.
Peter didn't ____________
1/ The orchestra is looking for alternative accommodation. (ELSE)
2/ These two makes of computer are practically the same. (HARDLY)
3/ The coach's tactics were directly responsible for the team's defeat. (CONSEQUENCE).
4/ There's no point in your phoning Caroline - she's away. (TIME).
5/ The final version of the plan was quite different from the initial draft. (RESEMBLANCE)
6/ Who will inherit the estate? (HEIR)
7/ The bottle must not be laid on its side. (UPRIGHT)
8/ He likes to be addressed as "Professor". (CALL)