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Đề tài: luyen thi vao chuyen anh

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    May 2009
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    ngoai hanh tinh
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    Post luyen thi vao chuyen anh

    QUESTION 1: Listen to the passage in the tape two times, then state whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE : (1 pt)
    1. The people on the plane found something wrong happening to the plane while it was going to land.
    2. The air hostess seemed to be excited and frightened when she appeared.
    The pilot informed the passengers that one engine of the plane was out of order.
    One passenger came into the pilot’s cabin as the request of the air hostess.
    5. The man listened very carefully to the urgent instructions that were being sent by radio from the airport below.
    6. The man tried his best but he could not control the plane.
    7. As the plane touched the ground, it shook violently then burnt.
    8. The man could land the plane successfully at last.
    QUESTION 2 : Listen to the passage two times, then complete each sentence below with the information you have heard. (1pt)
    1. Great white sharks weigh as much as……………………………..
    2. The beings who dare to get close to great white shark are…………………………
    3. There are……..........…teeth inside the gigantic jaws of a great white shark.
    4. The great white shark doesn’t chew its food but tears its prey into large pieces and……..… them whole.
    5. Great white sharks find their prey by feeling the prey’s …….………………
    6. To survive, baby sharks eat their …………………………
    7. As soon as the surviving babies are born, the young sharks have to begin……………
    8. Great white sharks are in danger of disappearing because people hunt them for..
    QUESTION 3: Pick out the word that has the main stressed syllable different from the others(0.5 pt)

    A B C D
    1. government correspond benefit dormitory
    2. unpolluted interactive inspiration communicate
    3. nomination priority congratulate immediate
    4. celebrate slavery opinion minimize.
    QUESTION 4: Pick out the word whose underlined syllable is pronounced differently from the others (0.5 pt)

    A B C D
    1. only most purpose smoke
    2. chemical punishment agriculture fertilizer
    3. expensive occasion pleasure television
    4. worse world sword worm
    QUESTION 5: Pick out the word that is of different topic from the others (0.5 pt)

    A B C D
    1. sunflower carnation blue-bell cauliflower
    2. signature specialist inventor manager
    3. liver kidney breathe stomach
    4. poisonous valuable precious useful
    QUESTION 6: Write the suitable form of the word in parentheses (0.5 pt)
    1. He is quite an ___________ person. He plays a lot of sports (energy).
    2. This building is miracle of ____________ (architect).
    3. Most ghost stories are set in ____________ old houses or castles.(mystery)
    4. The doctor gives the patient an injection to ease his pain and ___________ (anxious)
    QUESTION 7: Write the correct tense and form of the verbs in parentheses (0.5 pt).
    I arrived home last night and found that my house (1. flood). Someone forgot (2. turn) off the bathroom tap, and the water has been pouring out the whole day. Before phoning the plumber, I (3. check) to see that the electricity supply (4. turn) off, because I didn’t want there was a fire as well as a flood.
    QUESTION 8: Rewrite these sentences, beginning with the words given in such a way that they have the same meaning as the first ones. (1 pt)
    1. I asked someone to draw the plan for the living room. I had …
    2. “Would you like to join a picnic?” She said to him. She invited …
    3. This city had old buildings, but none can be found nowadays. There used …
    4. Lan has no difficulty in making friends. Lan finds…
    5. He prefers typing to writing by hand. He’d …
    6. He left home six months ago. It’s …
    7. A train leaves for Hue at eight o’clock every morning. There is …
    8. Both of the chairs are uncomfortable. Neither of …
    QUESTION 9: Match each half-sentence in column A with a suitable one in column B to build a complete sentence (1 pt)

    A B
    1. Jeans are still used by people all over the world nowadays.
    2. The earthquake in Kobe in 1995 was so strong
    3. You will be able to see pictures of the Earth 16 times a day
    4. Many people told that they had seen a plate-like device
    5. Many Vietnamese women often prefer to wear modern clothing at work today
    6. Everyone felt tired and hungry
    7. Mr. Parker grows maize on his farm
    8. My father reads and writes English very well A. which was thought to be a UFO.
    B. but he can only speak it a little.
    C. therefore students in the countryside
    cannot easily get access to it
    D. although they were made many centuries ago
    E. so they sat down under a tree and had a snack
    F. once your spaceship orbits around the Earth.
    G. whenever they have free time
    H. that more than 30,000 buildings were damaged and 5,000 people died.
    I. because they are more convenient for them them.
    J. while his wife works part-time at a grocery
    store in a nearby town.
    QUESTION 10: Fill in each numbered blank with ONE suitable word (1 pt)
    The country is more beautiful than a town and pleasanter to live in. Many people think so and go to the country for the summer holidays though they can’t live _(1)_ all the year around. Some have a cottage built in a village so that they can go there whenever they can find the time.
    English villages are not all alike, but _(2)_ some ways they are not different _(3)_ each other. Almost _(4)_ village has church, the round and square tower of which can be _(5)_ for many miles around. Surrounding the church is the churchyard, where people were buried.
    The village green is a wide stretch of grass, and houses or cottages are_(6)_ round it. Country life is now fairly comfortable and many villages _(7)_ water brought through pipes into each _(8)_ . Most villages are so close to some small towns that people can go there to buy what they can’t find in the village.
    QUESTION 11: Read the passage then pick out one best option for your answer (1pt)
    Every four to ten years something happens to the weather system of the Earth. Everything changes, and scientists don’t know why. The low-pressure area moves toward the east, the high-pressure area is very weak, and the winds blow toward the east. A great pile of warm surface water moves toward South America. People call this “El Nino“. It usually happens at Christmas time, and El Nino is the Spanish name for the baby Jesus.
    Usually the effects of El Nino are very mild. However, the one that started in 1982 was different from the other recent ones. It had a very powerful effect on the world’s climate. It caused huge changes in the ocean currents. It caused floods in some areas and droughts in others. There were terrible windstorms and huge ocean waves. These waves swept houses into the sea. El Nino did billions of dollars worth of damage. Thousands of people lost their lives and thousands of others were left homeless.
    In 1983, the winds, ocean currents, and pressure areas started to become normal again. Meanwhile, scientists throughout the world organized research to learn more about El Nino. They are using satellites and research boats to observe the atmosphere and the ocean. It is a very complicated problem, but if the scientists of the world work together, they should be able to learn the causes of El Nino. Then they will be able to predict what will happen and work to prevent a repeat of the death and destruction of 1982-1983.
    1. The weather system over the Pacific Ocean changes ...
    A. every year B. every 4 to 10 years
    C. every 10 years D. every 4 years
    2. The reasons why the weather system changes ...
    A. are known in advance by all scientists. B. are not mysterious to scientists today.
    C. are still unknown to scientists nowadays D. are easy and simple to scientists today.
    3. In the time of El Nino, the warm surface water moves ...
    A. eastward B. westward
    C. toward South Africa D. southward
    4. The effects of El Nino are
    A. usually mild B. very violent
    C. sometimes very powerful D. both A and C
    5. The El Nino that started in 1982 was ...
    A. the same as the other recent ones.
    B. less powerful than the other recent ones.
    C. more powerful and destructive than the other recent ones.
    D. very powerful but caused no damage.
    6. The word “El Nino” is the Spanish name for the baby Jesus because...
    A. El Nino usually happens at Christmas time
    B. it first happened in Spain
    C. it first happened when Jesus was born.
    D. Jesus used the Spanish name to call it.
    7. Since1983, scientists all over the world...
    A. have used satellites to study the oceans.
    B. have used research boats to study the atmosphere.
    C. have organized research to learn more about El Nino.
    D. have helped people to recover the damage and loss from El Nino.
    8. If scientists knew the causes of El Nino,...
    A. they could stop it from the distance.
    B. they could predict what would happen and helped to prevent the damage and loss.
    C. they would work together to make it normal again.
    D. they would work together to prevent the destruction of 1982-1983.

    QUESTION 12: Writing (1.5 pts)
    Write a short passage (about 120 to 150 words) on your plan and intention if you pass
    the entrance exam into the gifted school. You can use these details as suggestions:
    8 subjects you will study hard - equipment for your studying
    9 how to use your time - in-school and after-school activities
    10 methods to study - other plans……

    ----THE END----

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    Đề dài thế này hem mún làm nữa , chưa làm đă thấy choáng ̣y
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    Listening không có audio à?

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