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Đề ti: TOPIC 12: What weather do you like?

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    Tham gia ngy
    Mar 2008
    Nơi cư ngụ
    wonderland........star mừ
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 782 lần

    Mặc định TOPIC 12: What weather do you like?

    Topic 11 cũng đ được mở trong 1 thời gian kh l di rồi, đ đến lc mở topic mới:


    Ty vo thời điểm, tm trạng m mỗi người lại thch một kiểu thời tiết khc nhau. Đ c thể l mưa, cũng c thể l nắng, hay c thể l ấm p, hay cũng c thể l mt mẻ. Vậy tại sao cc bạn khng viết ra, chia sẻ với mọi người, cũng như l một cch để thực hnh v trau dồi kĩ năng viết.
    Để bi viết khng qu hời hợt, gy cảm hứng cho người sửa, cc bạn c thể dựa vo cc gợi sau để viết bi:
    ?1: What weather do you like?
    ?2: When is this weather available?
    ?3: Why do you like? Do you have any memories about in a kind of weather like that?
    ?4: What do you usually do in this kind of weather?
    Đy l một số dạng thời tiết m cc bạn c thể tham khảo:
    sunny: nắng
    rainy: mưa
    snowy: tuyết
    cold: lạnh
    warm: ấm
    cool: lạnh
    hot: nng

    Cn đy l một số yu cầu khi viết bi:
    1/ Bi viết phải đủ 5 cu
    2/ Trnh by r rng, ko định dạng le loẹt, cỡ chữ lớn, kh nhn ,...
    3/ Kiểm tra lỗi chnh tả trước khi post bi
    4/ Viết hoa chữ I, chữ đầu cu, tn ring
    5/ Viết một cch nghim tc, c đầu tư, ko viết qua loa cho c
    6/ Cần cố gắng viết đoạn c độ di vừa phải ,từ 100- 200 từ, c cu mở đoạn, thn đoạn v cu kết đoạn (tm lại l c bố cục r rng)
    7/ Cấm spam

    Cn by giờ, cc bạn hy viết bi đi no!!!!!!!!
    Cc bi viết của cc bạn sẽ được sửa tại đy

  2. 9 thnh vin cm ơn lucky_star_1213 v bi viết hữu ch

    ..::Scorpior::.. (29-04-2009),AnANgel (11-06-2009),giacmonhonhoi12 (29-04-2009),kawaiami (07-05-2009),peden (30-04-2009),pha l tuyết (05-05-2009),thảođan (05-05-2009),Tina_Trang_Viet (30-04-2009),turtlegold (14-05-2009)

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    Tham gia ngy
    Feb 2009
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 1 lần

    Mặc định

    I see outside,it’s raining.It’s very interesting.I only want to go out right now.
    I don’t know when the first I love the rains.In my memory,if there had been something happened,surely It would have rained.When I was born,It rained heavy.After that,a rainbow appeared in the sky.Maybe It forecasted the rains would have a strong attachment to me.
    I won a reward,became a student,met my lover,had the first kiss…A lot of happy memories I can’t remember all,I only remember that It was raining.However,when It rains,It also reminds me of the sad memories.I can’t forget the day he went away,my heart was broken,I cried in the rain.The raindrops fell softly in my face,mixed with my tears,shared my sadness with me.I felt comfortable.All my sorrow seemed clear.
    I like walking in the rain,felling the raindrops touch my skin,watching scenery in the rain.Maybe when my heart is healed,I can go with somebody in the rain,hand in hand…

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    Tham gia ngy
    Sep 2007
    Nơi cư ngụ
    Ẩn cư cốc
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 28 lần

    Mặc định

    As to me, my favourite weather varies from time to time. When I was young, maybe the weather in summer is what I like; because in summer I could take part some sports what I like such as swimming, playing football, etc. In addition, I also hated the cold feeling from the winter. On the other hand, the wet atmosphere annoyed me. Drizzling rains always make my clothes more esasily to be dirty. I hated the winter but loved the summer.

    However, when I become adult, it seems that I turn to like the autumn than anything esle. I like the feeling that sitting at somewhere to enjoy a cup of hot tea with its smoking arsising over my face slowly and contemplate the pedestrian walking in the streets or count the number of cars, motorbikes or think about my nice memory. Besides, the food in winter is quite diverse and abundant such as "Lẩu", "Thịt Ch"and so on.
    It can be said that although I like the autumn than, but It may be better if one year has enough four seasons as in Ha Noi rather only two seasons as in Ho Chi Minh city.

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    Tham gia ngy
    May 2008
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    Cm ơn
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    Mặc định What weather do you like?

    A year has 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Maybe, winter is a special season with me. It would bring me sad mood or happy mood. There are sad mood when I was alone or happy mood when I sat aside fire with friend. Warm feeling were radiated fire and friendship when we sat to joke.
    Atmosphere in winter has been tranquillity, not noisy in order to ponder upon past, present and consider plan future.Winter often become days of last year to days new year. At this time, I have been to sum up what I acquire achievement in year and what we need to strive next year ? We also see the snow drop down. That is excited feeling.
    Like another person, I have some memories about winter season. That was a snow - man. It was built by friends and me. It was a good opportunity for me to familiarize with them. They were new friends when my family had just gone there.We took 2 days to accomplish snow - man that helped us to adhere futher friendship. Up to now, friendship between us still remain and develop.

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    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2008
    Nơi cư ngụ
    I live in the house which is full of oxygen !!!
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 156 lần

    Mặc định

    I like rain!The rain is so cool and beautiful.
    However,I have my own ways to feel the rain and not all types of rain I both like.I hate drizzle because it is not worth wearing raincoat but it can make me a bit wet without raincoat.To me,rain must be heavy.I like summer downpour best!The summer downpour brings me the feeling of free-and-easy;especially when I stay at home in a rainy day.I like making cake with my relatives,slumberring or lying on the bench,watching TV and having popcorn in that day.Even that learning in a rainy day is also happier than normal.I can do almost things better in a rainy day.However,if it juggles too long,I don't like.General,I like rain best but not at all,sometimes I like sun,cloud or snow....Life is like the weather!It always changes so that I want to feel all kinds of weather !!!!!!!

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    Bi nhiều chỗ tớ khng biết diễn đạt thế no,cc bạn sửa gip tớ nh!
    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi F_B_I : 04-05-2009 lúc 11:36 PM

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    Tham gia ngy
    Jan 2008
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 1 lần


    Weather will be changes my feeling. I don’t know what kind of the weather I like best because each season has it own enjoyable.
    Spring, the flower open, the bird sing, the weather is cool, I feeling happy. Summer, it is very hot and muggy, I easy angry, I like go to the beach swimming and flying a kite. Autumn, the leaves change their colour and fall down in the ground, the weather is warm, I like climb to the top of the mountain enjoy a view. Winter, I afraid of the frozen to the morrow of winter, but I like the feeling when I cuddle up under a blanket and talk with my husband. It is a wonderful feeling.
    I live at the South of Viet Nam, there are two season rainy and sunny at here so the feeling of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter for me just be a imagine. However I like rainy and sunny too, but I like rainy than sunny. My childhood connect witha succession of days running under the rain and paddling in shallow water catch fish. When I learnt high school, the rainy season came, my cuffs of Ao Dai often stuck full mud, I have to tuck up them to my knee and use a rubber band fix them. At that time, look me very funny.
    When I became adult although sometime rainy make me dissatisfied, because when it was rain the road flooded, I were late for work but I like listen the rain voice. This voice made me remember my childhood memories.
    The life has many colour, the weather is one of this colour. Although rainy or sunny, each season has it own special. They give me different feeling, different activity and different memory.

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    Avatar của pha l tuyết
    pha l tuyết vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Từng Phụ trch Tiếng Anh lớp 10
    Thnh vin xuất sắc nhất box 8 năm 07-08
    Tham gia ngy
    Mar 2008
    Nơi cư ngụ
    ịa ngục trần gian
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 1,208 lần

    Mặc định

    Dripping! Rain is dropping. I like rain! My friends usually ask me why I liked rain. However I never answer them because I can't know the reason why I liked rain. I like going in the rain without a raincoat or an umbrella although my parents don't allow me to do that. Besides going in the rain, I also look the rain. Every raindrop drops, drops, and drops. They race againts each other to drop. They look like a rain curtain. When it rains, I feel very very sad and lonely but I still love rain. I'm crazy. Is it right? I can sit to look rain for hours together. Rain is romantic, sad and indifferent like me. Is it the reson why I love rain?
    Rt kinh nghiệm lần sau hok lười nữa

    check here
    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi pha l tuyết : 15-05-2009 lúc 07:37 PM

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    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2006
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 5 lần

    Mặc định

    What weather do you like?

    I like winter very much! I don't know how long I've loved it. But anytime winter starts, I have a strange feeling. I like the cool air and wind. I often walk alone in winter because it makes me relax. In Viet Nam, there no snow, I wish one day I can see snow in Viet Nam! No snow but winter also bring me many sweet memories. Many things are more interesting in winter. My friend and I love to eat ice cream or corn in winter. I am really happy because I was born in north VN with sweet winter. Winter is never cool with me, winter is lovely season. I always look forwark to winter

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    Tham gia ngy
    Nov 2008
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 0 lần

    Mặc định

    It has four seasons in the year. Summer is the season that I like most.
    Like another children, I don't have to learn at school in summer time, so that I will have many time to relax, to do everything I want. I can visit my hometown, frolic with the children at there. Besides visiting my home town, swimming is my second choice. I like sea with long sand expanse, blue sky, cool water and cute girls. I’ve spent almost the time for travel in the last summer, I’ve been to go to Da Nang, Hue, Ha Noi and met friendly friends that I known through the Internet. I think the view of the summer very beautiful since the colourful flowers, yellow of the sunny, and the colors with active clothes.
    When you wake up in the morning with the sunshine, I guess that will be a happy and comfortable day with you than a rainy day.

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    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi naivii : 06-05-2009 lúc 12:32 PM

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    Tham gia ngy
    Apr 2009
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 0 lần

    Mặc định What weather do you like?

    What weather do i like? it is very difficult question for me. summer, winter, spring or autum. each weather will bring me each feeling.i live in Quang Tri, it has two main season winter and summer. in summer, it is very hot, it has lao's wind, which is hot with sand all the streets. your face will be hurt if you do not wear comforter.In winter, it is raining all day, it is so cold. sometime, it has floods or storms.i donot like neither summer nor winter. I like autum in Ha Noi, it is cool with the yellow of leaves. in general, with each season, you will have each feeling, and you will enjoy it

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