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    Ai Dich Ho Minh bai Tren voi

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    Trui sap phai nop tieu luan ma google dich chan wa

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    Các bạn đưa bài dài như vậy nh́n đă thấy ... ớn rồi ai dám dịch đâu. Đưa từ từ từng đoạn th́ mới đủ can đảm để dịch giúp

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    Mọi người dịch hộ ḿnh đoạn này với

    Electronic Check Security
    Electronic checks are electronic documents containing the same data as traditional paper checks. If they are used in electronic payment transactions, it may be necessary to apply one or more of the payment transaction security
    mechanisms described in Chapter 6. There is, however, one mechanism that is typical of checks in general and needs an electronic equivalent: transfer of payment authorization.
    8.1 Payment Authorization Transfer
    A transfer of payment authorization is what effectively happens when a traditional paper check is signed and endorsed (i.e., signed on the back). Other data that is usually written on a paper check is the payer’s name and account
    information, the payee’s name, the amount to be paid to the payee, the currency unit, and the issue date. The payee is authorized by the account’s owner (payer) to withdraw a certain sum of money. One can also say that the
    payment authorization is transferred from the payer to the payee, under certain restrictions. This section explains a mechanism for electronic signatures on checks based on restricted proxies, which are used to implement

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    Xin chào các bạn. Ḿnh có 1 phần về Declarative languages mà nhai hoài vẫn không hiểu. Các bạn có thể giúp ḿnh dịnh ra được không? Cảm ơn nhiều!
    The idea that standardization can be achieved by providing only configuration parameters to predefined methods naturally leads us into the area of declarative
    languages, such as make or Prolog.
    An imperative programming language, such as C or Perl, is a traditional
    specification of the steps required to build an algorithm that alters the state of
    the system from some initial state to a final one. The key feature is that the
    programmer must specify the route taken to get from initial to final state. With
    a declarative language, one does not say how to get from initial to final state,
    but rather what the final state should be. The language itself uses its battery
    of standard methods then to evaluate a solution to the problem. The result is
    an extremely economical form of expression, stripped of details that are usually
    irrelevant to the language user.
    Cfengine is one specialized language for the purpose of configuration manage-
    ment [38, 41, 55] that has features in common with Prolog [79]. A declaration
    takes the form:

    declarative actions new resulting circumstances
    Thus when a certain set of circumstances arises, the declared actions are eval-
    uated, leading possibly to new follow-up circumstances, with other rules to be
    evaluated. Rules are evaluated in an unspecified order, using an unspecified
    The Unix tool make is similar to this, but it evaluates its dependencies both
    imperatively and recursively:
    circumstances: prior dependent circumstances

    imperative actions
    With make, users have to specify the details of how to get from the initial to the
    final state using a secondary language; make is only a host framework for other
    language interpreters. Cfengine, on the other hand, has expert knowledge in the
    form of standard methods with special properties (see section 7.11).

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