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Đề tài: A couple should have the maximum of 2 children”.

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    Oct 2008
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    Mặc định A couple should have the maximum of 2 children”.

    In the past, we need more people to struggle so that we could be free and independent .However, the idea is not adaptable to our society nowadays. The government advises a couple should have the maximum of 2 children. It is right, because 2 main reasons: limiting overpopulation, insuring overall development of children.
    Maximum 2 children for a family can limit overpopulation. There are many negative effects of overpopulation. The first effect, people do not have a well-provide life. They always concentrate on earning money for their family, so they do not have time to look after themselves. This things cause many diseases such as stress, lung cancer, etc.either effect is that lack of land for living becomes more serious .The more people there are, the more land they need. They need land for building factories and houses. The most negative effect is that pollution increases daramatically.If the rate of population goes up, need for transportation also is higher. It is main reasons to pollute the in environment.
    A further reason is that parents can insure overall development of childen.if parents have baby fewer they may take care of their children better. They do not worry too much about economic, so they can spend much time on children's health. The children in families with maximum 2 children will have more nutritious meal than ones in families with many children. So their healthy is better. In addition, parents with maximum 2 children can care children more about education. They can have a lot of time to guide or help their children in their study. Also, they are possible to bring children to good schools to learn, ect. Moreover, they are likely to look after their children more about their personal life such as their psychology, and hobby
    To sum up, if parents have fewer children, they can create a hopeful future for their children. A part from that, they can contribute to develop our country, because they make slowdown of overpopulation and their children may become more useful to our country. Parents should not produce more 2 children, if so their life will become very hard
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  2. Thành viên sau cám ơn ĐỖ THỊ LAN ANH v́ bài viết hữu ích

    trannguyenphong (11-10-2008)

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    Oct 2008
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    Mặc định

    Your essay is very good. Howerver, I don't know whether it is yours or another person has written it.
    Ah, you should have post it in another topic, for example Practice for Writting. Posting it here is wrong.
    Thanks anyway.

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