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Đề tài: những đoạn hội thoại trong kiểm tra tiếng anh tŕnh A

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    Nov 2007
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    Lightbulb những đoạn hội thoại trong kiểm tra tiếng anh tŕnh A

    1) A:What is your full name?
    B:my full name is .........
    2) A:Can you spell the work"dictionary" for me?
    A:thanks you.
    3) A:why do you want to learn english?
    B:I need it for my job.
    4) A:what time do you often go to bed everyday?
    B:I often go to bed at ten o'clock.and you?
    5) A:what seson is it now?
    B:It's summer.
    6) A:what time do you often do on sundays?
    B:I often play game and listening the music.
    7) A:what time is it now?
    B: It's ............
    8) A:what day is it today?
    B: It's.............
    9) A:how many peoples are there in your familly?
    B:there are ...... peoples in my familly.
    10) A:how much is your bag?
    11) A:I'm sory,I'm late,May I come in
    B:come in.
    12) A:what do you travels go to university everyday?
    B:by bicycle.
    13) A:how many rooms are there in your house?
    B:there are .....rooms in my house.
    14)A:excuse me,can you tell me the way to the PHUONG DONG university?
    B: go straight ahead for about 20miters,turn lelf.
    15)A: what langueges can you speak?
    B: I can speak VN and E.
    16) A:what is your address?
    17)A:where are you from?
    B:I from quang ninh.
    18)A:what does the work" newspaper" mean in viet nam?
    B:to` bao'
    19)A:what year is it now?
    20)A:what do you likes doing his free time?
    B:I play game.
    21)A:It's very hot today,can I open the window?

    Lich khai giang TOEIC Academy

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    Jan 2012
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    Mặc định anh chi giup em

    anh chị giúp e bài này với.viết 1 đoạn hội thoại
    Student A:you are an employee at TSC company.you go to see the Human resources Manager to discuss a problem.
    You are not happy in your department.You have too much work and your boss doesn't like you.
    You want to move to a different department or work from home more.Discuss the problem with the HR manager and try to agree on a solution.
    Student B:You are Human resources manager at TSC Company.An employee comes to your office.Find out what his problem is.
    You don't want employees to work from home.There are jobs in other departments.
    Maybe,you will move him to marketing department.They want some more staff.

    anh chị giúp em với,em phải thi nói trước cô giáo
    Sửa lần cuối bởi benzyl : 07-01-2012 lúc 05:00 PM

    Học từ vựng

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  2. hi! t́m bạn giao tiếp để nâng cao tŕnh độ
    By royal majesty in forum Lớp luyện NGHE cô Trà Mi (Maroon_Opal) dạy
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