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Đề tài: Bài TẬp VỀ MỆnh ĐỀ Quan HỆ

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    Sep 2011
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    ai giải thích hộ ḿnh câu 6 được ko ạ . cám ơn

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    Jul 2014
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    1. My friend,Jack,(that, who, whose) parents live in Glasgow, invited me to spend Christmas in Scotland.
    2. Here’s the computer program (that, whom, whose) I told you about.
    3. I don’t believe the story (that, who, whom) she told us.
    4. Peter comes from Witney,(that, who, which) is near Oxford.
    5. This is the gun with (that, whom, which) the murder was committed.
    6. Is this the person ( who, which, whose) you asked me about.
    7. Have you received the parcel (whom, whose, which) we sent you?
    8. That’s the girl (that, who, whose) brother sits next to me.
    9. The meal,(that, which, whose) wasn’t very tasty, was expensive.
    10. We didn’t enjoy the play ( that, who, whose) we went to see.
    11. She gives her children everything (that, what, who) they want.
    12. Tell me (what, that, which) you want and I’ll have you.
    13.The reason (why, that, what) I phoned him was to invite him to party.
    14. I don’t like people (who, whom, whose) never stops talking.
    15. The day (which, that, when) they arrived was Sunday.
    16. Ann,(whose, who, whom) children are at school all day is trying to get a job.

    II/Rewrite these sentences, using relative pronouns
    1. Brenda is a friend who went on holiday with .
    2. This is Mr Smith,whose son Bill plays in our team.
    3. Her book that became a best seller was published last year.
    4.This is the bank where We borrowed the money.
    5. I told you about a person who is at the door.
    6. Jack’s car had broken down so He had to take a bus.
    7. I lent you a book that was written by one my friends.
    8. Some boys who have been released were arrested.
    9. Do you know a restaurant where We can have a good meal.
    10. I don’t remember the day when I left school.

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