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Đề ti: Chương trnh tiếng Anh cơ bản (key cho cc bi tập)

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    nhuthao vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "Tiếng Anh lớp 12"
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    Mặc định Chương trnh tiếng Anh cơ bản (key cho cc bi tập)

    * Unit 1:
    Exercise 1:
    1. We ..allow. him to go to the party.
    2. They want.. the kittens to go to the good homes.
    3. Did you ..need. the bed to be delivered or shall I collect it?
    4. The police .appeal. for his protectors to give him up.
    5. She .promise.. to visit the exhibition before it ended.
    6. I .hope.. to drive a car before the age of 18.
    7. It was impossible ..to enter.. his room. The door was locked.
    8. His ambition is .to become.. the richest man in the world.
    9. He ..threaten. to stay away.
    10. She promised never .to do.. it again.
    Exercise 2: There is at least one mistake in each sentence. Suggest appropriate correction.
    1. The let me to borrow their car while thay were on holiday.
    2. This card entitles (me) to take an extra person with you free.
    3. Hospital workers had to make them to do with a 1.5% pay increase this year.
    4. Sam promised me to show me how to fish for salmon, but he never had the time.
    5. For years the group has been campaining for an inquiry to be held into the accident.
    * Exercise 1: c thể c nhiều đp n khc nhau.

    * Unit 1:
    Ex 3:
    1. You cant borrow the car!
    He refused to lend me his the car.
    2. You really should continue the course.
    He encouraged me to continue the course
    3. I'll phone you soon.
    He promised to phone me soon
    4. Okie, I'll come with you.
    He agreed to come with me
    5. Stop the car!.
    He ordered me to stop my car.
    6. Would you like to go out for dinner?
    He invited me to go our for dinner
    7. Don't go out without an umbrella.
    He warned me not to go out without an umbrella
    8. I'll work late at the weeken.
    He volunteered to work late at the weekend

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  2. Thnh vin sau cm ơn nhuthao v bi viết hữu ch

    peden (15-05-2008)

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    Avatar của nhuthao
    nhuthao vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "Tiếng Anh lớp 12"
    Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "Tiếng Anh lớp 11"
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    Jun 2007
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    Giải thch key:
    giải thik bi 2 , m chỗ sai l do sai ngữ php, thế thảo post m ci ngữ php phần đấy ln đi
    - let + someone + bare: để (cho php) ai đ lm g.
    - make + O + bare: bắt ai đ lm g
    - promise + to-inf (ko c O): hứa lm g
    - to compaign for/against somebody/something: tham gia hoặc lnh đạo một chiến dịch, một cuộc vận động.
    M Bi tập ny l để củng cố lại cc kiến thức ở trn, nn cũng k c r cả. Cc cậu c thắc mắc g cứ post ln nh.
    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi nhuthao : 19-08-2007 lúc 06:12 PM

    Lich khai giang TOEIC Academy

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    Avatar của nhuthao
    nhuthao vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "Tiếng Anh lớp 12"
    Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "Tiếng Anh lớp 11"
    Tham gia ngy
    Jun 2007
    Nơi cư ngụ
    Mười hoa chuyn hi
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 562 lần

    Thumbs up Unit 2:

    * Unit 2
    Ex 1:
    1. have lived
    2. moved
    3. have been
    4. has help
    5. have decorated
    6. broke
    7. had
    8. like
    9. have not had
    10. has rained/has been raining
    Mỗi 10 cu cc bc tự check nh. ^^

    * Unit 2:
    Ex 2:
    1. have been breaking
    2. is
    3. have been sold
    4. bought
    5. has just been sold
    6. have attracted
    7. had been
    8. were stolen/ had been stolen
    9. were recovered
    10. left
    * Work ở cu 6 c nghĩa l tc phẩm (danh từ), h, cc cậu nhầm lẫn chỗ ny ^^

    * Unit 2:
    Ex 3:

    1. is
    2. went
    3. became
    4. has been
    5. was
    6. has written
    7. lived
    8. moved
    9. are living

    sr mọi người, key đến hơi muộn ^^

    * U2:
    Ex 4:

    1. is
    2. has had
    3. has travelled
    4. has seen
    5. has hunt
    6. has ridden
    7. says
    8. has been
    9. has met[/B][/COLOR]

    * U2:
    Ex 5:

    1. had bought
    2. will have completed
    3. heard
    4. has been working
    5. drives
    6. was listening

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    peden vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Cố vấn chuyn mục Tiếng Anh lớp 12
    Phụ trch chuyn mục n thi đại học
    Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "TA lớp 11", trợ l Box Writing for Beginners
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    Oct 2007
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    HCM city
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    Được cm ơn 2,509 lần

    Mặc định

    * Unit 3:
    Ex 1:
    1) having
    3)to tell
    5)to see

    Ex 2:
    1. to have/ writing

    2.to sart /to wait

    3.to avoid / being

    4.sneezing /sitting

    5.repeat / to make / to do
    Ex 3:
    1. He didnt concern himself the details
    a. in
    b. on
    c. with
    d. by
    2. The president is deeply concerned this issue
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
    d. about
    3. They were more concerned how the other women had dressed than in what the speaker was saying
    a. with
    b. in
    c. on
    d. at
    4. He didnt seem in the least concerned her safety
    a. at
    b. for
    c. on
    d. by
    5. Im counting you to help me
    a. in
    b. with
    c. at
    d. on
    6. This decision is to upset a lot of people.
    a. like
    b. likely
    c. likeliness
    d. likeable
    7. These workers are considered a high-risk group
    a. like
    b. as
    c. by
    d. with
    8. Her eyes suddenly filled tears
    a. like
    b. as
    c. by
    d. with
    9. To order, fill the coupon on p 54
    a. in
    b. out
    c. at
    d. A and B
    10. The hole has been filled
    a. in
    b. out
    c. at
    d. with

    Ex 4: Rewrite the following sentences
    1. The film star wore dark glasses so that no one would recognize him
    ->The film star avoided being regconized by wearing dark glasses.
    2. I felt that it had been a mistake to write the letter.
    ->I regretted ever having written the letter.
    3. He had very sorry that he didnt see Tim on her trip to London
    ->He greatly regreted not seeing Tim on her trip to London.
    4. Its pointless to have that old typewriter repaired.
    ->That old typewriter is not worth repairing.
    5. I was going to leave, but because of what she said, I didnt.
    ->She persuaded me not to leave.
    6. She didnt thank us for our help when she left
    ->She left without thanking us for our help.
    7. We are hoping that the weather will improve next week
    ->We are hoping that there will be better weather next week.
    8. Who has to lock the doors when the office closes?
    -> Who is responsible for locking the doors when the office closes?
    9. We will not probably see each other again this week.
    ->Its unlikely that we will see each other again this week.
    10. We lost our way because the signposts were confusing .
    ->The signposts were confusing, which made us lose our way/ caused us to get lost
    Ex 5:
    1. Clear all those papers the desk
    a. out
    b. off
    clear off = remove from sight
    c. away
    d. out of
    2. She was presented with the gift in for her long services.
    a. attitude
    b. latitude
    c. attribute
    d. gratitude
    3. I owe you a great of gratitude
    a. debt
    b. bearing
    c. earning
    d. carrying
    4. He was badly in the war and still bears the scars
    a. hurt
    b. injured
    c. wounded
    wounded :bị thương,bị chm --> bears the scars
    injured cũng đng nhưng wounded l chnh xc nhất

    d. fallen
    5. She overcame to win the Olympic gold medal
    a. injured
    b. injuring
    c. uninjuring
    d. injury
    6. A is an unexpected event, such as a very bad accident, a flood or a fire, that kills a lot of people or causes a lot of damage
    a. misfortune
    b. disaster
    c. risk
    d. bad luck
    7. She was deeply of her behavior at the party
    a. shameful
    b. shame
    c. ashamed
    d. shamed
    8. Many local people object the building of the new airport
    a. at
    b. to
    c. by
    d. with
    9. The villages had been
    a. desert
    b. deserting
    c. deserted
    d. emptiness
    10. Nam paints pictures , but he doesnt make his that way. He works in a big store.
    a. live
    b. life
    c. lively
    d. living
    the cost of living :gi sinh hoạt
    the standard of living: mức sống
    to earn (get, make) one's living: kiếm sống

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    Mặc định

    * Unit 4:
    Ex 1:
    01. Do you mind smoking?
    02. Did she insist on stopping?
    03. Why don't you admit taking it?
    04. Do you deny taking the book?
    05. Have you considered working harder?
    06. Will they mind calling on them?
    07. They won't like you being late, will they?
    08. Do they allow smoking in the theatre?
    09. The students denied playing the practical joke.
    10. Would you mind opening the window?
    11. They have postponed playing game until tomorrow.
    12. He said that he couldn't stand singing.
    13. I don't care for singing.
    14. Why should he object to singing?

    Ex 2:
    1.having made
    2.having been
    3.having taken
    4.having read
    Cu no c have đứng đầu l PP, ko c have đứng đầu l PG đơn giản vậy thui (thủ thuật để phn biệt )[/B][/COLOR]

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    Avatar của peden
    peden vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Cố vấn chuyn mục Tiếng Anh lớp 12
    Phụ trch chuyn mục n thi đại học
    Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "TA lớp 11", trợ l Box Writing for Beginners
    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Nơi cư ngụ
    HCM city
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 2,509 lần

    Mặc định

    * Unit 5:
    Ex 1:
    1. They are …………… to save the area from building development
    A. grouping
    B. teaming
    C. campaigning
    D. moving
    2. The company must reduce costs to complete ………………
    A. effect
    B. affect
    C. effective
    D. effectively
    3. We are determined to ……………… racism from our sport.
    A. eradicate
    B. erase
    C. remove
    D. sweep
    4. I respect Jack’s opinion ………………… most subjects
    A. in
    B. of
    C. on
    D. by
    5. Everybody has a right to be treated …………………… respect
    A. with
    C. in
    D. at
    6. Money received …………………… respect ………………………… overtime worked will be given to those workers
    A. of – of
    B. in – about
    C. of – in
    D. in – of
    7. He struggled …………………… cancer for two years
    A. against
    B. over
    C. off
    D. to
    8. In the early 20th century Vietnam was a country struggling …………………… independence
    A. against
    B. to
    C. for
    D. of
    9. We had a fight ………………… money
    A. about
    B. over
    C. to
    D. A and B
    10. This species of bird is decreasing in ……………………… every year.
    A. number
    B. numbers
    C. amount
    D. amounts
    11. There had been some ………………………… in military spending this year
    A. decrease
    B. reduction
    C. cut
    D. all are correct
    12. There were no signs of a …………………… at the murder scence.
    A. move
    B. struggle
    C. fight
    D. B and C
    13. It was a real ……………………… to be ready on time
    A. struggle
    B. effort
    C. trial
    D. A and B
    14. James was hit in the mouth as he struggled ……………………… the raiders
    A. against
    B. with
    C. over
    D. to
    15. Carefully ………………………… the photograph on the page and stick it in place.
    A. focus
    B. center
    C. point
    D. aim

    Ex 2:Fill in each gap with a suitable preposition
    1. I bebieve …………in………government support for public transport services

    bebieve in :tin tưởng vo

    2. Water consists ………of……… hydrogen and oxygen

    consist of
    : bao gồm

    3. Everyone knows that women are equal ……to…………men

    equal to :bnh đẳngvới

    4. Will you be available ……for…….the interview at 9:30 tomorrow

    available for :c sẵn cho, sẵn sng cho

    5. Would you like wine or beer …for……the meal
    6. She is leaving her husband because she can’t put …up….with his bad temper any longer

    put up with : chịu đựng, kin nhẫn chịu đựng; tha thứ

    7. Traveling to Paris ……by…..air is quicker than driving
    8. The doctor advised him to stop smoking and to take ……up…. some sports

    take up: thực hiện, tiến hnh

    9. We must struggle ………against….corruption within the party

    struggle against: đấu tranh chống

    10. What time we get there will depend ………on……how bad the traffic is.

    depend on : phụ thuộc vo

    Ex 3: Rewrite the following sentences
    1. Ballet doesn’t interest Mary .
    -> Mary isn't interested in ballet.
    2. Visitors to the zoo are not allowed to feed the animals
    -> The animals in the zoo are not allowed to be feeded by visitors.
    or The animals in the zoo must not be feeded by visitors.
    3. John has not been to London before.
    -> It is the first time John has been to London.
    or It is( was cũng chấp nhận được) John's first visit to London.
    4. “I’ll see you later, Anne” he said
    -> He told Anne that he would see her later.
    5. There were more students in school in 1992 than in 1991
    -> There were not as many students in school in 1991 as in 1992.
    6. When I was in the department store, someone thought I was a shop assistant.
    -> When I was in the department store, I was thought to be a shop assistant.
    or When I was in the department store, someone confused me with/ mistook me for/ believe me to be a shop assistant.
    7. I wonder how she learnt to speak E so well
    -> I would like to know how she learnt to speak E so well.
    8. Although he can not swim himself, Dan is very keen that his children should learn.
    -> Despite not being able to swim himself, Dan is very keen that his children should learn.
    or Despite (his) being unable to swim himself, Dan is very keen that his children should learn.
    9. I am totally convinced that our team will win
    -> In my opinion, there is certainty that our team will win.
    or In my opinion, there is no chance of /not a chance of our team's losing.
    10. It’s a good thing you wrote the letter or we would not have known what happened.
    -> We wouldn’t have known what happened if you hadn't written the letter.
    or We wouldn’t have known what happened without your writing that letter.

    bi ny c nhiều cch lm, lm sao đng ngữ php l oke chứ ko nhất thiết phải rập khun một key đu nh

    Ex 4: Reported the sentences:

    1. Joe said, "Please come to my party".
    --> Joe invited me to come to her party
    2. My teacher said, "I think you should take another English course".
    --> My teacher advised me to take another English course
    3. Mrs. Brown said, "You may use the phone".
    --> Mrs. Brown permitted me to use the phone
    4. The doctor said, "Take a deep breath"
    --> The doctor told me to take a deep breath
    5. My mother said, "Make an appointment with the dentist"
    --> My mother told me to make an appointment with the dentist
    6. "If I were you, I'd go to the doctor's". he said to me.
    --> He told me that he'd go to the doctor's if he were me.
    7. "Could you possibly do me a favor?" She asked Tom
    --> She asked Tom if he could possibly do her a favor.
    8. "Don't forget to post the letter", my wife said to me.
    --> My wife reminded me to post the letter
    9. "Please, please don't tell my father" she said to me.
    -->She begged me not to tell her father
    10. "I think you should sell your shares" his accountant said to Bill.
    --> His accountant advised Bill to shell his shares

  8. Thnh vin sau cm ơn peden v bi viết hữu ch

    nhcngốc (02-12-2007)

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    Avatar của peden
    peden vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Cố vấn chuyn mục Tiếng Anh lớp 12
    Phụ trch chuyn mục n thi đại học
    Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "TA lớp 11", trợ l Box Writing for Beginners
    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Nơi cư ngụ
    HCM city
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 2,509 lần

    Mặc định

    Giải thch cho key:
    - Cu số 8 "take up" ở đy c nghĩa l "start a new hobby, pastime" nn mnh nghĩ l dịch "tập luyện, tham gia" th ổn hơn, phải khng?

    - struggle/ equal c dng với WITH khng? nếu c th phn biệt như thế no? mong cc bạn vui lng chỉ gip. Thanks in advance.
    bạn ni đng ri đ
    struggle with l đấu tranh với ai đ
    tức l 2 ci g đ đấu tranh với nhau
    vd: Tom was hit as he struggle with the raiders

    struggle against l đấu tranh chống ci (vấn đề )g đ
    vd: struggle against cancer

    struggle for l đấu tranh cho(để dnh được) ci g đ
    vd: struggle for independence

    cn equal th ko dng with
    theo mnh biết l như thế

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    Avatar của peden
    peden vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Cố vấn chuyn mục Tiếng Anh lớp 12
    Phụ trch chuyn mục n thi đại học
    Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "TA lớp 11", trợ l Box Writing for Beginners
    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Nơi cư ngụ
    HCM city
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 2,509 lần

    Mặc định

    * Unit 6:
    Vocabulary and structure
    * Ex 1: Choose the best answer
    1. The ……......of the poetry competition will be known today.
    A decision B result C effect D choice
    2. My secretary was ……. to have typed those letters already .
    A asked B odered C requested D supposed
    3 .Acording ….. the map we shuold take the next turning on the lelf.
    A to B as C on D by
    4. she will………… getting up early and playing her radio very loud.
    A insist on B Demand C reqire D hope
    5. I hope we will able to avoid ……….anyone .
    A disappoint B disappointed C disappointing D disappointment
    6. How many cuontries will be ………. in the Olympics Game?
    A attending B participating C taking place D entering
    7. The instrutor warned the students ………….sailing alone on the lake.
    A not B about C from D out of
    8. He suggested…………..a jumpble sale to try and raise the money for the scouts.
    A holding B me to hold C me that I held Dto be help
    9. The manager ……..the men to return to work immediaterly.
    A insisted B suggested C demanded D ordered
    10.She ………..him of stealing her ring.
    A threatened B blamed C accused D criticised
    11. This ………..is completely independent of any political affiliation.
    A organise B organising C organisation D organised
    12. Her mother prevented her ……………….going uot to night.Take a short vacation.
    A against B from C about D at
    13. Jim, why don’t you take some time off? You ……..too hard lately.
    A work B have been working C worked D were working
    14 .Jean should seriously consider………… an actress. She is a very talented performer.
    A becoming B to become C become D will become
    15. I finally finished …..at 7.00 p.m and severd dinner.
    A cooking B to cook C being cooked D to be cooked
    * Ex 2: Find the mistakes:
    1. You can congratulate yourself about (on) having done an excellent job.
    2. I decided changing(to change) jobs because my boss makes me work overtime.
    3. Most students approciate their principal’s try (trying) to improve school conditions
    4. I suceeded to find (in finding) a job, so my parents didn’t make me go to college .
    5. Get (getting) more axercise appears to be the best way to lose weight.

    * Ex 3: Choose the best answer :

    One of my aunt Jean’s biggest dreams became a(1)…………………last week. She had always wanted to be a contestant on a game show(2)……… …. Money for nothing because she says the presenter is very handsome. With more than five million (3)……………….. a week, it is also the most (4) …………….game show on television. She (5) ……...to be on this show and was (6)…….…….She was very excited and,( 7) …..….. the big day came, she went to the television studios very early and she met the producer of the show . When the show came on TV, I (8)……….. imagine her feelings about being there, (9)………… at home we were all anxiuos. She ditn’t look at all nervous and (10)……......the end she won $10.000 and a car !

    1. A thing B reality C practice D belief
    2. A known B called C regarded D defined
    3. A viewers B witnesses C onlookers D obsevers
    4. A general B favorite C ordinary D popular
    5. A demanded B insisted C applied D asked
    6. A approved B complimeted C accepted D recived
    7.A when B while C which D the time
    8.A couldn’t B might not C wouldn’t D may not
    9.A in fact B indeed C however D but
    10.A at B in C by D on

    [B* Ex 4: Choose the best answer :[/B]
    If you plan your visit in October, don’t miss the Harvest Festival. The festival offers a variety of activities for all age groups and interests. Children will enjoy listening to the traditional stories and learning folk dances. Adults will enjoy the antique show and the crafts fair. Other attractions include a celebration of musical heritage and demonstrations of traditional skills such as candle making, butter churning , and bee keeping. The festival is held at the County Fairgrounds, ten miles outside of town on Highway 64 West. Space is available for you to park your car at the festival at no extra charge. The admission fee of $2 for adults and $1 for children is donated to the Preserve Our History Fund.

    1. What dose this notice describe ?
    A. A lecture B. A festival C. A school D . A parade
    2. What acticity is available for children?
    A. dancing B. painting C. ball playing D. Singing
    3. Which of the following activities isn’t mentioned in the notice?
    A. butter churing and bee keeping B. candle making
    C. cooking D. dancing
    4. How does the advertisement assume that people get to the fairgruonds?
    A. walk B. drive a car C. take the subway D. Fly
    5. What happens to the admission fee?
    A. It is used to rent the fairgrounds
    B. It pays the performers.
    C.It pays for supplies
    D. It is donated to charity.

    * Ex 5: Rewrite the sentences using the given verbs

    1. Bob denied taking Sue’s camera.
    2. David apologised me for not coming on Saturday.
    3. Hary congratulated Sue on getting engaged/ her engagement.
    4. Dick’s mother forbade him not to smok in his room.
    5. Ann insited Sophia on not staying the night.
    6. I suggested going back to Singapore.
    7. Jack warned Jim against taking the A20./ not to take the A20.
    8. Tom denied cheating in the exam.
    9. The teacher confesses losing her temper.
    10. Tim’s mother accused John of stealing Tim’s watch.

  11. Thnh vin sau cm ơn peden v bi viết hữu ch

    nhcngốc (20-01-2008)

  12. #9
    Avatar của peden
    peden vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Cố vấn chuyn mục Tiếng Anh lớp 12
    Phụ trch chuyn mục n thi đại học
    Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "TA lớp 11", trợ l Box Writing for Beginners
    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Nơi cư ngụ
    HCM city
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 2,509 lần

    Mặc định

    * Unit 6:
    Multiple choice
    * Ex 7:
    1 ………………………is required in order to achieve these aims.
    A. groupwork
    B. pairwork
    C. teamwork
    D. classwork
    2. They’re ………………………at training everybody by the end of the year.
    A. pointing
    B. aiming
    C. trying
    D. succeeding
    3. The gunman took …………………………and fired.
    A. link
    B. focus
    C. concentration
    D. aim
    4. A meeting is a sports ……………………………or set of races, especially for horses.
    A. event
    B. occasion
    C. position
    D. fact
    5. He ………………………… 10.09 seconds in the 100 metters final.
    A. set
    B. clock
    C. clocked
    D. gained
    6. They were bitterly ……………………at the result of game.
    A. disappoint
    B. disappointed
    C. disappointing
    D. disappointedly
    7. It is very disappointed with ………………………
    A. me
    B. myself
    C. mine
    D. my own
    8. …………………………diplomatic relations between two countries wrer re-established in December
    A. Informal
    B. Official
    C. Formal
    D. B and C.
    9. ………………………knowledge is knowledge of fact about a lot of different subjects.
    A. General
    B. Whole
    C. Ordinary
    D. All are correct.
    10. A ……………………………is a long running rare of about 42 kilometers or 26 miles
    A. long race
    B. mini-marathon
    C. marathon
    D. B and C
    11. …………………………is the sound that is made by something repeatedly hitting a surface quickly and lightly.
    A. Hitting
    B. Pat
    C. Patting
    D. Patter
    12. I heard her feet ……………………along the corridor.
    A. hitting
    B. pattering
    C. jumping
    D. knocking
    13. A…………………… is a person who has been chosen to speak or vote on behalf of a group or a person who works for a company and travels around selling its products.
    A. member
    B. representative
    C. represent
    D. leader
    14. The painting is not …………………of his work of the period.
    A. representative
    B. represented
    C. representing
    D. reprisent
    15. …………………………is a work of art that is a solid figure or object made by carving or shaping wood, stone, clay, metal,ect.
    A. Arts
    B. Masterpiece
    C. Works
    D. Sculpture
    * Ex 8:

    16. We are ……………… competition ……………… four other companies for the contract.
    A. in – of
    B. in – with
    C. at – with
    D. at – of
    17. We need to work harder to remain ………………………with other companies.
    A. competed
    B. competitive
    C. compatibly
    D. competition
    18. A ……………………… is a competition in which people try to win something.
    A. test
    B. examination
    C. contest
    D. survey
    19. We encourage students to …………………… fully in the running of the college.
    A. participate
    B. emerge
    C. go
    D. enter
    20. Go and apologize ……………………… her.
    A. about
    B. to
    C. with
    D. at
    21. We apoloize ………………… the late departure of this flight
    A. about
    B. to
    C. of
    D. for
    22. To ……………………… is to pay the costs of a particular event , program,etc… as a way of advertising or to agree to give somebody money for a charity if they complete a particular task
    A. stimulate
    B. donate
    C. sponsor
    D. help
    23. Her ………………… language is Korean
    A. native
    B. national
    C. international
    D. mother
    24. We insisted ………………… a refund of the full amount
    A. at
    B. on
    C. in
    D. to
    25. The team which ………………… more goals win the match.
    A. shoots
    B. scores
    C. blows
    D. kicks

    * Ex 9:
    The Quiz Show
    My best friend Jenny (1)…………………… on a television quiz show a few nights ago. It was very exciting. We all knew that she (2) …………………… be on, so all our friends met at her parents’ house to watch it. Her parents videoed it too, of course. The programme (3) …………………… at half past seven. We screamed and clapped when we saw Jenny. She looked great. She had (4) ………………… her hair done, and was wearing the new top she had bought the day before. She sat in the chair in the middle of the studio while the (5) …………………… asked her some questions. The questions got harder and harder as they increased in (6)………………………… If she didn’t make any mistakes and got the most difficult question right, she would (7)……………………………… a million pounds. By this time, Jenny had won a thousand pounds. That definitely hers,(8) ……………………… happened. She answer the next question correctly, which was (9)……………………… five thousand pounds. I didn’t know the answer, but she did know! Then, with the next question, she (10) …………………… a risk but got the answer wrong. She was gone out of the game. Still, she had her thousand pounds, and we were very pround of her.
    1. a. appeared b. turned c. presented d.participated
    2. a. might b. should c. would d.could
    3. a.set b.started c.arose d.rose
    4. a. got b. had c. asked d.made
    5. a.presenter b.leader c.producer d.director
    6. a. value b.cost c.award d.difficulty
    7. a. get b.take c.make d.win
    8. a.how b.howerver c.what d.whatever
    9. a.cost b. worthy c.worth d.worthwhile
    10. a.got b. took c.made d.had[/QUOTE]

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    T_hoa (01-02-2008)

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    peden vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đ n Cố vấn chuyn mục Tiếng Anh lớp 12
    Phụ trch chuyn mục n thi đại học
    Từng Phụ trch chuyn mục "TA lớp 11", trợ l Box Writing for Beginners
    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Nơi cư ngụ
    HCM city
    Bi gửi
    Cm ơn
    Được cm ơn 2,509 lần

    Mặc định

    * Unit 7:
    * Ex 2:
    The population of the world has increased more in modern times than in all other ages of history combined. World population totaled about 500 million in 1650. It doubled in the period from 1650-1850. Today the population is more than six billion . Estimates based on research by the United Nations indicate that it will increase rapidly in the next 25 years,reaching 7 billion in the year 2030.
    1. By 1850, approximately what was the world population?
    a. 500 million
    b. One billion
    c. Three billion
    d. Seven billion
    2. World population doubled in the years between
    a. 500-1650
    b. 1650-1850
    c. 1650-today
    d. 1850-2030
    3. According to the passage, by the year 2030 the earths population should exceed the present figure by
    a. 500 million
    b. One billion
    c. Four billion
    d. Seven billion
    (cu ny trong bi tui thấy ko r rng ,hơn 6 tỉ l ko biết hơn bao nhiu nn tạm thời tui cho a cũng đng )
    4. In the text, the world totaled most nearly means
    a. Amounted to
    b. Counted about
    c. Estimated
    d. Guessed
    5. The word indicate in the text most nearly means
    a. show
    b. point
    c. come to
    d. approximate

    Ex 3: Use the given information to make conditional sentences :
    1. The accident happened because the driver in front stopped so quickly.
    If the driver in front hadn't stopped so quickly, the accident would not happened
    2. I didnt wake Tim because I didnt know he want to get up early.
    If I had known Tim want to get up early , I had woken him
    3. I was able to buy the car because Jim lent me the money.
    If Jim hadn't lent me the money ,I wouldn't have been able able to buy the car
    4. Its good that Ann reminded me about Toms birthday.
    If Ann hadnt reminded me about Toms birthday ,I would have forgot it
    5. Youre hungry now because you didnt have breakfast.
    If you had had breakfast ,you wouldn't be hungry now
    6. Without this treatment , the patient would have died.
    If he hadn't received/got this treatment the patient would have died
    7. Fred wouldnt do that if he didnt have your promission.
    Unless Fred had your promission ,he wouldnt do that
    8. We stayed up late all night, and thats why we are so tired now.
    If we had not stayed up late all night, we would not be so tired now
    9. She hasnt studied E before thats why shes in an introductory class.
    If she had studied E before , she would not be in an introductory class.
    10. Because I lost my key, I had to pound on the door to wake my roommate when I got home last night.
    If I had not lost my key, I would not have had to pound on the door to wake my roommate when I got home last night

    Ex 4: Fill in each gap with only one suitable word
    1. Never put..off until tomorrow what you can do today
    2. He is known as..a man who. Keeps his word
    3. The little girl promised that she would not tell..a lie again
    4. Not only did..he forget his passport, but he forgot his money as well.
    5. The whole trip took..only 15
    6. He had no sooner.left the house than it began to rain .
    7. What is the weather like.. there?
    8. People used.. to ride on. horseback but now they use car.
    9. The Earth on which we live is constantly moving
    10. He is so far ahead of you, you never keep up.with him

    Ex 5: Rewrite sentences:
    1. I havent seen my brother since he left for Australia.
    The last time I saw my brother was before he left for Australia.
    2. The price of the holiday includes the cost of insuarence.
    The cost of insuarence is included in the price of the holiday.
    3. 'If you want to take my car, you should have asked me first' said Tom to his son.
    Tom criticized his son for taking his car without asking him first.
    4. You ought to get your bicycle brakes repaired immediately.
    You ought to take your bicycle brakes to repaire immediately.
    5. Sarah is not usually late.
    It is not typical of Sarah to be late.

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