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Đề tài: Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of using computers

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    Jan 2008
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    Arrow Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of using computers

    Topic 3 : The good and the bad of using computers

    Tạm dịch : Cái tốt và cái xấu của việc sử dụng máy tính.

    Write a composition of 80-120 words in length on the following topic:

    Welcome to this topic 3

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  2. Thành viên sau cám ơn JIMMY NGUYEN v́ bài viết hữu ích

    linhzenny (11-10-2011)

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    Oct 2007
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    Mặc định

    I think this is an interesting topic when i am indeliberate in surfing some webs. And i wonder why no one discuss this????. So, i am eager to make the first writing . Nowadays, most of people know to use computer. But what purposes they use it for ?. that 's way we really recognize that it is so bad or good to use computer. You know, up to the ages, we classify the benefits of computer are. For people who work in big companies are required to know how to use computer for manage the project or only composing the contract, saving the database, even making a important data security for firm. In fact, A great benefit that a computer certainly work effectively and as replaced thousands of people to solve the complex tasks by only one person or group. That save much money and time and even worker's strength. And computer is the intelligent device for students to study, especially IT students. They can search documents which are related their curriculum or any information they are interested in their life on internet if that computer has global network. On the other hand, most of people are tired after sitting with computer for work a long time in day, may relax their mind with many kinds of games they want, listen to music, study English and so on...In a word, computer is the best device to everyone for many variety purposes. However, some people use computer for bad idea. it is nothing to useful for children are crazy for games day by day. That makes children don't continue to study and their marks is gradually lower and lower. Furthermore, it is easy to attract crazy children and student with depraved culture. In my opinion, our government are forbidding strictly behaviors uploading badly depraved things on internet. And certainly have to advice children and their parent to avoid putting bad those in their computer. I am strongly disagree people who make children go down in an our developing country who will be the main leader our country in the future. Thanks for your reading and be glad to see your writing this topic.Thanks...thanks.

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  4. 4 thành viên cám ơn chinguyen244 v́ bài viết hữu ích

    i_do_2806 (02-12-2010),maidung9121993 (07-12-2013),nguoibanchanthanh19 (06-03-2008),Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Dương (28-01-2008)

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    Jan 2008
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    Mặc định

    The good and the bad of using computers

    Nowadays, Computer has become a part of our life. We don't deny benefit of computer but beside that sometimes, it brings us a lot of complex. ex if you use computer over time, you will have a new glasses. may be you can broaden your knowledge, and you must go to the hospital to check your eyes... in summary, with a computer, you can become a savant, and you can be a worthless. so, you must be carefull with computer

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    Jul 2007
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    Mặc định

    The good and bad effects of computer and Internet.
    Computer plays an important role in this information era. However, while bringing certain advantages, this high-tech device has its own limitations.
    First of all, computer has become a useful tool and an intelligent device in every aspect of life. For example, thanks to Computer and Internet, new technology in medicine is created and applied worldwide i.e. Minimally invasive surgery, microsurgery, and laser surgery. What is more , industrialization could not make its miracle jump without the support of computer and Internet. New constructive materials, new robots, and new fuels are all made with the help of information technology. That is to say computer has made our life become modern, more convenient and civilized. Moreover, computer and Internet is a great means of communication. Distance is no longer a matter of concern when we can send mails within a few seconds or make cheap internet phone call. We can also update ourselves with the latest occurrences in the world with just some simple mouse clicks. In addition, Internet is becoming so popular that having Internet access is no longer a luxury.
    Granted that Internet is an indispensable part of life in this high technology era, it has its own limitations. The troubles, however, do not stem from computer or the Internet themselves but the users. The new technology is entirely positive but the users take its advantage for negative purposes. Some people use computers to do nothing but play games, chitchat, spam, create dirty information on the Net. They directly or indirectly detract Internet from its benefits to the community. Many people are scared of using Internet because of their fear of being abused, or spamed. or becoming Internet addicts. In addition, sitting in front of the screen for long hours can lead to obesity, backache, and short-sightedness. Besides, people paying too much attention to online activities may become passive, sluggish in real life because of their lacks of communication, and manual labor.
    In short, everything has its two sides, so does computer and Internet. Therefore, it is necessary that we use it for right purposes.

    Hope to receive your comment! Thank you!
    Sửa lần cuối bởi hienhoa107 : 14-10-2010 lúc 04:08 PM

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  7. 5 thành viên cám ơn hienhoa107 v́ bài viết hữu ích

    i_do_2806 (11-12-2010),Lưu Tùng Nhân (24-02-2008),nguoibanchanthanh19 (06-03-2008),sakura??? (07-08-2008),tgaroo (03-10-2008)

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    Jun 2009
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    Mặc định

    I think we have 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of using computers.
    1. when we use computer more than 5 hour per day it can influence to our health: eye disease, backache and many other disease.
    2. we will be fall of status lack of communication, we will have many virtual friends, however, in real world we don't have friend !
    3. many people are addicted game, facebook and chat, it will make us waste time and lazy
    4. that's the problem relate virus and insecurity of the internet.
    5. Internet, specially Google make us are lazy thinking.
    1. we can entertain with computer after study and work hard.
    2. our study and work will be fast than with computers.
    3. with e-cormmerce is developing day by day, we can shop goods very fast and cheap.
    4. the computer help us save the time with it's convenient software.
    5. we can work at home by internet.

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  9. Thành viên sau cám ơn hoangquoc93 v́ bài viết hữu ích

    maidung9121993 (07-12-2013)

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