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Đề ti: Describe your last summer holiday

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    Tham gia ngy
    Aug 2007
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    Mặc định Describe your last summer holiday

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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2007
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    Last summer, I and my friends go to Vung Tau by motobike. we have two interesting days in Vung Tau city. We start my trip on 6h AM. after 1 hour, We get to Long Thanh stop stations. we have stopped there for 15 minutes anh drink fresh cow's milk. Then we continue my trip to vung tau city. after 1 hour we get vung tau city. many hotel and motel but we had to spend hard 1 hour to look up a hotel for staying. the hotel which we stay is a small nice hotel, from our hotel we can see the beach and it had a good view. Because we have a long trip by motobike so that we are very tired. after check in we only want to sleeping. I don't know, what do other peoples do but when I wake up and walk to outside. I see my friends drinking coffee. at that 2 o'clock PM. we have spent 2 hours for drinking coffee after that we go to the beach to swim. at the evening, we have a round in vung tau by motobike. verybody want to see vung tau by night until 10 o'clock we return back our hotel. and all night, we play card togethe. on the morning tomorrow. we walk to the beach and swim with the local peoples and anothe tourists. after that we go to coffee shop and chat togethe. until 12 o'clock we have lunch and 3 o'clock we come back to hcm city. we arrived hcm at 5 o'clock. we bye togethe. and end 2 interesting day in vung tau.

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    Jul 2007
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    Theatre of Dreams
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    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
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    I am a student, so every summer,I usually come back my countrỵ Last summer is a my best memory.I have learn the university at Ho Chi Minh city during four years but I did not met my old friend in a long time. I miss them very much so I decided to organized a party to meet my friend. It was wonderful,most of them attended. We said again the memories which we spended together.I told them about my dream, about troubles and happyness.The following days , we went to picnic at the beach, to climbed up a mountain....I love my friends very mụch

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    Dec 2007
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    Last summer, I had a wonderful holiday to my friend’s native country, HungYen. I went to there for only one day. The weather was very nice. It was warm, sunny and windy. I went by bus and the journey took about three hours. I stayed at my firend’s house. It was a small house opposite the BanNguyet lake. While I was there, I visited some pagodas and temples, example: Chuong pagoda, Mau temple, Literature temple, etc…Besides, I was eaten longan which is speciality of HungYen, and did some sightseeings. I got back at 5 pm at that day. The trip was short but it was the trip I never forget in my life.

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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2007
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    Describe my last summer holiday!

    In our country, summer holiday is the longest holiday in a year. I often went to sea with my family and my relatives every summer holidays. But last summer, my parents allowed me go to sea with my friends. I had many memories with my friends and it made impression on me.
    The trip had seven people; four boys and three girls. We learnt primary school together. So far we have been close friends. We spent three days on holiday. On holiday, we only slept four hours a day and the rest time we went swimming, went sightseeing
    At the morning, we got up at half past four o’clock to see sunrise. It was very peaceful and calm in early morning. After that we went swimming. In the evening, we went along seaside. At that time the wave seemed gentler than it was in the afternoon. The later it was, the more people the beach had. Everybody looked happy. We took many photographs and had a lots of sea foods. All of us were indeed happy.
    At the last day, there was a small problem with me. I had stomachache. Maybe I was not suitable with sea foods. Fortunately I bought medicine, so I took a medicine and I was ok.
    After three days, we came back home. I think it was great time in my life.

    thay weellfrog yeu quy! mong thay sua bai gium e nghe thay!
    Sửa l̀n cúi bởi httb39 : 25-12-2007 lúc 09:39 PM

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    Tham gia ngy
    Sep 2007
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    Last summer, I and my family went to CatBa is a island in HaiPhong city. It was hard to go there because we have to go by car and ferry-boat. We had been there for three days. There are three beaches in CatBa, and they are very nice. My son had practiced swimming a lot, and he was very happy. For me, I like to ride bicycle on the road a long town with my husband and my son the most. The sea food is so delicious, but it's quite expensive, too. Besides, I also bought some cute gift for my close relatives and friends.

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    Tham gia ngy
    Oct 2007
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định

    hello everybody,I have just spent a sweet honeymoon, at Dalat.The weather's very cold therefore we have come back hcm city soon .

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    Tham gia ngy
    Jan 2008
    Bi gửi

    Mặc định My eciting summer

    Last year , on summer holiday , when I had just passed the entrance exam to Ha Noi University of technology , my father took me to Ho Chi Minh city for a few days . As being eager for the trip , I prepared many things such as clothes , camera ... Eventually it came . When we got on the plane , I was very glad and the flight took off pricise time . Unlike almost everyone who felt ill at the beginning of the flight , I felt very comfortable . When the plane was floating in the air , I looked over the windown of the plane . Oh , I saw an incredibly beautiful scene . Everything was only lights that were sparkling and subtle . Two hours and a half later , we arrived in Ho Chi Minh city . We caught a taxi to go straight to my uncles house which nearly the airport . Next day , we woke up early , preparing to visit the city on my uncles motorbike . Who didnt know that the streets in HCM city were as crowded as in HN city and I found that everyone was in a hurry . First , we stopped at DamSen water park where I enjoyed many aquatic games like slipping from a whirl of water , slithering in gutter , rolling with water and so do on . After that , we had a excellent lunch there . The foods was arranged as a party with many , many dishes : grill leg of turkey , bacon , beef , big crab , lobster , salmon , tuna , etc with various drinks such as cocacola , pepsi , beer and some wine made from grapes . After a while , my belly was full but I still was eatting some dessert . There are some dessert to choose such as melon , grapes , pear . Finally , I got a cup of coffee . I was very relaxed by flourve of it . Next , we slept for a long time and then drove motorbike in the streets about nightfall .We went snowly by motorbike and there were so many fun gave me on the day . Nightlife was animate . All shop was being opened with colourful lights , many vehicles were going in the streets and some people were going on foot in pavement to the streets became bustling and clamourous . About ten oclock , we went back home to ready for next day that is enjoyable . Its joyful memory . Furthermore , its reward to me for I passed one's examination to studying at HUT so it remind me that I must try to study very well

    could you help me to check , please ?

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    Tham gia ngy
    Dec 2007
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    Mặc định

    wey ba con oi cho hoi teo nay ti dc hong
    lỡ ma bat viet ve nguoi than la sao ma viet minh chi mieu ta thoi sao

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