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  1. 1 My brother (join ) the army when he ( be ) young.
    2 You ( remember ) my name or you ( forget ) it someday ?
    3 Tom ( study ) chemistry for three years and then he gave it up.
    4 Miss Lee often (write) when she was on hoilyday
    5 He (leave) home two weeks ago and we (not hear) from him since then .
    6 You (speak) to Mrs Baker yesterday ?
    No, i (not see ) her for a long time
    i (not can) remember when i last (see) her.
    7 Last month i (be) in the hospital for then days.
    8 Don`t call me in the afternoon . i usually (be) away in the afternoon
    9 John (drive) that car ever since i (know) him.
    10 People (speak) English in most of Canada.
    11 The dog (wag) his tail when ever he (see) me.
    12 What you (do) when i (ring) you last night?
    13 I (not see) him since last Monday.
    14 When your father (die)?
    i (not know) when he (die).
    15 We (not see) them for a long time
    16 Kite and i (wait) right here until you get back.
    17 He`ll leave as soon as he (hear) the news.
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