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    Hi Hoaanhdao13, If you like to study Japanese, by all means go for it. The more languages you can master, the better you can enrich your life. I truly like Japan and admire the Japanese people. They have very little natural resources and only 1/4 of the land is arable. Yet, they have achieved so much with so little. Japan is one of the few countries that I would not mind visiting again and again if I had the time and the money. Take care, LHX.
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    Hey hoaanhdao13, how are you doing?
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    Hi Hoaanhdao13, Thank you for your Lunar New Year wishes. I don't blame you for not eating any Chinese apples. I would boycott all China made produce and products too because the produce is often tinged with poison, and the products are often of inferior quality or workmanship. Please concentrate on your English before learning additional languages such as Japanese or Korean. Once you're good in English, you can learn Japanese next. I would love to master Japanese because I admire the Japanese people, and Japan is one of the countries I would visit again and again if I could. Japanese knows how to harmonize nature and tradition with modern life. SJ has had bouts of coldness when the temperature dipped below 0 degree Centigrade, but now the weather is much warmer, around 7-10 degrees C. The cold temperature doesn't bother me as I was used to extremely cold weather in the Midwest. I hope to stay healthy because of your threat Nếu bác ốm con ôm bác nghẹn thở luôn. Take care, LHX
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    Hi Hoaanhdao 13, You should be able to achieve band 6 in IELTS with no sweat. You may need more practice speaking and listening to English. Your grammar should be OK. Practice writing more in English, and you will soon get used to expressing your thoughts in English. If the weather is cold, you should spend more time inside the library. Otherwise, you might catch cold. How are you coming along in your studies? Take care, LHX
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    Hi Hoaanhdao13, Hanoi University is formerly known as Hanoi University of Foreign Studies. Therefore, if you major in Business Administration, you should be instructed in English. That would help you a great deal in English listening comprehension and writing. What is your required IELTS score? Do you spend a lot of time on campus since it takes you more than a half hour to go to school from home? I suppose the university has a good library where you can study quietly. Take care, LHX
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    Hi Hoaanhdao13,

    I forgot to ask you what university are you attending now? Is it far from your hometown? Are you enjoying your new study environment? Take care. LHX
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    Hi Hoaanhdao13,

    Congratulations on your success. You did it yourself. I have never been far away from the forum. Thank you for being a loyal reader and supporter. Good luck on your studies. Take care. LHX
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    Once you truly understand what you want to do, then choose whichever school that would offer the necessary training to help you get there. Then, work really hard to prepare for that school's entrance exam. Never let anyone scare you with talks of failures. Fate doesn't influence any examination. Only your study preparation does.

    At the end of the day, whatever decision you make should be your own, not influenced by anyone else. I can't tell you what school or what field of study will be good for you. That is something you have to figure out yourself. You need to believe in yourself, and in your own decision. In the long run, that self-confidence and self-belief will help you overcome any life's obstacles. Good luck to you. LHX
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    Hi Hoaanhdao13, I should let you know first of all that I have never believed in fortune tellers. I have never had to consult any fortune teller before making any decision about anything. For me, they are just a bunch of crooks taking advantage of the gullibility and superstitious beliefs of other people. For one thing, if they can truly foretell the future, they would never have to work as a fortune teller. They would be all rich and powerful. That said, whatever life decision you need to make should never be based on what others want you to do, neither your parents nor your boyfriend. What you should do is to take a stock of yourself. Ask yourself, what am I good at? What are my strengths and weaknesses? What would I like to do for the rest of my adult life? What truly excites me? How would I envision myself to be, 5, 10 years from now?
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    Năm mới an lành và nhiều nụ cười nhé con bạn!
    Cố lên nhá! Fighting!!!!!
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    Hi hoaanhdao13, I have no set time although I probably go on line more often around noon my time which would be around 3 a.m. VN time. Then, sometimes I would get on line in the evening my time which would correspond to around 11 a.m. or noon VN time. Then, on rare nights, when I sit up late watching sports events, then I might be on line till 4 p.m. VN time, but those would be rare, and mostly happen on weekends. LHX
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    khoan, thế cái thread này có tính câu hỏi cho phần cloze test ko???
    Nghĩ giùm tau cái tên tiêu đề
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    tau học lung tung làng nhàng lắm, có đề th́ làm ko có th́ thôi , thi hsg xong tau có quan tâm TA mấy nữa đâu, học yếu toán văn quá nên quay sang đầu tư nhiều hơn, giờ tuần nào cô giáo phát đề cho th́ tau làm, ko th́
    thôi (( . Nếu m vẫn nhất định lập cái
    th́ đợi cuối
    tuần tau lập cho, chứ giờ chưa cần
    hỏi lập nó ḱ ḱ
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    m đổi tên cái thread là được, lập nhiều làm ǵ cho rối hết cả lên.....t thấy nó cũng ná ná, tương tự nhau mờ -_-; post đâu chả được
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    ờ gác kiếm giang hồ rồi -_-
    có, 100% có video lời giải đóa
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    Chúc bạn tôi ơi năm mới an lành, cười nhiều và thành công nhiều nhé!!!
    Sr nhé!, mùng 1 t ko vô đc mạng nên chúc m hơi muộn
    p/s: hẹn gặp m vào một ngày mùa thu.
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    Hi hoaanhdao13, Thank you for your warm greetings and wishes for the New Year. May you and your family also enjoy the best of health and success in the coming New Year (Gregorian and Lunar). Thanks for being one of my very loyal readers. LHX
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    cứ chờ đấy đi nhé cưng......................... chờ đến 3 tết nữa hehe
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    hơ hơ, t chăm tiếng anh......... ặc ặc, sao tự dưng bẩu thế???? một ngày không học nổi quá 1h mà chăm hả . t đang chăm học VĂN đây............... cả ngày phải lảm nhảm, tự nhủ ḿnh rất thích văn..........èo ơi thế mà t vẫn éo học được văn chứ lị
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