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  1. hj.can u help me ?
    Use coordination and subordination to combine the following groups of simple sentences into one or more longer sentences. Omit repeated words. A variety of combinations is possible.

    8. My car was struck from behind yesterday. I slowed suddenly for a red light. The driver of the truck behind me slammed on his brakes. He didn’t quite stop on time.
    9. I ate too quickly. My stomach became upset. It felt like a war combat zone. I took two Alka-Seltzer tablets.
    10. Midge is always buying plants and flower seeds. She enjoys growing things. Not many things grow well for her. She doesn’t know why.
  2. [hj.can u help me this exercise?thanks.
    the following sentences are ambiguous.paraphrase each meaning.

    1.john likes amusing girls.
    2.you should take a small swallow at one time.
    3.we laughed at the colorful ball.
    4.he arrived accompanied by a Russia wolfhound with a big smile in his face
    5,the policemen were ordered to stop drinking at midnight.
    6,could this be the invisible man's hair tonic?
    7,the mixing bowl is designed for any cook with a round bottom for efficient beating.
    8.I regret critisicing her bitterly
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