View Full Version : [HELP] Writing integrated task- Tidal power

12-06-2013, 10:34 PM
Both the reading and the lecture sections discuss whether or not using tidal power is beneficial. The reading provides support, however, the the lecture gives some reasons to refute the idea.

To begin with, the reading mentions that Tidal power is non-polluting, it also can provide a useful energy supplement to the other sources. Rejecting this point, the professor claiming that Tidal power might cause some negative impacts to the environment. Quality of water and local wildlife might be affected. Water is mixed with mud might damage the living environment of bird, fish and other creatures.

The second reason is the adverse effects to the local economy. The professor states that many habitats might be changed, this makes animal and vegetation in the local area hardly to adapt. Moreover, fish between river and sea are not able to pass the barrage and solving methods is extremely expensive. Fishing boat also can’t move between river and sea to catching fish because dams and barrages
In conclusion, negative impacts of tidal power need to be matched against the benefits of alternative energy production.