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02-03-2013, 06:09 PM
We can all imagine an intrepid explorer, cutting his way (1) a thick jungle. But (2) ....exactly is a jungle, and where are the great jungles of the world?
One definition of jungle is "an area of thick tangled plant growth at ground level". But, as this could also refer (3)... your garden when you haven't had time to cut the grass for a week or two. The term "jungle" (4).... generally reserved to describe dense rain forests in tropical (5)......However, some large forests in subtropical or even warm temperate regions are sometimes described as jungles. the major jungles (6).... found in Central and South America, Africa and South East Asia. (7) .....are also jungles in North Australia, and even parts of the USA, such as Florida.
(8)......it is rarely as hot as in the desert, the temperature in the jungle is always warm. Jungles are also categorized by their heavy rainfall, their darkness at ground level- due to the inability of sunlight to break through the thick vegetation- and the wide variety of plant and animal species found in them.
As (9)..........been widely reported recently, the great jungles of the worl are now facing their greatest danger: humans. Each year, somewhere, (10) .....seven and twenty million hectares of jungle are destroyed.

Đáp án của em. Nhiều câu em c̣n chưa làm đc, mong mọi người sửa và bổ sung giúp. :d

1. through
5. climate
10.appoximately/ nearly/ about.

Btw, ai cho em hỏi tại sao diễn đàn không chỉnh cỡ chữ đc không ah? =.=:wacko:

02-03-2013, 08:41 PM
2. what

03-03-2013, 03:29 PM
Ḿnh cũng đồng ư với các đáp án của bạn, cùng với số 2 "what" mà bạn banhmi27 đă bổ sung. Và thêm nữa, câu số 5 ḿnh nghĩ đáp án sẽ là "regions", v́ phía sau đoạn văn cũng có đề cập tới "regions".