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pham khue
10-05-2012, 11:23 AM
:tire: topic : Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? smoking should not be permitted in restaurants, and state laws that probibiting it should be upheld. used specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. (với những topic như thế ny ko biết phải viết sao nữa m mnh tm v dụ cũng k biết đưa vo đu. Cc bạn gip mnh với nh, chn thnh cảm ơn )

Smoking is a bad habit that causes many serious health problems for not only the smokers but also for people surrounding. These days, most public area, such as hospital, school, airplane, are not permitted people to smoke. However, in my opinion, we should add restaurants in the list forbidden smoke area, and try to raise the waves of prohibiting smoking by state laws.

To begin with, restaurants, like other public areas, have many people, some of which cannot stand smoke. Indeed, some people have trouble with the respiration system when inhale the smoke. They are likely to cough, be headache or even cannot breath easily. Therefore, being polite and moving to another place to smoke in restaurant is a good way to protect others instead of being inside and smoking. However, it is not easy to be sympathetic to others, especially for stranger in restaurant, and because of the inconvenient of moving while talking, people still blatantly smoking in restaurants. Thus, I think the best solution is not permit smoking in restaurant in term of protecting common benefits of people.

Moreover, smoking reduce the concentration of oxygen in rooms atmosphere, and make it more airless to breath. Frankly, several restaurants use air condition to make the air cooler, fresher than harsh climate outside, and create the comfortably for people. However, the use of air condition is required people to close the door and window; therefore, if someone try to smoke, this will increase the carbon dioxin in the air. The results is that the room is full of smoke, and smelly. Furthermore, running air condition in that situation is wasteful.

According to some researches of many experts, we all know that smoking can leads to cancer, diseases, and reduce longevity of human beings. More important, non-smoke people probaly have that trouble due to the effects of passive smoking that is proved by scientists. The victims of the effects of passive smoking are no one but children and woman who deserve to be protected. None of us like the image of illness generations in the future, so we should protect the environment in which we live, we breath, and increas the waves of prohibiting smoke further.

In conclusion, I do agree with the action prohibiting smoke in public including restaurants. Instead of spending money to by joints, we may not only save a huge budget every year for the poor, the starvation but also save the health of people.To do that, the easiest way is calling for banning smoke in public areas.