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20-11-2011, 06:57 PM
Like the Harry Potter franchise, the Twilight Saga will split its final movie into two parts. Breaking Dawn starts on a happy, if weird occasion. The battle for Bella’s heart between Jacob, the werewolf, and Edward, the vampire, which has popularized the monsters throughout the world, appears to be over. Bella marries her vampire sweetheart.

But shortly after tying the knot, something doesn’t feel right in Bella’s belly. She is a pregnant with a vampire baby! Will she turn to Jacob and the werewolves for help? Listen to Jason and Amy discuss this strange turn of events.



Vocabulary (nghĩa từ ḿnh chỉ lấy gần với ngữ cảnh trong bài nhất thôi nha các bạn)
franchise /ˈfræntʃaɪz/: a series of movies or stories
werewolf /ˈwɛrwʊlf/: a person can turn into wolf
longing /ˈlɔŋɪŋ/ : feeling or showing that you want something very much
dramatic /drəˈmæt̮ɪk/: exciting and impressive
litter /ˈlɪt̮ər/ : a number of baby animals that one mother gives birth to at the same time
tying the knot /nɑt/: tie the knot = wed, get married


Bella marries __.
a. Jacob
b. Edward
c. Carlyle
d. Charlie
Amy thinks this movie will be the most __.
a. beautiful
b. intelligent
c. dramatic
d. boring
Jason thinks they split up the final movie because __.
a. there is a lot that has to happen
b. they can make more money that way
c. it will be more interesting that way
d. that is what the fans wanted
How many more Twilight movies will there be after this one?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
Amy thinks the last movie has to be __ than this one.
a. most crazy
b. craziest
c. crazier
d. more crazy

Jason: The new Twilight movie begins with Bella and Edward getting married.
Amy: I know. That’s so different from most romantic movies. Usually the plot of those kinds of movies ends with the marriage, and you don’t really see what happens after the main characters get married.
Jason: Yeah, and it looks like some of the craziest stuff ever to happen in this series happens after they get married.
Amy: Right, she gets pregnant, right? With a vampire baby.
Jason: That’s right. I mean, the previous movies was a lot of kind of looking at each other longingly and, you know, running around and chasing and fighting, and things like that.
Amy: It sounds like they saved the most dramatic for last.
Jason: Right. This isn’t even the last movie though. They’re doing the Harry Potter thing where they split the final movie into two movies.
Amy: Do you think that’s a good idea?
Jason: No. I think it’s a terrible idea from like a filmmaking perspective. But I’m sure it makes more money, like if all the fans have to pay twice to see the last movie, basically.
Amy: Right, and I guess now the last movie is going to have to be even crazier, how are they possibly going to top a vampire baby?
Jason: Right. She could have a whole litter of werewolf cubs.


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