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People attend school for many different reasons (for example, expanded knowledge, societal awareness, and enhanced interpersonal relationships). Why do you think people decide to go to school? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
All people go to school when they were a child, and they go to school for many reasons. Somebody attend school because they want to get more knowledge. Other reasons are making new relationships or taking a opened environment. School is a special environment like as a little society and books around you. As a result of the benefit, people can get a big job for their life.

The main reason all people want to go to school is expanded their knowledge. Knowledge is a treasure of being human so all human want to take it and use it in their life. The knowledge has two kinds, one is academics and the other one is social knowledge. School is the best place people can take two of them. When people attend school, they have many chances to connect to two kinds and they can develop extremely. About academic environment, for instance, library in school is academic clearly. Books are around you. Moreover, computer connected the Internet or online library are good source for students. They can look for information or issue about their topic on class. Beside academic, society in school is an important thing. Students can research or explore social knowledge, inasmuch as school is a little society, many kinds of personality appear there.

Another reason why people attend school is making new relationships. As you know about school, many people are contact with each other. Like above, school is a little society so student not only make new friends with same age people but also make new relationship with the younger or the older such as teachers, researchers, and Pros. The advantages of new relationships are learning from friends or teachers. If students can debate with researchers, they will find out some interesting thing about the topics. Another the advantage of making new relationships is students can have more chance to get job when they graduated. Maybe students accompany to companies or corporations. If they are lucky, they will take scholarships. That will be an aid for poor students.

Finally, going to school that means human approach to an opened environment. One of kind of opened environment is library. It is a large place student can look for, look up and research, and endless. Beside the library, students keep in touch with other people and learn from them are the best way in school, which is called mutilconnect. Many kinds of characteristics will give students experience life.

In a word, attending school is a right behavior. People go to school because of many reasons. In my point of view, three popular reasons of them is expanding knowledge, making new relationship, taking an opened environment. That why people decide to go to school. However, attending school, people are in a rich world.

Nowadays, with the invention of the microwave and with the popularity of fast food restaurants, food has become easier to prepare than ever. Do you think microwave ovens and fast food restaurants are beneficial to society? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Food is a factor of humans life and people always think about how to make food faster and better. Nowadays, many machines used to cook faster are invented, such as microwave. It helps people cook more convenient and more delicious. Moreover, the busy human can buy food from fast food restaurants. Although many benefits are come from microwave and fast food restaurants, I realize some disadvantages. One of them is to make people lazier. The more fast food people eat the more illness they get. In addition, if the members in family help to cook themselves, they will have goodtime together.

First of all, people use microwave to save time to do other things. However, we are lazier and day by day dependent on it. Other disadvantage, from time to time, some cooks forget how to cook good food and always think about microwave. For instance, in the past, a person spends a half or an hour to cook and he or she must learn how to cook better, but if him or her, who uses microwave, does not focus on notice of cookbook or how to prepare for the meal. That person will use free time to sleep or relax and lost cooking skill. Therefore, people, who are lazier, will be fatter and sick.

Next unbenefit is illness when people eat more fast food. As you know about fast food, it is cooked by fried in a full of cooking oil, so it has much calorie. In addition, many people work in office today, they sit all day and no do exercise, they eat fast food, as a result, they get sick soon. Much illness from that bad life style, for example, business will be fatter, increase weight and the worst is heart disease. The heart attacker patients have sick reason from eat fast food and less play sports. The ages of them is not long to 70, they die soon. However, the less fast food you eat, the less disease you get.

Moreover, the important thing is happy environment in a family. When people cook together themselves, they will make a good feeling in family. In my country, in anniversary death, many people cook together, and share their opinions about life around them. In this happy expression, they talk and laugh together. The result of that happiness, a strong family is built; other members can help each others.

In conclusion, despite more advantage from microwave and fast food restaurants, people are sick each year. Therefore, the government spends huge money to solve this situation. In a word, we should eat good food, such as fruit, vegetable and so on, and drink a lot of water. However, sometime we should use microwave or go to fast food restaurants, which is better.

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mnh sửa một số lỗi cơ bản cho bạn trong file đnh kẹm Hy vọng bạn n thi hiệu quả!

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