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ht... tiền
19-03-2011, 07:20 PM
mnh ko giỏi về viết lm nn cgiao bắt mnh viết, lần ny chắc l chết
ai giỏi phần ny th chỉnh gim mnh nha, mnh cần gấp lem.
bi viết về 1 bộ phim đ từng xem.
of all the film i have seen, "Maruko" is the one i like best. Maruko is a cartoon film. it's about the childhood of a little girl called Maruko. the film is made in japan. the main character is Maruco. she is in grade 3. maruco is a mischievous girl, who has a lot of homouros ideas. her life is depended on her parents completely. she has many actions which are very specịal. may be it's the reason that her life is always intersting. because she has a habit of getting up late, she is often late for school..
đọan kết mnh ko bit nn viết thế no, tưởng trong đầu l" c b đ ngy cng trưởng thnh trong csong, v chắc rằng khi c b lớn ln, c sẽ c những knim đng nhớ về tuổi học tr của mnh". ai giỏi dịch gim mnh ci nhạ thanks nhu!!!!!!!!!:01::64: