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11-03-2007, 05:51 PM

*C.U.T.E lOvE*.


[Chorus 2x]:
Do u know I’m a babie gurl?
With a sexy lovely skirt
I will make u fall in lOvE
LoOk at me,koOl guy~^^

You’re 18 and I’m 16
I love ice-cream U love swim
Plz become my sweety boi
Build a C.U.T.E love

[Verse 1]
Monday, I wake up and brush my teeth
And then I feed my sweety babe doggy
Suddenly,I see u, da boi who walkin’ slowly
Outside my home,around da street
So, Tuesday, I try 2 make up 2 becum a swee-ty girl
Wait 4 ya at da corner where u wil turn
Ah ha, U r comin’ , And I’m thinkin’
How I can talk 2 you, cuz u’r really so CutE!!
I dun know why I keep standin’ motionless till u leave
I only know that I love u, a bit!
Ur holy face,Ur wordz u said...Oh gr8!
Tha “ miztake “ u made iz made meh feel krazie
Made me miss ur pretty shape
And I wonder “do u see my tender lookz,huh?”

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
Wednesday,U go 4 walk again
I think that it’z a chance
To make friendz and invite u 2 dance tonight
So I “Hi!” u , I ask u, and ur smile lighted up my eyez!!
U give delight 2 meh
Ha3, let’z go 2 da party with meh, sweety!
Lalala....I know u can’t deny a nice babie! <^_^hehe>
U say GoodBye and smile
Oh my god! SoO beautiful, sOO koOl!!! *_*
I’m in a flutter ,Hope 4 da better future
U and I, Hand in hand,tend 2 best way
Da way I luv u and feel I can’t lose u
Hey cute, How do u feel? How I can make u love meh?
How u can see my heart is beatin’ 4 you?
From da bottom of my tiny krazi heart
I want 2 shout loud dat U are da only thing I think ‘bout

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
8 p.m and my hair is kempt
Wet lipstick like a lovely chick
“Quick quick!!” Run 2 bar cuz it’z so far
Oh u were there and look like Rapper ^^
Hiphop clothes make u prettier <*muahz*>
Clinging dress make me sexier :P
Tha two of us cum in first
After dat, many chikz on skirt and many dudez creat da crush
Ha3...Party beginz , we dance and ...scream T_T
Stand side by side, I have a likin’ 4 YoU
And I think u like me toO *_^
Cuz U alwayz see through- my eyez
U are da sparkling light , burn my mind!
I wish the time flowed slowly, 4 you beside meh
Forever sweety!
To be or not to be? with u or without u?
Really lOvE u,but ‘bout meh what do u feel?

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 4]
Day by day,Thursday,Friday,Saturday
Always I mizz you and can’t stop think ‘bout you
U made me krazi,B !
I’m in love secretly, as a stupid babie!
Itz very hard 2 tell the truth
That “I love u “
I only keep it in my heart my soul
And u can’t know.....
Under the moon light, Under the dark sky
U hug me tight....then kiss my lipz
I can’t believe!! U said u love meh since u met me on Monday
But u can’t say...
Ha3 ha3....Oh dear, the same 2 meh!!
I kiss ur Sweet cheek and hold ur handz
Lean on ur shoulder and feel ur warm voice
Wonderful boii.....We fall in C.U.T.E lOvE,boO!! ^^

[Chorus 2x]