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Mời các bạn vào đây để chia sẻ thông tin, tài liệu và thảo luận về Tiếng Anh dùng trong dịch vụ Nhà Hàng nhé!

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Thực ra tớ định lấy tên threat này là "Tiếng anh dùng trong ngành Quản Trị thực phẩm và đồ uống - Food and Beverage Service Management" nhưng thui lấy tên này cho dễ hiểu.

Các bạn tham gia nhiệt t́nh nhé và đóng góp ư kiến để box Tiếng Anh Du Lịch thật là sôi nổi và hữu ích! :)

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The people in the food service industry can be grouped in three general categories:

1. Managers
2. Service personnel (also known as "front of the house" staff)
3. Production personnel (also known as "back of the house" staff)

1. Managers
In general, there are three levels of managers:
- Top managers
- Middle managers
- Supervisors

2. Service personnel (also known as "front of the house" staff)
Service personnel have a great deal of contact with guests and perform a wide variety of functions and activities.
Service personnel include:
- Hosts / captains / maitre d'
- Food servers / waitstaff
- Buspersons
- Bartenders
- Beverage servers

3. Production personnel (also known as "back of the house" staff)
The production personnel focus on producing the food that will be served to the guests. Common positions found in most food service operations are:
- Executive chefs
- Chefs / Cooks
- Chief steward
- Diswashers
- Storeroom employees
- Receiving clerks

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I think you use conversations is more useful
and everybody will use it reality

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Don't be hasty! I will post them up but firstly I would like to give everyone the overview of F&B Industry.
Step by step!

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Note: Many English words and expressions about food come directly from French. This is why some words about food are written with an accent (for example: à la carte). However, you may also see such words written without accent.

à la carte adjective
without a side dish.
Is it possible to get the steak à la carte? I don't eat potatoes.

à la mode adjective
with ice cream.
Would you like your apple pie à la mode?

alcohol, liquor noun
a distilled liquid such as rum or whiskey
This beer has 5% alcohol.

all you can eat adjective
customers pay one fee and can eat as much as they wish T
These are all you can eat fries, so let me know if you want more.

appetizer noun
small snack before a meal
Would you like some garlic bread or another appetizer to start?

appetizing adjective
looks pleasing to eat
I'm afraid these pancakes don't look very appetizing.

apron noun
a cloth covering worn over the clothes while cooking
Remove your apron before you come out to the dining room.

awful (taste) adjective
very bad taste
The customer said that her pasta was awful.

bar noun
place in an establishment where people go to get a drink (especially alcoholic drinks)
If you sit up at the bar you don't have to order any food.

barbeque noun/verb
southern style of cooking over a grill
The barbeque wings are our specialty.

tall seats that customers use at the bar
The guest fell off his barstool before he even ordered a drink.

staff member that mixes, pours, and serves alcoholic beverages
I do part-time work as a bartender in a local pub.

Can I bring you some beverages while you look at the menus?

bill, cheque, check
the slip of paper that tells the customer how much to pay
Table 3 would like you to bring them their cheque.

black coffee
adjective + noun
coffee without any milk
Should I bring some cream, or do you take your coffee black?

style of cooking that involves placing food in a deep pot of extremely hot water
We usually boil the potatoes first so that they will cook faster.

book off
mark a day that you cannot work
I need to book off the first week of May.

booster seat
a plastic unit that fits on top of a chair to help small children reach the table
Will your child be needing a booster seat today?

type of seating in which people sit side by side on a cushioned area
We'd prefer a booth if you have one available.

You've been into the booze already, haven't you?

(to be continued ...)

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Vocabulary khá nhiều, mọi người vào attached file xem nhé!

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Staff English training and service guidelines

“Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good evening- Sir/ ma’am”

“Welcome to the House of Dreams” (Mr., Mrs., if you know their names). Don’t look like a child with a new toy- a professional smile and greeting is what we need in the House of Dreams.

Try to use customer names at least twice during a conversation;
once at the beginning of the conversation and then again at the end of the conversation. Do not use names too often as this can come across as being insincere (i.e. not genuine).

Telephone etiquette-

“Thank you for calling the House of Dreams- how may I assist you?”

“May I place you on hold whilst I direct your call?”

If customers say thank you to you, always reply

“It’s my pleasure.”



(otherwise called toilets-especially with UK customers or the GENTS or
LADIES toilets/ US customers say Restrooms-a more polite expression)

Assist customers to restrooms up the stairs if you see that they are elderly or disabled. Apologise to them in advance for the inconvenience by saying,

“I am very sorry Sir/Ma’am, our toilets are located upstairs/downstairs, may I assist you up/down the stairs.”

If you point, do so with an open hand and never a finger.
Although customers may refer to restrooms as toilets try to get into the habit of referring to them as RESTROOMS if you are describing their whereabouts. Always inform cleaners when you notice the restrooms require cleaning.

Always try to smile NATURALLY-please do not appear insincere or act too friendly- remember this is a professional environment.

BE AWARE*****Never disclose too much information about our company if customers appear nosy. You can however mention that top British designers have teamed together with Vietnamese artisans to create all of our fine products.
You can also tell them our products are exported to countries worldwide and since they are made in a time-honoured process, we do not mass produce any of our items on offer. This ensures exclusivity and attention to detail to a great degree.

Fine Restaurant service

Always remember NEVER to interrupt customers when they are in conversation. If you need their attention, you can approach them slowly and make some eye contact from some distance. This is a polite way to get there attention. Remove empty plates by carefully by saying ‘Excuse me’ and ensuring the motion is swift. At this point, you may wish to take the opportunity to ask them if they would like anything else or ask them if everything is OK with there meal. It makes no sense to ask if guests have finished their meal if the plate looks empty and bone-dry but do ask if you are unsure.

Serving should take place from the right whenever possible.
Be confident-customers love that and always try to smile.

You can place some nibbles (nuts, crackers etc.) at the centre of the table and then say,

“My name is ….. and I’ll be your waiter/waitress for today.”

Try not to serve or take orders too slowly-this can be irritating- be swift on your feet and move quickly after taking orders. Always maintain eye contact during conversation. TRY YOUR BEST to pronounce your T’s and M’s, S’s and Z’s and speak clearly. Remember it called DaZZling Dreams and not darling dreams. It is also pronounced DREEEEMS (longer) and NOT DRIMS.

Open and place napkin on customers’ laps whenever possible (we have quotations on them-try to learn them together with the quotations around the house-it will help you spark of intelligent conversation). Note- Inform guests that the Serviette Scrolls (or napkins with quotations) can be purchased in a set from our exclusive Dazzling Dreams showroom.

Gently tuck them in closer to the table (if you have access or are able to).

“Here is the menu-Would you like to begin with some drinks right away or like moment to have a look at the menu?”

“But of course-I’ll be back in a moment.”

“May I take your order please?”

If you feel confident enough- try to say things like-you’ll be sure to win their approval this way.

“A great choice”


“That’s a favourite of mine.”


“I love that dish.”

“If you like fish, I would recommend…..”

“We are serving a great house wine called ….which really compliments the dish. Would you care for a glass?”

Try to learn the main ingredients of all of our dishes.
Some customers do not like spicy foods or eat certain meats. They can even be vegetarian. Try to entice them by describing the foods cleverly.

“May I repeat your order”

“Please enjoy your meal.”

For French customers say: Bon apetite
For Vietnamese customers say………..

For Japanese customers say………..

Please also learn how to greet people and say farewell to them in the aforementioned languages.

When serving our sugar please refer to it as ‘Heritage sugar’.

Example: “Here is your cappuccino Sir together with our Heritage sugar.”

If you drop something-make sure you have a CLEAN white hand towel with you to soak the drink or wipe the food. Never use chemical enhanced cleaning agents near customers. HOT water with fresh LEMON in a bowl is a good cleaning agent. Never use the green side of a sponge on fabrics as it stains and can be a costly mistake.
Please say- my apologies Sir/Ma’am or if they spill or drop something say-
“Allow me to assist you.”

Call for assistance if required.

Other useful conversation tips.

“Thank you for coming.”

“Where are you from?”
“Are you enjoying Hanoi?”

“Splendid-I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying our city.”

“It is a pleasure to have you here today.”

(For important guests only)

“It’s an honour to meet you. We hope your visit here will be an enjoyable one.”

Or when they are leaving say to them:

“We hope you enjoyed your visit here and look forward to welcoming you again.”

If they are flying somewhere or leaving Hanoi say:
“Have a safe and pleasant journey Sir/Ma’am.”

When you present a bill to them ask them if they require a taxi (do not ask them if they have come in a free shuttle).

If they are waiting for a taxi or when giving them a receipt after they have paid you can remind them of the following:

“The taxi will be here momentarily Sir/ma’am.”

If you notice that the taxi has not arrived within 5 minutes tell the guest the following:

“Sir/ma’am, I will call the taxi service once again as they seem a little delayed.”

“Thank you for your patience.”

If customers ask about what the House of Dreams aims to do aside from offering an International tasting experience and unique shopping experience you can say,

“At the The House of Dreams our aim is to inspire our customers.

“We have gone to great lengths to select motivational quotations of great leaders from the around the world.”

Try to refer to our shopping items as Artisan produced and NOT handicraft. Handicraft does not sound very expensive or define the highest form of creativity as we aim to portray.

Conversation example: The greatest people in the world all had great aspirations in life at the beginning of their journeys.
On the subject of Dreams and what we aspire to (aim for in life),

“Who is your greatest role model Sir/Ma’am?”

“My greatest role model is ……..because I believe he/she taught so me the meaning of …….”

“We hope that you will tell your friends about your experience here today.”

Always try to be warm to customers but remember to give them space as well-not everyone likes to be suffocated by staff when in a meeting with their friends or business associates.
The key to it is to smile, be genuine, warm and watch carefully to body language and responses from customers.
A bit of experience on the job will make things a lot easier- so don’t worry-it’s the last thing you should do.

Always ask you managers if in doubt-they are your friends and will gladly assist wherever possible.
A great tip****PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE your English pronunciation-it will work wonders for you.

For those of you who are really serious about an amazing career in the Hospitality Industry-try learning everything in Japanese, French and Chinese as well. Multi-lingual staff always the most tips.

Good luck Dream Team!!!!!

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Many Thanks for your sharing! Come on! :)

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Behind the Bar

Tending bar requires special skills, such as learning special recipes, measuring, mixing and serving drinks, and chatting with guests. No matter which country you are working in, you are sure to come across English patrons who want a cold drink. Study the lists and expressions bartenders use. Then read the dialogue and check your understanding.


half litre/litre: a glass container for serving house wine
highball glass: a tall straight glass
mug: a cup or glass with a handle used for hot beverages
pint glass: 20 oz glass for draft
pitcher/jug: approximately 60 oz container for draft or water
rock glass/tumbler: short glass for mixed drinks
shot glass: 1 oz glass for shots and shooters
sleeve: 12 oz glass for draft

Classic Cocktails

There are many different ways to prepare classic cocktails. Every bar or restaurant has rules about how much alcohol to put in a cocktail and how to build it. The following recipes do not contain specific amounts. Use them to learn the names of the cocktails, liquors, and mixes.

Black Russian: vodka, coffee liqueur, on ice (for a white russian-add milk)
Bloody Mary: vodka, tomato juice, tobasco sauce, worchestershire sauce, salt, pepper, celery salt, slice celery, on ice
Cosmopolitan: vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, lime, on ice
Daquiri: light rum, lime juice, sugar, blended with ice (for a strawberry daquiri use strawberry mix or syrup)
Long Island Iced Tea: vodka, gin, rum, orange liqueur, lemon juice, cola, on ice
Margarita: tequila, lime, salt, blended with ice
Martini: gin, dry vermouth, (garnish with olive)
Pina Colada: rum,coconut milk, pineapple juice, blended with ice
Screwdriver: vodka and orange juice, on ice
Tom Collins: gin, lemon juice, sugar, soda water, on ice

Common Liquor

Gin: clear alcohol flavoured with juniper berries
Liqueur: various sweet alcohols
Rum: clear alcohol made from sugar cane, origin Caribbean
Vodka: clear alcohol made from grain or potato, origin Russia
Whisky (Rye in Canada) : light brown alcohol made from grain, origin Scotland
Tequila: golden or clear alcohol, origin Mexico

Beer and Coolers

Domestic: beer from country that bar is located in
Local: beer brewed nearby
Cans: beer served in a tin
Bottles: beer served in glass bottle
Draft: beer on tap
Keg: beer in a large barrel
Ciders: alcoholic drink from apples or other fruit
Coolers: premixed and bottled alcoholic drinks

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Bartender: Hi there. What can I get for you?
Guest: I need something cold.
Bartender: You've come to the right place.
Guest: Do you have any specials on?
Bartender: We have highballs on for half price.
Guest: Sorry, I meant for beer.
Bartender: Our beer special tonight is a pitcher of local draft with a half dozen wings for $12.99
Guest: I guess I should have brought a friend. I think I'll just have a Heineken for now.
Bartender: Sure, would you like that on tap or in a can?
Guest: Do you have it in a bottle?
Bartender: No, I'm afraid we don't.
Guest: That's okay. I'll take a pint.
Bartender: A pint of Heineken coming up.
Guest: Actually, you better just make it a sleeve.
Bartender: Sure. And should I start you a tab?
Guest: No, I'm driving. How much do I owe you?
Bartender: $5.25.
Guest: Here's 6. Keep the change
Bartender: Thank you.

Wait staff to chef

• Can you put a rush on table two's order?
• What's the ETA (estimated time of arrival) on the lasagna?
• How much longer for the roasted chicken?
• What's the soup of the day?
• One of my customers wants to know what you put in your cream sauce.
• Didn't I punch in a garlic bread with cheese?
• I'm missing three side salads.
• Table seven said to give compliments to the chef.
• My customer says this hamburger isn't cooked enough.
• Are you too busy to make me a staff meal?
• How much should I charge for an extra side of salsa?

Chef to wait staff

• Can you run this food? It's getting cold.
• The special is a rack of lamb with a tossed salad.
• I can do it, but it's going to cost extra.
• We just got five orders at once.
• It's going to be another minute for the rice.
• Are all of these separate cheques for the same table?
• Did you want the chicken wings to come up first?
• You asked for that hot sauce on the side, right?
• How does your table like their cheesecake?
• Don't forget to punch in those salads.
• Taste this soup and tell me what you think.

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Thấy mọi người post nhiều cái hay, mình cũng muốn post cùng, nhưng tiếc là quyến sách học service liendinh hông mang theo bên người :(
Theo liendinh thấy, làm server trong nhà hàng, chủ yếu là phải nhớ được menu (một vài chỗ thì có số, hoặc là key word đi kèm theo menu) cùng với explanation của menu đó (trong trường hợp khách có hỏi); một vài câu chào hỏi và thái độ friendly nữa là okie ==> cái này được rút ra từ 2 kỳ làm intern ở nhà hàng :)
Kỳ đầu tiên thì liendinh có làm trong bar, nên biết một vài loại đồ uống (làm cực kỳ đơn giản) và tên gọi muốn share cùng mọi người
I. Cafe
- cafe, expresso, ristrestto: đều là cafe, chỉ khác nhau ở mức độ đậm đặc (lượng nước ít hay nhiều). Ristrestto là loại đặc nhất. Cả 3 loại đều được serve cùng đường và cream. Liendinh không biết ở VN thì thế nào nhưng ở nước ngoài, một vài người thích uống cafe nhưng không có chứa cafein (ở CH, người ta gọi là cafe hag)
- cappuccino: hỗn hợp gồm 1/2 cafe, 1/2 sữa tươi nóng, trên cùng là lớp bọt sữa tươi và 1 ít bột chocolate; serve cùng đường (không có cream vì nó đã có sẵn sữa)
- cafe viennois: gồm cafe, và trên cùng là 1 lớp whipped cream (kem tươi). Chocolate viennois cũng được làm tương tự, chỉ khác thay cafe bằng chocolate nóng. Phía trên có thể để 1 vài hạt cafe để trang trí. Thức uống này được serve cùng đường, không có cream đi kèm
- Irish coffee: rượu whisky 2cl, cùng 1 ít đường được làm ấm lên 1 chút, sau đó cho cafe, whipped cream và 1-2 hạt cafe để trang trí, serve cùng đường

II. Bia và các thức uống có chứa alcohol:
- Panaché: hỗn hợp gồm bia và sprite. Thức uống này dùng khá thích hợp cho các bạn nữ hoặc những ai không uống được nhiều bia, vì bạn có thể cho thêm sprite và giảm lượng bia đi
- Monaco (hi vọng là liendinh type đúng :D): cách làm giống panache', chỉ khác một xíu là cho thêm 1 ít sirop vào.
- Blanc cassis: cassis và rượu trắng.
- Gin tonic: gin và schweppes tonic
- Whisky coke: 2cl rượu whisky pha cùng 1 ít coke

Cũng theo như những gì liendinh được biết thì một số loại đồ uống sẽ đi kèm cùng với chanh và đá, như là sprite, coke (light& normal), mineral water (with gas), gin tonic, martini blanc, ice tea lemon , lemon tea (Lipton black tea, without cream). Đi kèm cùng với 1 vài lát cam thì thường là ice tea peach (cho cam vào chỉ để phân biệt, trong trường hợp có 2 người gọi 2 loại ice tea khác nhau), rose hip tea (loại này Lipton có, vỏ ngoài màu đỏ, uống khá chua, nhưng sẽ khá hơn nếu bạn cho 1 vài lát cam- bỏ vỏ vào)

Trên đây là một vài điều liendinh còn nhớ từ kỳ intern đầu tiên. Nếu nhớ thêm được gì, liendinh sẽ post thêm.
Hi vọng giúp ích được chút ít gì đó cho mọi người
Chúc 1 cuối tuần vui vẻ!

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Thanks you, maybe you are an active girl.

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1 bài viết rất hay va đáng đọc

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oh !!!!Thanks !!! I think you are an seft-starter girl. Best wishes for you

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125 Italian coffee
½ jug steam milk
Chocolate power
Pressed the coffee powder into the coffee machine then press into the coffee cup. 1/3 cup of coffee with the caramel cream milk and then float the hot milk and foam on top and sprinkling the chocolate powder on top.
Glass: coffee cup
Garnish: chocolate powder

40 ml Kahlua
20 ml Amaretto
30 ml sugar syrup
1 long shot espresso coffee
Whipping cream
Pour sugar syrup, Amaretto and Kahlua into a latte glass and steam until hot. Pressed a long espresso then add into the glass.
Add whipping cream into the cocktail shaker with ice cubes and shake well. Carefully floats whipping cream over the back of a teaspoon on top the coffee then you see two distinct layers. Then sprinkling nutmeg on top.
Glass: latte glass

40ml Amaretto liqueur
20 ml Tia Maria
30 ml sugar syrup
1 long shot espresso coffee
Whipping cream

Pour sugar syrup, Amaretto and Tia Maria to a latte glass and steam until hot. Pressed one long espresso then add into the glass.

Add whipping cream into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and then shake well. Carefully floats whipping cream over the back of a teaspoon on top the coffee then you see two distinct layers.
Glass: latte glass
Garnish: none

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Tip for serving Brandy with Coke/ Sprite/ 7up
When a customer asks for some Brandy with Coke/ Sprite/ 7 up, it means you serve 3 things together: a Brandy glass of about 30 ml wine Brandy + an empty highball glass with a slice of lemon in it + a bottle of 7up/ Sprite/ Coke. Do not mix them together. Let your customer does it himself, simply because that suites his own taste. And do remember that many of foreigners do not like to be served by soft drinks in can (I still do not know why). Use bottle in this case.

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thats great.....thankyou very much.......if you know more about "food and beverage service management " please shar with us......thankyou

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hay ghe! cam on moi nguoi nghẹ nhung bai tieng anh nay that bo ich

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F&B Management? I have a book about that, written in English, published by AH& LA (American Hotel& Lodging Association). Contact me if you want to have 1 copy of this. However, I'm not in VN right now. I'll be back in 01/2008. If you can wait, no pro at all ;)

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chao liendinh
to la nhu quỵnh,ban dang lam trong mot nha hang o nuoc ngoai dung khong to thay von tieng anh cua ban kha that.........to rat muon hoc tieng anh va cung rat thich thuong thuc cac mon an va thuc uong tren the gioi...ban co hay len mang khong ...hiiiiiiiiiii
hien gio ban dang o nuoc nao vay

21-11-2007, 08:46 PM
minh hien dang la nhan vien cho mot khach san 5 sao, minh hoi bi te ve tieng Anh, khong biet la cac ban co thong tin ve ten va hinh anh ve cac mon dung cu trong nha hang ko? vi dieu do rat can thiet cho minh luc nay.
thanks a lot

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Hello Every body!
I would like to ask you about this set menu:
A Set menu is exactly what the term suggests, one choice only, it normally has 3 or 4 courses, A typical êxampl of a western set menu would be:
Cold Starter: melon with parma ham
Hot Soup: Cream of vegêtabê Soup
Main course: Roast Chicken with'Trimmings'
Dessert: Chocolate tart
....Please explain it what. many thanks!