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08-06-2010, 04:17 PM
Bạn nào làm ơn cho ḿnh biết nghĩa bóng của các cụm từ sau đây, Nếu được cho thêm ví du...thank
At loose ends
break up
by a mile
call off
catch on
catch up
come around
come by
come up with
count on
everthing's coming together
fed up with
find out
get burned
get over
give a cold shoulder
go smoothly
in the long run
jump to conclusions
keep an eye out
keep your chin up
lend a hand
let up
let on
make the most of
off guard
pay off
play it safe
not to mention
out of the question
running late
show up
stop by
swamped with
take it easy
that'll be the day
things are looking up
work your fingers to the bone
work out


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10-06-2010, 12:49 AM
1. Be at a loose ends to be bored because you have nothing to do
-> Why don't you stay for dinner if you're at a loose ends?
2. Give sb the cold shoulder to be unfriendly to someone
-> I tried to sort things out with Jean, but she gave me the cold shoulder.
3. In the long run = In the long term Over a long period of time
-> A house is a pretty safe investment in the long run.
In the short run/ term
4. Keep an eye out for = Keep your eyes open for to be sure to notice
-> Keep an eye out for somewhere to eat. I'm starving.
5. Lend (sb) a hand = Give (sb) a hand to help someone
-> Can you give me a hand with these desks?
Sb needs a hand
6. Catch sb off guard to cause someone to do something badly because they are not prepared for it
-> We were caught off guard by the huge numbers of orders.
7. Play it safe not to do anything that involves risks
-> Let's play it safe and take the earlier train to the airport.
8. Not to mention... đó là chưa kể đến... đó là c̣n chưa nói/ tính đến...
9. Be out of the question not possible or not allowed
10. Take it easy = Take things easy to relax and not do very much
11. That'll be the day! That's very unlikely! (làm ǵ có chuyện?)
-> Is he married? That'll be the day!
12. Work your fingers to the bone to work extremely hard
-> Their mother has worked her fingers to the bone for them.