View Full Version : mong cac ban giup minh them lan nua. Thanks.

06-01-2007, 04:05 PM
Hello everybody! I want to introduce you a good subject which I learnt one month ago. Do you know Creativity and Innovation Methodologies? How many people used to be told this subject? I think many people don’t know it. This subject has been taught in Viet Nam since 1997 by Professor Phan Dung, who is one of the famous professors on the world. TRIZ is the official name of this subject on the world. Now, more 15,000 students used to learn it. Professor Phan Dung has established the Center for Scientific & Technical Creativity. The function of this Center is study and teaching Creativity and Innovation Methodologies to everybody. The courses are often opened after two months for once. Its fee is 650,000 VND each course.
Maybe, you want to know its usefulness, do you? Do you want to know what you will be learnt in this course? Please wait for the next. :D