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10-11-2006, 11:26 PM
The lessons isnít in schoolbook

Become a student, a new heaven opens in front of your eyes: new school, new teachers, new friends and also the new way of learning. There no plight of school-work testing like high-school period, there no person who manage your learning.
Because of no controling self, no having learnig plan, a lot of students had to have compassion to say goodbye universitarian amphitheatre in regret.
Passing entrance exam of universities isnít to end, but next that are parts of new road with more full of difficulties than before. No owning self in new life, worrying about money, learning plan is not suitableÖ, those things are always barriers for any students that haveít enough skill and spirit to make good and to overcome them. While at that, traning process at university had changes and requires learners have to be more active than before. Soon from this new school year, new students will begin learning following new regular universitarian training status that has just been enforced by Ministry of Education and Training. Students from position are subjects that are passively managed, according new status, students will get more right and self-control in learning. At first everyterm, students are given choice of learning quantity suitable with their acquiring abilities, conditions. In there, students need firstly have to pay attention to training program of their universities, take initiative in registering the mass of learning so that it is suitable with their abilities, conditions, circumstances. Even if registering is wrong, learning result is bad so they can fall into case and they would be forced to stop learning.