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31-10-2008, 10:59 PM
Mnh hiện giờ đang lm học Public Speaking v phải lm 1 bi essay về Customer service nhưng khng bt viết vậy c đng gram v cch dng từ ko?Nếu c g sai mong cc bạn sửa lại gim mnh

Nowadays,there are a large number of big hotels such as New World ,Sheraton or Part Hyatt established amd promply captivate to many customers. However , if it is a small hotel ,how will you exist and compete with them For that reason, it makes you stress ,worried and even insomniac every night .Dont worry about that. Customer service will help you out of a difficulty.Today, customer service is considered as the lifeblood of any businẹss
And one of the most elements in building a successful customer service is dealing with customer complaints.If you solve it effectively ,your company s reputation ll go up.Otherwise, it ll go down.For that reason.today I ll show you 3 essentials to improve dealing with customer complaints



Offering solution

Nothing is more important than listening while customers are exasperating.It is one of the best ways to help make unhappy customers fell better about your business . This shows that you care about your customers and are looking out for them . And remember that listen not only with your ears but also with eyes contact so that they are assured that you are listening and care to solve their problems.In addition.you should also ask questions to make sure you fully understand the problem and sympathise with their situation even if you dont think it your faul. Just being heard will make most unhappy customers feel better about your customer service

Besides listening , apology is also necessary role in dealing with customer complaints. Remember that you must always apologize when problems or mistakes happen even if customer may not always be right .Because in fact, customers will be always be customers.An apology shows that you respect customers and you are aiming to put right any problems they have encountered and may go alongside other forms of solution, particularly if the problem is significant, or the customer is an important one

Mnh chỉ mới nghĩ ra 2 main ideas thi. Cn offering solution chưa nghĩ ra,cũng ko bit lm sạoNhung hy vọng cc bạn sửa gim để bi hon chỉnh hơn

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Bạn xem thử bi sửa. :)