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26-09-2008, 09:27 PM
There are many heroes/heroines who had been honored by eight-million-vietnamese hearts.In my opiion nguyen trai is the best one.He not only famous for his background but also is well-known worldwide.He was born in 1380 in CHI NGAI village HAI DUONG province. THen he emigrated to HA TAY province.He was the best assistances of LE LOI in long road to founded LE dynasty.Unfortunately he was related to TRAN NGUYEN HAN who had been suspected of not faithflo he returned to CON SON.And a few month later he was killed because of the death of LE THAI TONG.
NGUYEN TRAI took a big literature hesitate for the country.IT includes series of poems such as UC TRAI THI TAP, QUOC AM THI TAP and so on.Another creation was QUAN TRUNG TU MENH TAP with some letters on behalf of LE LOI written for the peace. Admittedly he play an important role at that time.On the other hand he devoted all his lifeto vietnamese people.
IN the end, I want to say that i am proud of nguyen trai as chinese pride themselves on Great WAll.In many ways ,he is symbolic of peace and knowleadge.
thank mọi người trước nha, trnh viết tớ cn km lắm,mong mọi người sửa gim:32_002: