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21-08-2008, 06:46 PM
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Chc mọi người viết tốt + sửa bi tch cực :78:

22-08-2008, 08:44 AM
Now I'm 15, but I still never forget the first day I was in kindergarten. I used to be very naughty so my mom had decided to send me to the most reliable kindergarten in my hometown. I was very excited because I could befriend with everyone and share my toys to play with them. That was a rainy day, and I wondered why I had a strange feeling when I saw the teacher stare at me, take my hand and my mother said goodbye to me. I thought this place could be like/a heaven, though the atmosphere was not as funny as I expected.

As a child, I didn't know exactly what the meaning of "cruel" means is, but maybe the teacher in my kindergarten had shown me the way to understand it. She hit me at my back because I was crying so much time that no one could make me stop doing it . I missed my mother and I wanted to go home. At that time, I thought that I couldn't escape and in my mind, this it was just like a prison. I had no choice. I still had to stay there until the evening.

I felt so scared and things became seriously. That afternoon, I got wet in my pants! My teacher shouted at me and hit me at my back again. I run away ran out of the class. It was still raining.

The day after, I got sick. My mother knew the story and immediately she shouted (Nếu dng shouted th nghe sao sao ấy nhỉ, ko bit nữa ^^) at my teacher again(mẹ em chưa qut c lần no m). Moreover Therefore (Dng moreover th nghĩa hơi k, dng therefore hn :)), I was forced to move(ra khỏi t m lại bị p sao) was moved to another a better kindergarten. I was still very so shocked that I was crying along the way to the new kindergarten. However, my new teacher's attitude was very kind and lovely that she gave me a candy. I got used to live here very fast. I have made a lot of friends and I always invited them to my house.

That's my most unforgetable memory in my school life. Staring Looking at those photograph in the past, I remember the first day in my kindergarten and think about the moment that I will never forget in my life.

However, my new teacher's attitude was very kind and lovely that she gave me a candy.
cu ny nếu xt về nghĩa th khng ổn cho lắm.
--> However , I felt my new teacher's kindness and loveliness when she gave me a candy.

22-08-2008, 10:57 PM
My school life is normal as like the everybody but there are is an event which I can not forget. At that time, I learned was learning in secondary school. I was a gentle pupil and I hardly ever teased my friends. However, one day, that it was the a rest time on saturday, everyone go went out of the class room, there are were only me and a friend of mine at this that time. He asked me to take a litter hull upper in the door where is middle of the door and door-case then closing close (Động từ theo sau ask) the door . We have had hidedden near the room and hoped that the litter hull would fall down into someone when they he opened the door. Then shortly after that, the a teacher came to near to the room and he opened the door. I think that you know what happened then. I have had to write the a report for my head teacher, clean the school-yard for a week and my action was informed to my family. My parent scolded me very much. I dont know how you think about this story? However but this is the most unforgettable memory in my school life.
K bik mnh sửa c sai chỗ no k nhỉ:59:

24-08-2008, 10:09 AM
Bon chen t nh :D Sửa bi của Yuna n :D

It ('s) was in my high school.
I (can't) couldn't forget.
It('s) was the first time and the last time I've made my teacher cry.
It's my lecture teacher.

(Until) Up to now, people've always (think) thought that I'm a good pupil. I learnt hard. I was obedient, I didn't scrap.... However, I'm big-headed, so, it happened.

When I was in class 11. My lecture teacher was very young(, very) and beautiful. (When I was in class 11, my lecture teacher was not only young but also beautiful). My class (also learnt) specialized in Chemistry. You can say: we (only) just learnt: Chemistry, Physic and Maths (It's the truth of VN's education). Therefore, we didn't attend (with) to learning lecture very much, (and) my teacher didn't attend (with) to teaching us, too . She (touch) gave lessons because it was task. I didn't like this subject, ceirtainly (:|. Uhm. We used to use books and discuss with each other when we had a test. My teacher allowed, not (public) forbid.

Once time, when I (arrived)recieved (a) my result test, I was very angry.Although I was true, the same as my friends (the same), I got 6 mark (6), she got 8 mark (8). I saw my teacher and (told) asked her why. She (answered) said that (Because) I had an mistake, which I had erased it, which made me get lower mark. She also said (, "It is the cause. Maybe) (that) I might see (saw) my friend's test and copied it. I was so angry because I hadn't done like this yet (I said "No, I never copy other test") I stared at her and told her I would never copy other's. She said (Maybe) (you) I might discuss with (your) my classmate". Oh no, everyone, not only me. I was so tetchy that I didn't say anymore. My teacher halved my result and my friend's result. When I read my result, I read 3, but she wanted me said the result in my test, and I perfervid. May be she was so angry too, she gave me (rats) cuff. She told me not be trained, not good, and something (is) was terrible. I cried, (but) I didn't hear her, didn't looked at her. A couple of minutes later, she cried and left my classroom.

Then, my friends advised me to apologize her, at first I didn't accept. However, a week later, I apologized her, because my dealing was not good. She said: " It isn't your mistake". (The last) I and she have never talked again since then. I (don't) didn't hate her.

Nhn chung th c tưởng :) Nhưng m viết cu chưa hay, cn đơn giản, từ lặp nhiều... Bi hnh như hơi di :D
Thắc mắc cht: c phải bạn học chuyn ho, c gio đ dạy văn ?!
(((( I say that It's too late to apologized... It's too late :D)))
C j mọi người gp nh :D

24-08-2008, 10:27 AM
It's so sure that there are many unforgettable events in anyone's school life. With wonderful friends around, it's there were always lots of laughs, full of funny things as well as happy moments that come with us to the end.

I always remember one night in my school life, the last night I lived in the dormitory. At that night, all students collected together gathered at the large and beautiful playground (ở dorm th k dng playground đc) hall of the dormitory. We invited almost all of our teachers, we shared our stories, we sang one by one, we laughed, some girls even cried. Before we leave left school, our teachers gave us useful advice that would helps us a lot later, and we are always thankful for that. There were many emotions in such an event.
Cu đầu "It's so sure that" nn sửa l " There is no doubt that" or " I'm quite sure that" v mnh t thấy ai viết mở như thế.:47_002:

24-08-2008, 10:40 AM
Now I am 18. I have just passed the extrance exam to university. I'm very funny. I can't forget the time which I learnt hard all day with my friends and the teachers. All of my friends helped me so much. They taught me many things which I didn't understand. They agitated for( phrase ny chỉ dng cho sth, not someone) fostered me a lot, which made me determine to pass the important extrance exam. Besides, there is my family. Especially, my mother took care of me so much and very well. I am really thanked grateful to my mother because of her love with to me. I also will never forgot forget this time. It's very tired tiresome, but it's also very wonderful.
Cu "I'm very funny" nn bỏ v n k lin kết với cc cu sau:59:!!!

24-08-2008, 11:57 PM
I love this topic so much because this is a change for me to express the difficult feeling of mine that i have never told anbody anyone before when i was a kid.
At that time, it was a big problem of both mine and my family. I'm sure that you will understand what i mean. Yes, i used to get wet in pants for a very long time, please don't laught laughed at me when you knew that.
You know, when i lived in that bad situation, i was very shy and i didn't dare to go anywhere, especially going overnight, and nobody wanted to sleep with me. I took much methods of treatment during nearly 10 years, hu hu hu.
And one day, my school organized a picnic in 2 days (nếu ko c chữ "s" th bạn c thể viết l "a two-day picnic" ), of course all of my friends everybody were very happy except me (bạn ko thể nằm trong số cc friends của bạn đc. ok?) , however i couldn't be able to not to go, so i did.
At that night, i daren't didn't dare to go sleep, just played cards with my friend, but most of my friends went to bed at midnight as they very tired and...so was i,. Therefore i didn't know when i slept...Suddenly, i woke up and very embarrassed when i saw much water around me and my friends, i worried so much, but i then kept patient again tried to keep calm ( bạn l giữ bnh tĩnh phải ko? ), and i had and made up a reason to explain to my friends. Do you want to know what it was ??? Yes, when most of my friends woke up, i explained that : " i am sorry i dropped the bottle of water.^^" I was not sure whether my friends knew my problems, but they laught laughed a lot and looked at me very strangly strangely.Hu...hu..hu..
Anyway, that was my unforgetable memory. Thanks.!!!

Lần sau bạn viết hoa từ I nh.
Bạn viết nhiều cu di qu. Nn cắt thnh cc cu ngắn hơn.
Bạn viết nhiều cu theo lối informal qu. D sao cũng l tập viết essay nn bạn ch viết formal hơn nh.

25-08-2008, 08:41 AM
khicon_vuive478 (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/member.php?u=115283)
Well, if you want to know the most unforgettable memory in my school life, I'll tell you. It happened when I was in first grade.
That day was the school opening ceremy opening-school ceremony. When the ceremy ceremony finished, everyone came home but me. Because my mom didn't come yet. I had to wait there. However, after haft half an hour, I still didn't see her. Then, I started crying. I cried, cried, and cried but nothing happened. And the more i was afraid, the louder I cried.
Then Suddenly(lặp từ ri bạn ơi), I saw a woman coming. She was my teacher. When I saw her, i thought I was very lucky. She asked me why I cried, and I told her everything. After listening to me, she smiled at me and told me that she would take me home. I was very happy.
Ten minutes later, I was at home, my mom thanked her and appologised apologized me for being late. Until now, i can even remember clearly the smile she gave me on that day. Oh, my dear teacher.

25-08-2008, 12:29 PM
My most unforgetable memory in my school life

Now, I am sixteen and learning at a high shool in Ha Noi city. After having read the name of this topic, I just remember a memory when I learnt at a primary shool. At that time, I was learning in the 5th form. I remember it was a literature class. I seat sat at the end of the class room with three classmates of mine. When my teacher was passionately teaching, I in company with two classmates who seat sat beside me don't, I ddn't concentrate on the lecture of the teacher. We were talking with each other and eating candy. Suddenly, the teacher call told me to stand up and asked me a question. At that moment, I was holding a candy in my mouth. At once, I swallowed the candy. Unfortunately, I choked on the candy. glower Eyes were glowering, I felt a buring pain in my throat. Lastly, I swallowed the candy up and began to think about the question of the teacher. Tow Friends beside me had laughed fit to die. What a close shave! I will never forget this memory. Now, every time I think about that memory, I feel as like I came am coming back with to a spontaneous and playful one-time period.
one-time l adj chứ ko phải noun đu!!
swallow sth up = nuốt chửng 1 vật j đ

25-08-2008, 02:17 PM
Hong Minh Phi

Not much to say about the most unforgetable memory in my school life. However, I've never forgotten the first day I went to primary school. In that day morning, my parents told me that we would go to Thu Le Park to see animals and play some games I liked the best. I was a quite intelligent boy, so I realized the unusual thing immediately. I agreed, but started to think of a plan. As I had thought, my parents took me to the shop and began asking the shop assistant the price of a schoolbag. Without saying a word, I quickly came out of the shop while my parents were choosing pencils, rubbers and notebooks for me (of course!). (and) ==> I ran to a toy store near the kidergarten. I think you could imagine what happened next. After over two hours looking for their kid , my parents found me in the toy store. I was shouted at them (a lot), but I was not sad. It was too late for them to take me to school !

Bi viết của bạn kh tốt, chỉ mắc một số lỗi nhỏ :) Tiếp tục pht huy nh !! :78:

25-08-2008, 02:42 PM

I have missed the days I learnt at secondary school best (???). My school named "Chu Manh Trinh". I think there are few people know it ==> not many people know it but. It is always in my heart. Before learning at (secondary) ==> this school, I wasn't be impressed any friends or teachers. At this ==> that time, I couldn't get a ==> any (theo mnh any hay hơn :) ) close friends (or be a good student of my teacher) ==> .I was not a good student in our class, too .And when I was a baby(When I was about 3-5 years old),I think I was lovely but I didn't know anythings ;I only played with my friend because of "candies and toys"and so do they Mnh thấy cu ny khng lin quan g đến phần bạn viết ở trước, nn bỏ đi th tốt hơn, nhỉ ?! ) .Now I am studying at high school. My mother said that I was an adult but I still want to be a child as I was in the past. Sometimes, I think about the old kỷ niệm (từ ny mnh ko biết ==> memory) and want to cry (Cả cu ny cũng thế, mất lin lạc vs mấy cu trn mất rồi :-s ) .The time flows ==> passes too fast ==> rapidly that make me feel everythings is only yesterday....yesterday!

cmt: Bi viết của bạn hơi bị thiếu lin kết. Khi viết cần ch đến ngữ php bạn nh, cả dấu cu nữa (cũng rất quan trọng). Tốt hơn hết l nn vẽ ra một ci sườn (dn ) trước khi viết. Chc bạn viết tốt hơn trong những bi sau :)

25-08-2008, 03:19 PM

Now, I have just been graduated college. But However (but khng đứng đầu cu bạn nh :) ) I fotfot 've never forgotten the frist first day I went go to primary school. I didn't study kindergarten.In the frist day, I cried a lot of and watch follow my mother into her disappear ==> On that day, I wept bitterly (khc thảm thiết) and follow my mother with my eyes (nhn theo mẹ ti) until she was out of my view (cho đến khi b đi khỏi). I really scared because I had not studies in kindergarten before. It was a terrible day in my life. (Mnh nghĩ l từ đy bạn nn triển khai tiếp <ngy đầu đến lớp: bở ngỡ, khng quen ai, ... mọi thứ đều khc lạ... khng c mẹ dỗ dnh ... j j đ> khng nn viết lung tung như thế ny. ) In the Secondary shool, my memory most remember is teacher give me a thck ear who my nine grade literature's teacher, because I fotgot do homework. In the college school is the time I fell very happỵ Therefore,my class, girl have a little girl,so I was tendered. A few month, we had a picnic, and have a lot of photograph

Gp cht nh: Bạn nn xc định r Yu cầu của đề bi trước khi bắt đầu viết. Topic ny l: "Write about the most unforgetable memory in your school life" V thế, theo mnh chỉ nn kể về một kỉ niệm su sắc nhất thi, khng cần viết di dng (ngắn gọn, xc tch, đủ ).... (bạn đọc thử bi của bạn Hong Minh Phi xem sao nh :) ) Good luck :x

27-08-2008, 11:02 AM
Hi every body, I'm Linh. This is the first time, I join in this web. If we say about the most unforgetable memory in our school life, I have many funny in my school life(lặp từ).When I go went to primary school, I 'm was very afraid of everything.I remember that when teacher give excersice exercise about painting, I don't know how to paint. I cried much and having had a friend helped me. After Afterward, I and her she become close frien friends. This is a an impression which i can't forget. When i go went to in secondary school, I have had many friends.We talked much about us and I feel i am became more seftself-confident. That day, Tteacher teaching biology checked me but I haven't hadn't learned my lesson. Therefore, i was low mark she gave me a low mark.I'm was very sad and shỵ Now I think again it's funnỵ This stories make me unforget unforgetable. It's memorable.

We talked much about us
cu ny mnh ko hiểu lắm. bạn l j?

Nhận xt:
-Sai th kh nhiều. Bạn nhớ rằng khi kể lại những chuyện trong qu khứ ta dng th QKĐ.
-Sai chnh tả. Bạn c thể khắc phục bằng cch để hơn khi g bi. Những chữ c gạch chn mu đỏ ở dưới thường l sai chnh tả. Đi khi l sự khc biệt trong cch dng Anh-Anh v Anh-Mỹ .Nhưng ni chung ko nhiều.
-Cc trong bi ko liền mạch. Bạn chuyển chủ đề ko nhuyễn cho lắm.
-Tuy cn một số khuyết điểm nhưng bạn đừng ngại viết nh. Thất bại l mẹ thnh cng m. Chc bạn viết bi tốt hơn nữa.

27-08-2008, 11:34 AM
I'm sure anybody in the world has been a lot of memories in their life although no matter who they are, specially in school life time.
I was born and grown brought up (hoặc viết l and grew up) in Dongnai province, where my childhood was flied flown so high with paper kite and a lot of such funny games so funny. My father beat ( beat th nghe hơi "khủng", tội nghiệp thạt^^) me in one time when I was interested in flying a kite so late.:sexy_girl:beat so hurt!!!
After that I must be gone went to primary school because i was being six. The first day at class 1A, there were so many different things and strangers with to me: new friends, teachers, new place.... :59:...
I was in harmony with new friends there immediately. I was so happy because I had new clothes, new baggage, new sweet-smelling paper books. My school was an old place with patchy tables but I loved it because it took gave me so much many memories that I can't forget.
Games had prolonged through my childhood in that day (which day??- my first day of school). That's my most (cần 1 adj ở đy) wonderful happiness in my life.:30_002:...
Nhớ viết hoa đầu cu bạn nh:47_002:

27-08-2008, 11:38 AM
boingrain84 (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/member.php?u=113558)
I'm 16 now. By now I have had a boring schoolife. Almost I don't have a special memory about this nice period of time. However, maybe I will never forgot the first time I have gone to kindergatenkindergarten. If I were other children, I will would cry when my parents take me to there. But I didn't. When my parents went away, I was playing with swing. The first class smoothly drift past except I cried when my parents went to meet me ,. I suddenly remembered that they had gone without me. They laughed me about this.

27-08-2008, 11:47 AM
hi everybody!
In my school life , I had a lot of unforgetable memories.The most unforgetable memory I won't will never forget when i was in class 11. It was one day near before tet holiday. After finishing maths class , I felt boring bored and tired and I didn't want to study . Three of my friends and me decided to drop class to go have breakfast. At that time, we were naughty boys in our class :D
. The school gate have had been closed , so we had to jump the fence. When we went out of school , we felt very excited .We went to have breakfast and played some games. Unfortunately, the security had looked our seen us while we were playing. Therefore, he told my lecture teacher.When we came back to school , my lecture teacher was waiting there. At that time , we were worried and frightened. We just stood dormantly and said nothing . My lecture teacher invited our parents to have a discuss about our bad behavior before having the Tet holiday. Then we were suspended from school in one week. We had to stay at home on the first day after finishing tet holiday. I'm sure this memory will keep following me in my whole life the rest of my life.
Bạn ch đnh dấu(.)(,) cho đng:47_002:

27-08-2008, 02:28 PM
hi! there,I'm glad to be here, and this is the first time I've visited this web. How are you....?(I hope so!!!). well, "yesterday is the history, tomorrow is the future and today is a gift", I don't like to talk about the bad past, but I really like this topic because I used to have the nice life school a nice school life. Therefore, there will has many things to talk about it, well, it is not won't be nice if I don't talk about recalling my first day at school. That morning,

It was a nice morning,( all the bird were singing in the sky to welcome me!!!!!! hic...hịc)I had to get up early and my mother drove took me to school. I felt shy when I saw so many students in the school yard. Everything is was strange, I clutched my mothers' hands and looked around curiously at everything with curious eyes. I joined a stood in the queue and was brought into the class by my teacher( luckily, my teacher was my grand-aunt..haha).I didn't cry when my mother left. However, I had a strange feeling,( empty??....uhm...yes, that's right!!!) Many of my classmates were also crying and my teacher had a hard time to pacifying console (an ủi) us. She played some games with us and taught me how to reading. Soon, I got to know a few friends After that, I made friends with some of my classmates. At the end of the day, I wasn't longer wasn't frightened or lonely anymore. My parents were glad when they saw me again,(of course !!! me too). And the happy day in my life,

It The happiest day in my school life was my first Prize-presentation in my school lif - when I was a first grader (class 1). I was chosen to be the good best student of the year. My teacher given gave me a gift. I was surprised and happy. Immediately, I runned so fat, run throught ran fast through the crowded, run across a the field to go home. I shouted for joy with happiness and shared it to my parents (mom!...dad!...>MOMMMMM!!!!..... DADDDDD!!!!!....I got a gift !!!...a gift>>> I got a gift...oh..la la la ...I can't believe it !!!! and I danced!!!:dancing-banana:) my parents beamed widely. They were very proud of me. My dad said " that's my son!!!". It was probably the happiest day in my life !!!!!!!(sorry you! it is noon and I am so hungry, I will got something to eat!!!bye bye for now) I will come back for this topic , many thing to talk about it!!! see ya... wouldn't wanna be ya....!!!!

- Đy l bi luận, chnh v vậy bạn cần phải viết thật nghim tc, chứ trong bi của bạn c rất nhiều dấu (), l coi như ng` chấm thi cho bạn điểm 0 oi` đ :D
- Khi hết đọan th phải xuống dng
- Ch viết hoa đầu cu

27-08-2008, 02:54 PM
I always remember the memory that had happened when I was in secondary school. It was near to the time of the teacher's day. We had to make wall-newspaper to celebrate all the teachers. So Therefore, we decided to come to my teacher's house to do that.
At there, we also cooked and played together besides making the wall-newspaper. It was very funny and interesting. Especially, my teacher taught me how to ride bicycle. It was so great.
It was the most interesting time in my school time life. Now I live in HCM city and i haven't seen them for a long time. I remember them as well as will never forget the time we were together very much.


27-08-2008, 03:23 PM
night_mare1399 (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/member.php?u=124386)
Im eighteen years old now, and just have graduated from high school. Therefore, 12 years is the a long time in order to tell you about my childhood stories. However, the most unforgettable memory in me school life is this story. Its the time I studied It was the time I was studying at primary school, grade 3. I was a fat and slow boy,. while During the recess I was standing at my school yard, it is a big place with many pupil playing there. An accident was happened to me; a boy ran fast and suddenly hit me. I was fallen down and unlucky my head ,unluckily , was hit a brick. I was fainted. When I woke up I saw my principle held me with many pupils around. I was brought to bureau of public health. My teacher called my parent to take me home. The injury wasnt serious but I have to off school for 3 days. My friends helped me with lessons, they even paid me a visit and they bought for me some gifts. I was very happy to have because of having friends like that. Now I think if I have a chance, I will visit my teacher and my friends.
Its not so special but anyway its the unforgettable memory in my school life.

27-08-2008, 08:50 PM
The story happened when I was in the grade 7. This is a life experience that isn't teached taught in your school. One a day, I detected a red pen and a ruler in the school yard. I was too honesty to able to pick up them. I wonder " should I take them". Suddenlly, my friend came beside, he wasn't embarrassed when took them as if they were his possessions of him. I didn't believe in my eyes. However, he didn't take all of them, he gave me the ruler. I didn't understand why he shared a the ruler for with me. Why didn't he possess all both of them? Why did he give me ruler? Those are three two questions that need to explaining be explained by me
My friend is too ploy cunning. If he hadn't shared me, he would have been a robber. However if he had shared me, all of us would have been thieves. He was clever enough to not steal alone. The red pen had was more valuable than a ruler. Of course, he took the red pen. Sum up, he teach taught me how to use ploy in the life. If you are too honesty, everybody will take advantage of you.
Ploy l noun thui chứ k phải adj hay verb đu

29-08-2008, 10:04 PM
Oh In my school life, I have had many memories but there is was one memory which I can't forget. It is was a sad memory. Today I will tell you this memory(ci ny dng cho văn ni m). It happened last year when I was in grade 9
Last year I was in grade 9(hai cu ny nn gộp lại 1 chứ để vậy vừa bị lặp lại vừa c cảm gic rời rạc, vụn vặt). At that time,(thm trạng từ chỉ thời gian cho n r rng v c lin kết cho n hay) I thought I would have a nice friendship but I lost it. I had a good friend. He and I were neighbours together. We used to go to school together, and we used to talk to each other about all problems. We shore everything and we understood each other...
I will write later please don't delete it sửa đ đời...đọc tới cu ny => chong :choler:
Bạn cứ viết tiếp,PD sẽ sửa tiếp vo đy, d sao cũng mắc cng ny giờ...

29-08-2008, 10:53 PM
From I was born to now. In my life have many things happen to me .In my life,many things have happened to me since I was born.(Tiếng Anh chứ ko phải tiếng Việt nh bạn,ci cu đầu của bạn chỉ l 1 cụm từ =>ko đủ cu,ko thể chấm...cu tiếp th lại cũng hok đng cấu trc cu v nếu in my life l cụm trạng từ th động từ have ko c chủ ngữ) There have been many both sadness and many joyfulness that have happened to my life(nn bỏ vế cuối v lặp lại với cu đầu mất rồi). And the memory make me unfortable
It was an unforgetable memory.I will tell you about that memory : it last 3 year ,Three years ago, when i I(lun viết hoa chữ I) was a pupil in high school , and I was very lazy in study , especially i am I was even very bad at Chemistry. I had never learnt by heart before entering class and .(ngắt cu ở đy lun) One day , one day make me unfortable unfortunately , my teacher called me for checking to check my old lesson , but i I couldn't answer any of his sentences questuons and .Then he told me many heavy words , i and gave me a bad mark .At that time , i I hated him very much , because he told me of his heavy words (nguyn vế sau đằng trước đ c =>biến tấu cht cho bi khỏi bị nhm), he hurt my heart.Then , I swear swore myself that i I would never look at on the blackboard for listening or listen to his lessons word , i I begin had begun to study very hard.Finally , i I passed the examination with high marks.After that , i I thought again , my teacher really is a was the person who helped me in with my study , and helped me take good marks in the exam. Now i I feel shy when I hate my teacher thinking about this memory. Now , i (now c trước ri đ bạn) I want to say with to my teacher that " thank you very much" my dear teacher" dear. It is was my the memory that i I will never forget .

Bi c tưởng nhưng bạn diễn đạt chưa được tốt cho lắm, lần sau cố gắng hơn nh !!!

01-09-2008, 12:41 PM
I am a student at of a famous university in Singapore, but I can not forget a memory in my primary school. I remember will never forget it forever...
It is was a smile.
My teacher brought me a beautiful smile. It was the first day I went to school. I was afraid of crowders being alone in a crowded but she smiled to me. As you know, sometimes, a smile or a compliment can also help someone to do a many good things. A That smile helped me be more confident in my life. Since then, I believed in myself and I have became a good student. I would like to become a good English teacher in the near future so that I can bring my smile and my general knowledge to all of my students. I always thank my teacher because she had a of her beautiful smile.

- lần sau viết bi nhớ chia đng th nh
- cấu trc: help sb do sth

01-09-2008, 03:42 PM
When I learned the first class was in the first grade, one thing happened and it made me never forget about my school life. It was Monday, all the pupils of my class except a girl concentrated gathered in the school -yard to salute the flag. After that, we returned the class to learn. My teacher ordered us to open the copy-book and took pencil out before she came back. I took my copy-book from my papercase and I found that my pencil was disappeared. Immediately, I thought about the girl who stayed were staying in the class. I went to her table and told her 'You steal my pencil from my papercase, give me back my pencil '. She cried and swore that she didn't steal my pencil. However, I didn't believe her and I forced the pencil out of her hand. At last, I had a pencil to write. Nobody in my class told my teacher what was had happened.
In that everning when I prepaired my books to for the next day, I discovered that my papercase had a hole in at the bottom and I kept silent.
When autumn term finished , she moved to another city and I didn't meet her again. I hope that I will meet her to sorry apologize.
tưởng hay đ:47_002:

02-09-2008, 05:13 PM
I'm 16 now, but I still remember that day- the first day I went goto the kindergarten .At that time, I had cried very much when my mother left from there. However, after that, I was funnyhad fun immediately because my teacher iswas a friendly person. She made us fun and happy and we forgot about my our parents. Now ! I'm a student's highschool student but that memory seems to be kept in my mind.

- have fun hay fun mới l vui vẻ,như enjoyable nha bạn, cn funny l buồn cười
chc bạn viết tốt

02-09-2008, 05:33 PM
Hi, I posted for this topic but it didn'twasn't good. Now I want to write again and hope it will be better.

The memory I have never forgotten is the first time I go to primary school. I didn't studygo to the kindergarten, so that day is was the fristfirst day I gohad gone to school. That day was a terrible day in my life, I wept bitterly and followed my mother with my eyes in kindergarten before. In feltBeing alone, havingmeeting a lot of strangers and a new spaceplace,chỗ ny mnh nghĩ l để nu nguyn nhn nn dng mệnh đề ving and don't havewithout my mother so on the first day inat school, I didn't speak a word withto everyanybody, and.nn ngắt cu ở đyto timewhen the school finished, my mother met me, I cried again, cried a lot of, cried to such at extent that she had to caress and bought a doll for me. ^_^

If I have grammar mistake or sentences don'taren't fluent, please tell me and help me fix it

- ch chnh tả 1 số từ v ngắt cu
- mnh thấy 1 số cu phủ định bạn bị sai giữa việc dng not be v trợ động từ do/does. Nếu động từ chnh của bạn l be th phủ định hay cu hỏi phải dng be, cn nếu l đt thường th mới dng trợ l do/does.vd: nếu cu của bạn l S be adj th dng be chứ ko dng trợ đt
chc bạn viết tốt :D

02-09-2008, 10:16 PM
I graduated from Nghia tan secondary school 3 months ago.Now,I'm a new student of Yen Hoa high school.However,I never forget my old school because I found my best friend of my life there.
When I was in grade 6 ,I didn't have a lot of friends.Nobody played with me , nobody talked withto me and moreover, everybody hated me ,didn't care about me.SoTherefore, I was very lonely.Oneday, while I was sitting at the corner of my class ,a strange girl came to me and told that she wanted me to be her sister.I was very surprised,I couldn't say anything but I felt warm.I looked at her eyes,she made me happy.Her simple sentence was too wonderful .I laughed happily and agreed to be her sister.Then , we were hand in hand to go went to everywhere we wanted.Until now , on all ways I go , she is always by my side.We encourage each other not to give up .She knows who I am and where I stand.I want to say "thank you" to her.I can't go on and make some noise without her.We become one and never say"goodbye".We will remember each other and myour school life.They are my beautiful memories.I hope you also have the your true friend and you will love your school like me.

- bạn viết ngữ php cũng tốt rồi đ. mnh nghĩ chỉ cần ngắt cu cho r rng, ngắn hơn nữa chứ ko gộp vo v ch diễn đạt thi
chc bạn viết tốt

03-09-2008, 11:23 AM
tiengtolong2002 (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/member.php?u=119488)
When I still went to shool school, I felt this is good my life it is my best period of my life. Because I didn't think about the money, the dishes for everyday.... , I only go to shool school, get the good mark, go out with my close friends..... And Now now I remember about the last things happned happened in my shool life (lăp. bạn c thể bỏ đoạn ny )and I'm writing write about the most unforgetable memmory memory in my shool life.
Nearly the day which we take took the final exam, I went to shool school. My friend phoned me "Our teacher is sick, our class is going to cut in divide into second two classes". Although I was still walking to shool school, I wanted to go to the libery library so that I learned and reviewed in order to learn and review my biologic-chemical (cu ny bạn muốn đi đu vậy? Hnh như diễn đạt sai phải kỏ ) .Suddenly, I heard my friend call me"Dung, Dung...". "why do you still be our class do you still stand here , come back my class. Hurry now"she asked said. I arranged my book in my bag and followed her. When Hardly had I just came the door when my boy friends gave me the roses and a gift. I saw a few my girlfriend given the same. I suddenly remembered that today is our class's birthday. I surprised my close friends' action. I love my class. I had a good wonderful day and enjoyed with class' party in two classes.

Hardly had S1 done when S1 did sth. Ngay khi S1 lm j th S2 lm j.

Nội dung bi viết l hay , tuy nhin cn sai chnh tả v th kh nhiều.

03-09-2008, 12:51 PM
Well, the most unforgetable memory in my school life? It concerned two friends that I love most, one of high school and the other of university period. I used to be so glad of having to have the those good friends. We waited together for our parents to take us home at the school gate (high school cn đợi đn = ko hợp l), read picture comic book in classe regardless of time and discussed eagerly during two years of 11th and 12th grade. Then, we entered the life of students as well as that we didn't often meet each other. I made friend with an awesome person. She's quite clever, smart and astonishing. And she taught me how to say the words of love to my relatives. Unfortunately, after that happy time, I had a terrible quarrel with both two loving beloved friends. We didn't hadn't talked, even or seen each other in for a long time. Finally, we're also still friends but not closed any more as much as before. However, they're my the dearest friends forever!
loving=u yếm, đằm thắm
beloved=yu dấu, yu qu

03-09-2008, 01:09 PM
During school life each person , all of us would must have at least a one unforgetable memory that we couldn't forget through our life. They could be sad or happy, depending on our feeling. To private me myself privately, grade 8 was the period of happy time in my school life because, I had been had the best friends to my fellows. Our friendship had been marvelous, wonderful and sincerely. At the age of 14, we began to transform about psychology as body psychologically as well as physically. For example, we were taller or and having gaining futher knowledge. We perceived everythings was happening around better. To consider and discreetly with each action were was done by us. However, there were still different characters between me and them . There were 54 characters within the class that had 54 pupils.There were arguements happening aggressively that a lot of views were presented. Many opinions gave contrary views but the atmosphere were was friendly. Arguments to find out results answers were the best. We were always solidary to overcome difficult challenges in learning and movement.
Bạn nn kể 1 cu chuyện j đ xảy ra trong school life th hay hơn

03-09-2008, 05:12 PM
gsm (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/member.php?u=126251)
Now I am the a third three-year third year student but I often remember about (remember something) my school life, when I learnt at secondary school. For me, it is was a wonderful period time, and I'm sure that you do too (Cấu trc: Subject + trợ động từ + too) ,.everything All I must do were learnt and played to learn and play learning and playing, without worrying about money, career, love or some things something like that. At that time, I had two close friends, Minh and Duc Anh (but now, we don't get in tough with one another the others are out of touch with one another (to keep in touch with = giữ lin lạc, to be out of touch with = to lose touch with = mất lin lạc với) because I moved to Ha Noi eight years ago), we were very active children, except learning, we always moved, we always devised so many pranks that our teacher often worried about us, and so did our parents too. They often reprimanded us but it didn't seem made to make we us improved. If there was were(mệnh đề If, lun dng were) a mistake or a problem happened in our class, the first think of our teacher was: "weThey did that", and actually, it was true. (Cu ny hơi k, mnh viết lại thử ny : Whenever a wrong thing happened in our class, our teacher would think that we had done it , and it really was us who had done that in the first place)
In this period those days, we had so much many sweet memory memories, such as for example, we often thieved stole mangoes from the trees in at our shool-yard, and sometimes we agrued quarreled (argue: tranh luận, lm sng tỏ 1 vấn đề, quarrel : ci v, gy bất ha với nhau) because the amount of mangoes didn't devided weren't devided equally among the three members (there were some mango trees behind the row of our classes, and now, it is still exist there). About the most unforgettable memory, I remember that it happened when I was in the7 seventh grade ,.As you know, if you are a member in a class, you will have to clean [s]a the board, clean a floor, wash a cloat, you will have to do that one or two times per month be on duty once or twice in a month (to be on duty = trực nhật) , it depends on the amount of members in your class, my class is like that too . One day, it was my turn did that, and when I was carrying carried a bucket of full of water,Suddently all of a sudden , Duc Anh run into crashed into (run into = gặp, crashed into = đm sầm vo) me without sawseeing me (thừa) (may be, he wanted to say something with to me), of course a the resulf result was that I was all wet all water cover me, my clothes was wet through and Duc Anh was run ran away, I became a big laughing-stock for my class.
That is my most unforgettable memory in my school life, it is also a funny memory and I always smile by myself when I think about that.

05-09-2008, 10:50 AM
It's late in the autumn The leaves are painted gold and tumble down like golden butterflies. I'm walking on the road to my primary school, which is full of the leaves, and recollecting all of my old memories. The most unforgettable is my first day going to school.:smilie_goodjob:
I was 5 years old then and my family decided to take me to the primary school though I wasn't old enough to do it. Therefore, on September 5th that year, my mother took me to my classroom. At first I was very happy as there was many and many children like me. I quickly made friends with some of them. While we were playing happily together, the belt rang. My teacher came and told us to come into the class. I was extremely scary scared when I realized that my mother had gone without saying a word. I was alone there. I began to cry more louderly as I thought that my mother was hiding nearby could hide somewhere so that she could hear me. My new friends cried was crying, too. :23_002:
However, my mother couldn't be didn't come back with to me. My teacher soothed us, made us feel that the school wasn't as creepy as what we thought.:57:
Now, I always take fill the memory about my first day at school in my heart. Every time I recall it, I still feel embrrassed embarrassed.

Lần đầu tin tui post bi . Mong cc mem khc gp nha. thank you

bi viết rất tốt, chỉ cần ch 1 vi lỗi ngữ fp nhỏ thuj :D

05-09-2008, 11:21 AM
Now , I want to tell you my the story about my school life. It have (school life ko c kỉ niệm, n chỉ tạo ra ki niệm) gave me many memories which I can't forget but and the memory that I remember best is about a boy.He is not my first love.Just a friend!
I still remembered the first time I met him. That was the time he transferred to my hamlet. My hamlet had many elements (từ ny dng ở đy ko hợp) villagers and almost they most of them were students from everywhere who went to Hanoi to study. However, there were also a woman and her 2-years- old- daughter.
One day, the women had to go out and she asked him to look after her daughter for a while. Every thing had proceeded normally untill the little girl got wet in her pant. Certainlly, he changed the another dry-pant for her. When the woman came back and because of due to a few little problems, she spread a rumour that he had many untoward acts with her daughter. All people in the small hamlet didn't believe him and looked at him with a doubtful eyes.This made him didn't dare not to raise his head when he went out.Because of this, I feel poor sorry for him and in a times , we were washing vegetables at a well , I smiled withat him and we spoke together a few words.From there , we has been had become a friends.And now we still got keep in touch.:smilie_goodjob:
If all things only stopped at there , I wouldn't be such deeply impressed by him such as.

And the thing which I want to say with to you is " If you give anyone a smile , you can receive many good things and may be a friend "
Bạn ch trnh lỗi spelling nh
Với lại chỗ spoke together a few words nn thay exchanged a few words hay had a small conversation th hay hơn:47_002:

05-09-2008, 11:23 AM
There are so Too many memories in my school life which I cann't forget it stayed in school that I can't forget. I want to write about the first thing which I'm thinking at this in time.

Those days in the finished were at the end of the school year. My class had intended hold the party was about to celebrate at Long's home house (This was a member's class he was my classmate whom the girlfriends in my school liked ???). In the That beautiful morning, some girls bought too many the things such as lettuces, tomatoes, fried meat roll, vermicelli, watermelon...... Other girls and boys went to Long's home house to decorate the party. Until 1 o'clock, everything is was ok. We ate and played together. I didn't believe it when Long took my hand to go around my friends. And now he is my hone [???]. I don't know if him he could remember or not but I it'll be always is in my mind forever.

ch 1 số lỗi ngữ php n bạn:
intend ko c dạng to be intend m n chia như 1 động từ bnh thường thuj. Ex: We intend to celebrate at Long's house.
celebrate: tổ chức tiệc
cấu trc so........that........

05-09-2008, 02:27 PM
I'm vinh..now I am a last student but I haven't been forgotten fải l ko qun chứ my memory when I was a pupil of secondary school.It happened when I was 8 grade.I fell in love with my classmate but nobody in class knew about it.One day I saw him wore a blue shirt and black trouser.He looked so romantic so that I felt my face was burnt.However I did not dare to look directly at him but he always stayed at my mind all of this afternoon. Therefore I peeped at him everytime.Then we had a short-rest short break he played football together with his friend in school yard.Certainly I really wanted to play with him but I could not,I just a girl.Finally I flowed followed him to yard and peeped at him from a [u]conert[/i] ??? near a bond in the school.I looked carefully every his action.I felt so happy so that everything without him became no existed in my eyes.Suddenly he fell down ,I did not keep my calm and run ran as fast as I can could to him.However I standed stood near a pond ,I fell down the pond.Everyone heard my voice and run ran to saw see what was going on.The pond was not deep but I coud not swim,and certerly cetainly a boy in their group jumped and given me a lift.Can you get who was he?Yes,certainly he was the boy whom I felt in love.After that we became a coupble, and by now he still retold this story.He said that he knew I love him before but he did not has any promotion about that.However when he saw me felt down the pond he was worry for me and jumped before knew what he was doing.
by now we are not a coupble.We said goodbye after that two years but until now I still remeber about this history.I still remember him so much.

Bạn nhớ viết hoa chữ ci đầu cu nha:10_002:

06-09-2008, 09:42 PM
It happened a long time ago.I cant remember an the exact time, maybe as when I was in the eleventh grade class at high school. Every day, we had five periods in the morning. Generally, we started class at about 6.30 and went on still there at till 11 a.m. It sounds like very early however, all we I had never been late. Usually, I had kept an exercise in the first period. One day, my alarm doesntdidn't work perfectly as they it usually did. Last Sunday, I set up my alarm at 6 oclock. Instead of going off at that time, until 9 oclock, the bell has began ringing. Unfortunately, weve got a test that day,a mid-term exercise test before Tet. Obviously, I havent been wasn't allowed attending to attend test. At the first time in my life, I ve got a zero score for from that exercise. It s really incredible unbelievable. ButHowever, I am not a piteous girl,then. Eventually,my parents knew about my story. They asked me:How had you taken a zero for the mid-term test In fact, score of that exercise isnt wasn't important for to my parents .Therefore,I told a lie to them. A bit more remorseful. I thought that everything would pass quickly. After I had graduated high school, I related shortly to them . And they laughed at it.

Bi ny th chỉ cần dng qu khứ đơn l ổn bạn nh:47_002:
với lại ở chỗ incredible th nn thay v incredible thg` dng cho sự việc positive phi thg` chứ ko khớp vo đy đc đu:59:
Chả bik mnh soi thế ny c chữa sai hay thiếu j ko:83:

06-09-2008, 10:07 PM
I remembered the first day when i came to school, i was very shy. My father took me to KIM DONG school ( the first school where i leant), I always[/S](ngy đầu th sao lại always đc hả bạn) stayed behind him and cried.My father took me to my class,[s]gave introduced (bố lại gave con nghe cứ như l bn con :77:)me to my teacher. wow! She was so beatifull (:51_002:), and then she took me into the class.I was very shock, all people in the class were criedcrying, too. My teacher said to me " be confident, then u shouldwill become a hero". wow! suprisedly, i didnt' cry anymore:36_002:.After that I sat at a table with a girl, looked her in her the beautiful-lovely-preposessing blahblah...eyes ( romantic...!!) I sax... oh my god! red eyes ( because she cried so much:). I gave her a candyand talked with to her: " dont' cry, then u should will be hero!!. Do u believe it? she smiled with at me. Omg! such an angel's smile. After the class, we became friends together. what a nice memory!:42_002: and now she is my girlfriend:32_002:. I love my first school so much! What about u?:cool:
I love my first school too, even though I didn't have ANY boyfriends from that school :72:. Anyway, I like your story very much. It's really sincere as well as creative:69: . Love it:17_002:

07-09-2008, 11:27 AM
I am a boy country raised in a small town so I felt like a fish out of water when my parents sent me to study in a big city.
==> I was born and grew up in a small town. When I was in first year at high school, my parents sent me a school in a big city. I really felt like a fish out of water.
I had to far way from home but I did not cry, not because I did not remember my family, perhaps my new friends were so funny and I was sixteen years old.
==> At that time, I had to live far away from home. Although I remembered my family I didn't cry. I just felt sad. My new friends were so likeable.They always made me smile and forget my sadness. I soon fell in line with new environment.
During my time at the high school, we we had a lot of jokes, laughs and good memories together.
==> During 3 years at high school, we had a lot of joys, laughs and happy memories.
I still remember a memory when I was in the eleventh form. That day, we had the last maths class.
==> I still remembered one when I was in grade 11. On that day, we had the last math lessons.
We firmly believe that our teacher would not lecture, so we decided to play truant to play football at the ground that quite near the school.
==> We made sure that our teacher wouldn't come and we needn't have learned anymore. Therefore, we decided to truant to play football at the ground near our school.
After this, we came back to keep learning another object. However, our teacher detected us.
==> Unfortunately for us, our teacher detected us as soon as we had come back to learn another subjects. He looked very angry.
We were given a whipping that made my hands so sore. I did not agree with him on that because I really admired for him about teaching and good behaviour and because we were wrong.
==> And, of coures, we were punished with a big whipping which made my hands so sore. I wasn't angry with him because of my mistakes. On the other hand, I really admired him. He was the best teacher of mine with high qualifications and good behaviour.

Ngoi lề 1 cht, cho hỏi unforgetablehayunforgettable.Thank you.
==> unforgettable :)

* fall in line with ... : ho nhập với ...
Bi viết của bạn nhn chung th c tưởng, sử dụng nhiều từ vựng :) (nhưng m nhiều chỗ dng k được chuẩn cho lắm). Viết cu chưa hay, nhiều cu v nghĩa (đọc hiểu-chết-liền :D) Thảo chỉ viết lại dựa trn của bạn, bạn tham khảo nha. C thắc mắc g th trao đổi với Thảo. Nhớ l ch đến ngữ php, th .. sự ho hợp chủ từ vs động từ/ th .. Cố gắng nh! :) Have fun.

09-09-2008, 05:15 PM
duongthanhquang (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/member.php?u=135472)
Hi everybody!
Im a new member, let me introduce myself, Im a peoples procuracy of Tìn Giang.(chỗ ny mnh chẳng hiểu j cả ^^!) Im 30 years old.
I petition to be allowed to would tell unforgettable memories in my school life.
In my school life, I had many unforgettable memories, but the best unforgettable memories when I studied law at a college in HCM city, that is the best saddest and happiest time in my life(ch so snh nhất đối với cc tnh từ ngắn). I fell in love with a beautiful girl, she was born in Hải Dương, I love her very much, she too. She has a seductive smile and a good figure.
We go went to school together everyday, .We are in the same class, I always help her to understand and learn difficult subjects. In my school yard, there was were grown many magnolias. I usually gave her a few of magnolias in the evening. Its They were very perfume(những đa hoa l số nhiều ), then shes very happy. Because she and I are were poor students, we became aware that studying very imfortant important for us, so we studied hard.
Like me, she like reading very much, we go went to the college library every Saturday. After studying at school, we played some games such as kick kicking a shuttle cock, paly playing badminton. Every weekend I usually took her to the countryside by my bicycle. Its about 7 kilometers far from my college, this is the a romantic place, both of us are very happy, we have many ambitions to the future, we promised to live together for ever and ever.
However we have parted, we exchanged a final kiss before parting. I was sad for a long time. That is my first love, I think its will be in my heart forever, and now although I got married, but whenever come back my college I miss her very much. Dont blame me right!
Sorry my English is not good! Can you help me to improve it.

Một số ch :
-ch so snh nhất đối với cc tnh từ ngắn.
VD happy--> happiest
-Ngay cả với tnh từ di ta cũng ko dng best ở trc m dng most.
VD most unforgettable
-help sb do sth : gip ai lm j.
- Trong cu c although rồi th ta ko dng but nữa.
-Đi khi anh vẫn sai về th.

09-09-2008, 05:32 PM
nguyetlinh_08 (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/member.php?u=130899)
Last week, I did attend attended my niece's first day to school and It that was made me remind a lot about the first day of mine. It's was very special. One week before that first day, my leg was broken because I fell down from the wall(chẳng ai ng từ trn tường xuống cả^^). So that Because of that , I couldn't take part in the ceremony, I must waitting had to wait in the class with the feeling of sadness and lonliness loneliness. I cried. Suddenly one a boy comes came in, he askes asked me: Why do you seat here?. I shout him because I cant go. And he looks looked at my leg, it fulls in (covers with) the colour of white. He smiles,comes and sits by smiled, came and sit next to me. We had been told about with each other school until the ceremony finished.Afterward we became close friends.

Ch :
- ta chỉ dng cấu trc do+V khi nhấn mạnh hnh động m thi.
- bạn dng sai trầm trọng th ở đoạn cuối.
- I shout him. bạn go ln thật . nếu thế th dng shout at sb.

10-09-2008, 06:38 PM
Hello everyone in forum! I am a newcomer. School life! I think it is very important and especially because I have just graduated from my high school and gone to university. All my friends leave far from me, they learn at different schools. I am here and miss about the days, the months, the years when we lived together. Outside, the rain is panting my windows, it is dark. Only the sound of rain continues continues... as if it tries to remind me about of the past. No friend has ever shared this feeling with me. Rain brings back the good old days. The day that like this rainy day has rain, we played football and bathed in the rain. Everyone are was wet but it is we were really happy because tomorrow the following day we will would go to Hanoi, Haiphong...May be you can't believe that and question me"what is your happiness when all of you"ll say goodbye to each other after this day or even though after this game". Yes! I can't forget them, I can't forget my school life. You know this is the last day, so you should respect and love any seconds when you live among your classmates. Nothing can buy time, yesterday is golden memory that can't be damaged because it's put on the highest place in your brain mind or the deepest in your heart where no one can touch. Today"ll become yesterday, so why you don't live enthusiasticly. Let's join in and play with your friends. Let's make the cement for friendship. Time is gold.
Đoạn kể về ngy mưa đ phải để thời qu khứ chứ bạn, v n xảy ra ri m:59:

11-09-2008, 01:08 PM
Now I am 28 age years old and I am married but i can not forget my memory when i was in secondary school. That's was a nice memory of about me with a and one of the girlfriend (lc ny chưa l bạn gi của bạn nn ko thể ni l bạn gi dc :D) in my class. she was very cute and charming that i liked her so much. However I had seldom told with talked to her, i only look at her and think about her so I just looked at her and thought about her. you know, i writed wrote her name on put all my books. i wished she will would become my wife. there is a time, my class organization went to the pinic together, i had a chance to talk with her and One day, my class had organized to go picnic and I decided to confess to like her at that time. We more have understood more about each other after that. After that we graduated second school, and left together Unfortunately, we didn't meet each other after graduating from secondary school. huhuhu, now i still miss her. i hope on someday i will meet her again. and said that By the way, i love you so much.

Một số lỗi ngữ php bạn cần lưu :
- dấu , ko dng để ngăn cch 2 mệnh đề, phải c lin từ như and, so, but....
- hnh động xảy ra trứơc 1 hnh động khc ta dng th past perfect (qu khứ tiếp diễn)
- secondary school: trừơng cấp 2
- confess: tỏ tnh
- by the way: nhn tiện
- unfortunately: ko may mắn
- mn ni mnh bao nhiu tuổi th phải dng l tuổi + years old (như bạn l 28 years old)
- nhớ viết hoa chữ I v đầu cu
- chia động từ hiện tại: write - qu khứ: wrote - past participle (cột 3):written

13-09-2008, 01:33 PM
The school life is always our best time because at that time we were so innocent , carefree and we didn't have to worry about the life. I had had a wonderful time at high school where I had an unforgettable memory . I used to be a talkative person and this usually troubled me. I remember that it was the math lesson I talked and expressed my opinions best because I was quite good at maths and the teacher trusted and liked me. That made me selfish and I considered that I could do solve every troubles problem without concentrating . As usual , I and my close friend were chatting together . When she told me a joke I seemed to forget that I was in the class and I laughed loudly . Oh my god , everyone stared at me and I feel embarrassed . My teacher asked me to stand up and tell repeat what did he said . Obviously ,I couldn't answer .Then he asked me to do the trouble problem on the blackboard , I watched it confidently and i said :"Excuse me, may be, you are wrong";.At that time the teacher's face seemed to change color . "Am I wrong ?, you're kidding" said he .To tell you the truth , I was scared a lot and coudn't say a word . My teacher looked at me and looked at the trouble problem again .Suddendly, he said: "ah, I missed a number".Until that time, I felt safe. Thankfully , he forgave my fault in case on condition that I would never do it again . Frankly , I also didn't have enough courage to do it again . It could cause me a heart attack.I'm a college student right now . However, whenever I visit my old teacher . He usually repeat recounts this story and that makes me love my old class ,school more and of course consisting of my respectful teacher
Cc đề ton ng` ta dng l math problem bạn nh:47_002:

13-09-2008, 06:19 PM
something, i remember about my high school where i had a lot of memory. But the memory i never forget.
=> I'll never forget the memory when I was in high school.

This is my late, it is very funny and interesting. At the morning i got up then i went to school, but i was late, so i decided to climb into my school.
=> I was late for school and I was trying to climb over the wall to get into school. (đi học trễ ko c th vị đu nn ko nn anh ko sửa thm interesting v funny vo)

Then i threw my shoes into my school to climd easily. But when i did not the teacher and students were meeting to take excercises. scared , so i chosen another place to climb.
=> I decided to throw the shoes over the wall first so that I could climb more easily. Unfortunately, the teacher and students were doing exercises and I felt so scared. Therefore, I thought of another place to climb into.

finally , i stayed at my school , but i rcognized i lost something and i knew that. when i came back the place where i threw my shoes to find it , and i could not find it because it was moved.
=>Finally, I was successful getting to class. Suddenly, I realized that something had missing and I have already known the answer. I came back to the place where I threw my shoes to find it, but I couldn't because it was lost.

Suddenly , i heared the sound of group, they smlied me and i was very shameful. And i know why my shoes disappeared, then i found it in the garbage can. then was very angry but i think it is merely joke and i smile so much
=> Suddenly, I heard the crowded smiling me and I felt very embarrassed. I also knew the reason why my shoes has disappeared and I found them in the waste basket. I felt a little bit angry but I laughed too much when I think about it, because that is the most unforgettable memory in my school life.

hihihhhi mong cc bc sửa bi gim em chắc lỗi nhulm đy

bi viết cn yếu lắm, ku phải luyện tập viết thm th mới tiến bộ dc. C g ko hiểu th hỏi lại anh :D

13-09-2008, 06:24 PM
hello everyone . This is the first time I have compose written an essay by in English and I know that I do not use English very well .

Now I'm 16, but I still never forget the first day I went to a primary school. At that time, I was so shy and embarrassed . I couldn't help crying when my father left me alone at school. Nobody could made me stop weeping and moaning for a long time although the teacher had tried many ways. So Therefore, she decided to call my father and told him what had happened.

Obviously, my father was so angry. He shouted at me : "You must go to school or I will hit you !" I felt scared and got wet in my pants! Eventually, I went to my class after 1 hour crying !

- bi viết sai t lỗi, cần cố gắng hơn :D
- bạn ch 1 t l khi 1 hnh động xảy ra trước 1 hnh động khc th dng th past perfect (qu khứ hon thnh)

14-09-2008, 09:12 AM
Lan pci
I’m an old girl working sudying in a college university in Vietnam now.

- Khng cần thiết phải ni l old girl (nhưng nếu bạn thch thế th mnh cũng k c kiến j :D.
- Đang học th phải l study chứ khng thể dng work được :)
- Đoạn dưới bảo l đỗ đại học th cần đổi chữ college thnh university (college l cao đẳng m :-<)

Everything has been changing since I was became a charming little child girl. Every thing it happens to me normally, which means I have a normal life like many people.

- Lặp từ everything trong hai cu lin tiếp ==> dở.
- Về : Hơi mu thuẫn giữa cu trước v cu sau:
+ C1: Mọi thứ thay đổi kể từ khi ti trở thnh một c gi duyn dng.
+ C2: Mọi thứ với ti diễn ra bnh thường >.<
=> Thay đổi m sao lại bnh thường ?! Kh hiểu.

The most unforgettable event memory in my life, however, is was the day I received good news from my elder sister: I passed the university entrance exam. It was the a turning point for me of mine (in my life). I had learnt hard both day and night with the great effort (hnh như effort c "s" - khng nhớ r lắm :-?) in order to (to) be a student like (as) my dear sister. At that time, coffee had been my best friend to make my brain awake. I had taken full advantage of each second to study for the last one month before the biggest national most important exam. Of three subjects in group D, I found English most difficult as I lived in a provincial area without up-date information or qualified teacher of English. The time schedule for one month had been divided into three stages: two weeks for mathematics, one for literature and the last one for English. Time had passed quickly. I had taken the exam with my dream of being a student in Hanoi. During the time of waiting for the result, I had learnt informatics at an informatics center near my house. In fact, I didn’t think that I passed.
It was a sunny day. I was at home with my mother when the phone rang. My sister on the other end of the line informed that I passed the entrance exam to a university. I was so happy that I phoned all my friends and showed it off to my neighbors. “Is it true?” I asked my mother. Through this article, I’d like to send my thankfulness and great attitude to my parents and my two elder sisters for their supporting and loving. It has made my life change since then.

Đỏ xanh = sai (hoặc khng thch hợp) gp (nn sửa thnh ...)
(xanh) từ đồng nghĩa
Bi viết ổn ngoại trừ đoạn đầu hơi lủng củng.

14-09-2008, 09:22 AM
I am 17 years old now. Of course, I've gone to school for 10 years. During 10 years, with my friends, I have had many memories. However, I'll never forget the day when I have first gone first went to school. It was an autumn day. My parents were busy with their works, so my grandmother took me to school. She was too old to run follow me. And I lose lost her. I didn't know anybody there. Everyone was strange and terrible. I started to cry. Suddenly, a boy, whom I haven't ever met, came to me and asked: "Why are you crying do you cry?". I pretended not to know and continued crying louder and louder. But He said: "Stop crying. I will help you" - He said again. After that, he held my hand and guided me to my class. His caring has wiped my tears away. I gave him a smile I smiled at him as my thank. Although I didn't know his name, he is always in my heart like my first friend in my school life.
No cmt :)

14-09-2008, 11:52 AM
In my school life, I had a lot of memory; every Each memory was special for me.It's made me more mature. If i had magic , I would have come back in school time. I had many friends, one of them is my boyfriend.We liked togerther loved each other three years ago but now we broke up.When I met him , I felt fell in love with him. but However he wasn't. he regared ???? me is his toy. I was disapointment.But now i'm good.Everything in the past is tauch me a lot of things,you must be strong and nerve when you fell felt sad and your family always by your side .Don't be afaird afraid.

Bạn ch trnh 1 số lỗi cơ bản:
Viết hoa chữ ci đầu cu v I
Thường ko dng but đầu cu, thay vo đ ta dng However,
Trnh lầm lẫn th qu khứ của động từ feel v fall:
feel ===> felt
fall ===> fell
Phải c to be hoặc Vlin kết trước tnh từ
* Ch : ko được dg V + P2 bừa bi
Ch lỗi chnh tả nữa
Chc bạn sẽ viết tốt hơn ở bi tiếp theo.

14-09-2008, 09:35 PM
My school life is perhaps the time I can't will never forget because there arewere many wonderful memories in it. When I was 3 years old, my parents first brought me to the kindergarten. I was very frightened. However, after that I felt happy because I could play with my friends in the kindergarten.
When I was 5 years old, I saw many pupils went to primary school. They were very happy. Therefore, I asked my parents to bring take me to a primary school. At first, my parents didn't agree with me because I wasn't old enough ages for primary school. However, after that many persuasions my parents agreed with me . I felt very happy. Both sides of the road from my house to my school was were field. My friends and I used to catch grasshoppers and locusts on from that field. Besides, there was a memory I felt ashamed so much. When I studied in classgrade 1st. I got wet in pants. My classmates laughed in my face.:55_003:. I think that, those are unforgetable memories in my school life, and I will keep them forever in my heart.
Đy ko hẳn l về 1 unforgettable memỏy m l nhiều memory đ:56:

17-09-2008, 01:02 PM
:34_002:My unforgettable experience was my first day at primary school.
I hated school very much because study was equated with no game anymore.I begged my mother to let me stay at home but in vain. I found my mother so cruel that she punished her son loudly and led me to school.
However, it suprised to me. School wasn't such a bad place as my thoughts.There were a lots of students about my ages. They played happily,chatted naturally and behaved as if the school was familiar to them.Besides, a big schoolyard would be an ideal place for any of my games. Maybe,at that time, I was really being so attracted that I just wanted to mingle myself with the joymous atmosphere.
My mother led me to my class, let me be alone in the new environment.I turned around and paid attention to some other children.They looked shy,silent. I was confident when estimated me not the only one to who felt scared.Suddenly, someone crashed into went across me.I fell heavilly. I was helped to stand up.He was a boy, looking vivacious. Do you know what happened next. He had spilt ink over my white shirt involuntarily.It became so dirty and that I cried.He sorried apologized me,cleaned it and introduced himself to me. His name is john.I realised john was good-natured and had sense of humor.He told me some fun stories. As the a result, I laughed with joy instead of continuing crying.Thank to him, once at school, I was really looked forward to there.And as you know(ko hợp l), we became good friends.First day at school was a chance for me to make best friend.
10 years from that event has gone by but I still can remember it vividly like it was yesterday. I will tell to my children about it this story and maybe they will understand how beautiful my childhood was
Bạn cố ch lỗi spelling nh:62:

19-09-2008, 12:10 PM
Hi,everybody my name is Hung.I am a new member in writting writing box.I have a lot of memory memories about my chilhood.Now, i will tell you about it for you.Iwas not a good boy.I usually made my parents worry worried about me.I was a naughty boy.My parents usually souted shouted at me.I was very sad.So Because of that, i thought i had to change my mind. After that, i was taken to The Primary school. This was Nguyen Hue school. It located in District 1 , in Gia Phu street. It stayed near Binh Tay supermaket. I had a lot of good memory memories about my primary school. During five years in Nguyen Hue school, I had known lots of new friends.They were so very friendly , cute,good,funny.When i went to school, my mother told me "you had have to study so hard, did not make noise if not I would bite hit your bottom". I was so scared. I knew i had to effort try so hard.As you know, i was a excellent pupil got good grade during five years in Nguyen Hue school. I got it because i was helped by my good friends.I thought it was my dream.You know i was a naughty boy , i could not do that.My parents did not believe in me.It was true.I had to effort so hard. I had to study 10 hours in a day.Because I wanted to prove my parents that i could change if i tried my best.

After that, i was taken into The a medium hight high school. That is Binh Tay school. It is near Nguyen Hue school.I also had a great deal of good memories about medium hight high school.In Binh Tay school , i started slowly., because everything is new for me (thay dấu phẩy cho cu khng bị cụt lủn). I was so surprised about the new school, new friends, new teacher.It was so too difficult for me to get remember the new friend's name.It took me tow two weeks to make interest in take notice of thier them .When i joined in the anniversary of Binh Tay school, i saw the most excellent studies students who were presented by The Principal .I thought one day i would be presented by The Principal.I promised with my soul myself .After that , i studied so hard . And my result was not bad. I was one of many excellent studies students in my class.I was presented by The Principal. I was so happy .I thought nothing was possible. When i went pinic picnic with my shool school, i saw "her".I felt confused and shy when i met her.I did not know what the feeling was. After that time i knew she was my classmate. I spent al most of my time studying so that i could not miss her name. I felt confused and not inconfident when she looked at me.When i came back my house, i missed her so much.When the valentine was coming , i decided to buy a smal gilf small gift to present for her. I hated myself, because i was still shy when i met her. I could not speak anything. Lucky Luckily, my friends realized that i liked her.Thus, they took me to met her,and i felt i could not breath and shake.At that time,i stayed calm down.and i gave the gift for to her.She accepted it and i felt very happy.After that,i asked my teacher to change my seat. Because i had glasses,my reason was "i could not see anything."so i was taken near her seat allowed to sit next to her. I felt very happy. And ater that I usually took part in many activities of my class . I was not shy anymore .I could sing when i was asked to sing a song. I danced , made clown , to made make her smile. She smiled so beautifully.I loved her so much but i did not forget to do homeworks. I loved her but i did not say because i did not want to affect her studying.Because she was one of the most excellent studies of my school.She was beautiful , excellent , rich,precious. And i I decided i would not to miss her and avoided go way from her, i would concentrate in on my studying.

Finally, i was admitted in to study in Binh Phu hight school.I had to go.The last time i had saw her ,it was three years ago. I felt sad and moved to tear.I thought i had to stand up and move forward.When i saw the excellent studies students were awarded by The Principal , i also wanted to be presented as them.I tried to study so hard. Everything was not easy which as i thought.I was so tired because i had to study a lot of subjects. They were very hard to understand.During first tow years,i tried to studied study hard but i was not rewarded.My teacher came to me and advised me to try again.When i studied at the level twelve grade 12 , i efforted was trying so much .Because i wanted to be rewarded and i wanted to admit The Huflic university. I succeed was successful. They were happy days.And now i am one of The Huflic new students. It is my honor. I will try my best .I hope everybody will hep me in my studying.

Bi di qu bạn ạ, bạn nn rt ngắn lại bi viết của mnh để ph hợp hơn với yu cầu của đề bi, nếu ko sẽ bị trừ điểm trong bi kỉm tra đ :D

21-09-2008, 04:18 PM
In our life, everyone have has ever gone to school. Everybody We (Each of us) also had many different memories. With For me, friendships memories is not never forgotten.
I still remember being a new student in my secondary school. I was so scared of new school and new friends. In my class, I sit alone because I was quite reserved to make friends with somebody anybody/anyone . That is was my difficult time in my life. I did not talk so much with my new friends them. I think thought they were strangers, I just wanted to talk to my parents, my old friends in primary school.When my teacher told me to discuss the lessons, I couldnt speak any word. Fortunately, a friend next to me, she came to and began discussed with me. I was so happy because I had a new friend. We discussed ardently. In playtime, she took me to come around the school, told me to do and not to do something. She was so nice. After that, she made me more social, so I had more new friends. I found that they were very friendly. At that time I wished I had would have made friends with them early. That is funny.
Now, these friends help me a lot in my lifeschool. Therefore, I also give them a hand when they have problems (get into trouble). Our friendship never breaks.

25-09-2008, 03:15 PM
My most unforgettable memory in my school life is also my most embarrassing memory.
When I was in grade 8th, I had a lesson about my anger.
It was the an activity lesson on Saturday, my teacher was talking about our grades, our tests. Everything was as usual.
My friends began teasing me. As usual, I felt very normal and I did nothing. But the more I kept quiet, the more they irritated me. "I have to do something things to do, I can't help (dng can't help ở đy ko c nghĩa) must focus. I have to do something things to do" I thought so, I take took my school bag and beat at the table strongly_only to express how angry I am was.
Then, I realized that everybody was looking at me. Firstly, I was very surprised but then, I could see notice the thing what everybody was staring at. Something was pouring from my bag, it overflew into the table. Oh my god! How foolish I am was! Why How could I forget? There was a canned bottle of milk in my bag.
I was very embarrassed. And it became my a lesson_very unforgettable lesson. Since then, I try to keep restrain my anger as much as possible. "No actions when you are angry"_It becomes my precept.
tưởng của bạn kh hay đ:32_002:

25-09-2008, 03:28 PM
Everybody may must (must ở đy = chắc hẳn) have many unforgettable memories in school life. I also remember a lot of beautiful memories in my secondary school. At that time, I was a mischievous child. I sat at the last desk in my class with two boys who were very playful, too. We always talked to each other during the lesson in the class and always played tricks on other pupils... Maybe the teachers were very angry with about us... We didn't notice about concentrate on our study so when we do had the a test, we had to ask other friends:36_002:hihi). Anyways, we had many unforgettable memories (như thế no???)together and we were always the best friends, always missed each other.....:byebye:

Thế ny ko giống 1 kỉ niệm bạn ạ, nn kể 1 cu chuyện như 1 lần bạn v 2 boys đ ham chơi, ni chuyện trong jờ v bị mắng, hoặc 1 lần ko học bi trc' h KT v quay "phao" :snicker:chẳng hạn

09-10-2008, 11:44 AM
How many memories were there in my school life?
I have had many memories but there was an unforgettable memory in my school life when I was in grade 6.
It was Monday, my Maths teacher tested homework before beginning new lesson. My class was silent and he tested my homework. I was very worryingworried because I didnt had not prepared my homework.
He was very angry and hit my bottom. I was feeling ashamed and cried.
After that, I tried studying to study hard and I became a good pupil in my class.
I graduated from University and now I am working at the bank.
I think that is the best lesson which I cant forget in my life.

Trong 1 đoạn văn th chỉ xuống dng khi đ viết xong 1 thi bạn ạ. Đy mới chỉ l cc gạch đầu dng. Bạn ch lần sau nh.

09-10-2008, 05:05 PM
junkisarang (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/member.php?u=140157)
During my school life, the most unforgettable memory is in grade 2nd . At this time, I was considered as one of the most excellent pupil.My teacher like me so much. One day,there are were some teachers who would attend our school time and appreciate tested (appreciate: đnh gi cao sth, ở đy chỉ l đnh gi kiểm tra thi ) quality of my class. I had to recite a paragraph of text book. I read so fluently so that my teacher was satisfied with me. The class quality was appreciated is considered to be very good. At the end of class lesson, each pupil was given 3 candies but I was given 5 candies because I had recited best.The A friend who sat at the same table with me teased me by hiding a candy but then he gave it back me.After I couldn't find a candy and I thought he took it so I asked him for it.However , he said "before I took it but then I gave it back you".I found it again but there was nothing.I began to cry and insisted in on being stolen the candy by him.He also started crying and persisted on in not stealing it.Our teacher saw that we quarreled and asked us why we quarreled.When she heard matter,she asked him to give one of his candies back me. He resigned himself to giving it back me but after said " I tend to take candy 3 give three candies to my young brothers but you took a candy" and he didn't talk with me until the end of the school time.When I was at home, I saw a candy in a corner of my bag.It's a candy which was stolen by my friend and I know he was innocent. I felt regret for being a serve hurt to him self-respect.The next day, I went to school early.When I was putting 6 candies on his table ,he came in classroom. I apologize to him for suspecting him.He smiled and said" Not at all, I forgot all".And since we became the best friends.

I felt regret for being a serve hurt to him self-respect . --> c lẽ bạn viết sai j chăng. Mnh chưa hiểu r của cu. từ serve ko c cch dng no như 1 trạng từ bạn ạ.
C thể mnh cn sai st đấy.Mọi người cng sửa với mnh nh.

12-10-2008, 12:45 PM
JUNKISARANG (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/showthread.php?t=17344&page=7)

During my school life, the most unforgettable memory was in grade 2nd . At that time, I was considered one of the most excellent pupils. My teacher liked me so very much. One day, there were some teachers who would attended our school time and appreciated quality of my class. I had to recite a paragraph of the text book. I read so fluently that my teacher was satified with me. The class was appreciated is to be very good. At the end of that class, each pupil was given 3 candies but I was given 5 candies because I recited best.The friend who sat at the same table with me teased me by hiding a candy but then he gave it back to me. After As I couldn't find a candy, and I thought he took it, so I asked him for it to return it. However , he said "before I did took it before but then I have already given it back to you". I found looked for it again but there was nothing no hope.I began to cry and insisted in being stolen the candy by him that he had definitely stolen it from me. He also started crying and persisted on not stealing it that he didn't do it.Our teacher saw that we quarreled and, so she asked us why we quarreled.When After she heard the matter,she asked him to give one of his candies back to me. He resigned himself to giving it back to me but afteralso said " I tend to take 3 candies to my young brothers but now you took a candy" and he didn't talk with to me until the end of the school time.When I was at home, I saw a candy in the coner of my bag.It's the candy which I thought was stolen by my friend and I knew he was innocent. I felt regretful for being making a serve hurt to his self-respect.The next following day, I went to school early.When I was putting 6 candies on his table ,he came in classroom. I apologized to him for having suspected him.He smiled and said " No harm done at all, I forgot all".And since then we became the best friends

16-10-2008, 01:29 PM
thanhthao7383 (http://www.tienganh.com.vn/showthread.php?t=17344&page=7)
I never forget the memory at the second school.
When I was in class 9th. My lecture teacher arranged Long and me to sit side by side. He was funny and friendly. He learned very good well and but always teased me. Once, our biology teacher gave us a practical assignment to binded bind a wound by for a broken hand. I and Long was were a group. I practice binding for Long. We made did very good well, our group had 8 point been given an "8". And thenHowever, Long' hand was had been sprained hand for a week because I binded had bound very too tightly .Since then, we made our friendship closer.

24-10-2008, 11:10 PM
Now I am a student, (giữa hai mệnh đề độc lập lin kết bằng coordinating phải c dấu phẩy) but I never forgot my school life. Especially, a memory when I was learning in primary school(Cu bị lỗi fragment, thiếu V trong mệnh đề chnh, when I was learning in primary school l mệnh đề phụ). My class had many boys. I'm(was) very afraid of two of them. I still remember their name, Toan and Phuong. They were strong and were bully school. Surely that you wonder why I was. At that time I was 8 years old,;(chấm phẩy, hai mệnh đề độc lập nối với nhau) I was smaller than my classmates; besides,(dấu phẩy sau trạng từ) I was also very shy. Everyday when school was over, they used to block my way, pull my head and kicked(kick: khng c ed: cấu trc song song) in my back. They made me very frightened(tnh từ, object complement ). Nobody would dare help me because they were fearful. Everyday going to school were bad day. I hated going to school. Foolishly, I also would dare talk to my parents. Everything were(was) that if one day my parents didn't know it by accident. They met Toan's and Phuong's parents and then my friends were be(khng c be) hit. After that I could go to school peacefully.
Now sometimes when I remember that memory, I fell very interesting.

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