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11-06-2008, 02:23 PM
Indentify the one underlined word or phrase and then correct them.
1. It was an extremely frightened experience in my life.
2. Mark went on working despite he felt unwell
3. Frank is usually swimming before work, but this morning hes jogging.
4. Once when I was ten, I used to get sick and went to the hospital.
5. As soon as the alarm clock had gone off, she woke up and got out of bed.
6. All the children have been returned safe to their parents.
7. I know youre too busy to stay, but I look forward to see you again.
8. Have you forgotten to lock the back door frequently?
9. I like lying on the beach, so I always spend my holiday to sunbath.
10. The bank lend us money for a down payment, so now we owned the house we used to rent.